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  • Name: The American Maxim ( Maksim Kostromykin )
  • Date of birth: 14 January 1980
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Kaliningrad
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Maxim American: a biography

    American actor born in January 1980 in the city of Kaliningrad, and here he spent his childhood and teenage years. He grew up in a normal family, and his childhood had been the same as that of millions of children. However, from an early age, Maxim was fond of literature and theater – not a common hobby for a boy, but it was determined his fate.

    The drama club, participating in Amateur productions gave him pleasure. The school Maxim was a good student, in high school he was preparing to enter the film Institute. Received a certificate, the young man went to Moscow. Persistence and determination helped him to enroll in VGIK on the course. Yasulovich.

    In 2006, Maxim graduated from University and the same year settled in the little theater.


    The first year after graduating from the American film Institute he worked in the Theater. K. S. Stanislavsky. For a year he played only two roles – the Boy in the play «Cuba – my love» and Ivan in «the frog Princess».

    In 2007, the actor moved to Moscow TYUZ. At theatre, his talent crepe and developed. He was involved in many performances: «Elinor», «Green bird», «Thunderstorm», «Two maple», «Peter pan», «the Happy Prince» and others.

    In addition to working with youth Theatre Maxim active in films and continues to work with the Theater of Stanislavsky, but now as a guest player.


    Maxim Kostromykin debut in the movie took place in 2003. He played a cameo role of a dealer in the TV series «My relatives.» Over the next few years, the Directors were offered the actor the episodes and unobtrusive role. He played the geek Anton in multiserial film «Balzac age, or All men are bast…», party-goers in the film «the Kings game», the housing Department in the «School number 1».

    Total in the filmography of Maxim Kostromykin about 50 roles, but audiences remember him for the drama «Brest fortress», where he played the role of Michael, as well as the role Lyosha Chomutov in the project «was your favorite». Two striking works by the actor – films «All will die, and I’ll stay» and «Bride at any price».

    Personal life

    Maxim Us unmarried, without children as yet. About my personal life, the actor says. He lives in Moscow, he has a busy work schedule. Maybe that’s why short stories to the girls no time left.


    • «Medical mystery»
    • «Flying Monks»
    • «House on Lake»
    • «Ivanko»
    • «Bride at any price»
    • «Moscow. Three station»
    • «Zaitsev +1»
    • «The other side of the moon»
    • «Was your favorite…»
    • «School №1»


    Maxim American

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