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  • Name: Sawadogo Aminata ( Aminata Savadogo )
  • Date of birth: 9 January 1993
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Riga, Latvia
  • Activity: singer, musician, songwriter, contestant on «the Voice» and the competition «Eurovision-2015»
  • Marital status: not married

    Aminata Sawadogo: biography

    Aminata Sawadogo — Latvian singer and musician, has represented his country in 2015 at the international vocal competition «Eurovision». Also known as participant of the Russian reality show «the Voice.» Aminata was born in the capital of Latvia – Riga. Exotic appearance, the singer owes its origin: for the mother she has Latvian and Russian roots, but the girl’s father is originally from Burkina Faso.

    To become a singer Sawadogo dreamed from a very young age, in third grade, he persuaded his mother to send her to a music Studio «Bolderaja», in which he learned to play the flute. She also participated in all school competitions and festivals. However, the house Aminata listened to hard rock and dressed like a rocker.

    Aminata Sawadogo
    Aminata Sawadogo | Ziņas

    At the age of 13 in a leather «black leather jackets» and a black varnish on nails, she came to the audition for vocal coach Hopes Bocharovoj and said he wants to learn to sing Heavy Metal». A talented teacher will immediately understand the data that are hidden in this unusual girl, and agreed to accept it, but with the condition that during the year, Aminata will sing the repertoire that will select the teacher. During this time, Sawadogo realized that rock is not the only genre of music that can bring her pleasure.

    Interestingly, for higher education, the girl went completely in a Conservatory or any art Institute. Diploma she decided to more applied fields and entered the faculty of Economics and management at the Latvian state University, graduating in June of 2016.

    TV show

    The first television show a young 15-year-old Aminata Sawadogo became Latvian project «Tavern Floor», then there were such competitions as «Musical Bank» and «clash of the choirs,» in which she performed in the choir «Golden».

    In 2014, Aminata tries himself in the selection for the festival «Eurovision». The singer performed the song «I Can Breathe», but the choice of the audience and the jury at that time was the band «Aarzemnieki». However, she is not very upset: she takes part in another TV show – «Factory of new talent,» and won it.

    This success has attracted the attention of the public to the gifted singer, so the next selection for «Eurovision-2015» Sawadogo will win easily. To the audience, she introduced the song «Love Injected» and went with her to the Austrian capital. In the first semifinal, the singer made a splash, and the final evening took the final sixth place, which for Latvia is the best result over the last 10 years.

    In 2016, Aminata came to Moscow and appeared as a contestant of the popular talent show «the Voice.» In the blind auditions she performed the song Konstantin Meladze «I’ll never forgive,» and managed to convince two mentors: Polina Gagarina and Dima Bilan. Of them Sawadogo chose Gagarin, which, incidentally, met at the «Eurovision».


    Musical style Aminata Sawadogo determine uniquely difficult. In her songs sounds the mix of such genres as funk, hip-hop, R&B, soul and «normal» pop music. On the wave of success associated with the «Eurovision-2015», the singer recorded his debut Studio album «Inner Voice», which includes her most famous song «Love Injected».

    In 2016 the girl releases new album «Red Moon». Even before the release of this disc, fans were able to meet with a couple of new songs «Bridges» and «the Fighter», which were filmed a beautiful video. Many of his creations Aminata writes independently. By the way, its authorship belongs to and the song «Heartbeat» with which to «Eurovision 2016» represented Latvia singer.

  • Sirmais.

    Personal life

    Aminata Sawadogo is not yet married, although in the future she plans to build a strong family and have children. But she believes that first she needs to make a significant career to be an example for posterity.

    Aminata Sawadogo
    Aminata Sawadogo | LiveFAST

    Almost every song the singer speaks of love, and not about some abstract. As the lyrics of their songs Aminata wrote herself, in which she pours the pain and joy encountered in romantic relationships. But just to tell about the private life of the Latvian singer has refused, claiming that all that is necessary, fans can be heard in her music.


    • 2015 — Inner Voice
    • 2016 — Red Moon


    Aminata Sawadogo

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