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  • Name: Amber Heard ( Amber Laura Heard )
  • Date of birth: 22 April 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Austin, TX, USA
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married to johnny Depp

    Amber heard biography

    Amber heard was born and raised in a large high-tech city of Austin, Texas. Her father Clinton Hurd was a contractor and her mother, Patricia, Paige, an Internet researcher. Amber has a younger sister, Whitney.

    After primary school, amber attended Catholic Academy of St. Michael, where he became a convinced Catholic. Also while training in this place she often played in the school theater productions, starred in commercials and participated in electoral political campaigns.

    But matriculation amber never received. When she was 16 years old, in a car accident killed the best friend of the girl. This event is so greatly influenced heard that she renounces her religion, declares himself an atheist and stop going to school.

    After a year, 17-year-old amber goes to new York and gets a job in one of the modeling agencies. But soon she realized that a career of a model she’s attracted to. Then the herd moved to Los Angeles and begins to try himself in different castings and auditions.


    Beginning young actress with participation in the episodes and small roles in television series «Jack and Bobby», «Mountain» and «Lonely hearts». Also in 2004, she participated in the episode of the sports drama «glory». Then came a small role in the horror film «vampire Potion», the drama «North country», the Comedy «Killer sexy» drama «Price of retribution», the crime Thriller «Prince», the biographical drama «alpha Dog» and the television series «criminal minds».

    First major role was waiting for the actress in the horror film «All the boys love Mandy lane» came out in 2006. The picture is not particularly popular, and in the European theatre took place only a year after the release. After this movie amber heard starred as a supporting actress in the musical «Rotation», the Comedy series «Californication», black Comedy «Pineapple Express: Sit, smoke», crime Thriller «the Informant», the teen horror film «Welcome to Zombilend», the Thriller «the Stepfather», the tragicomedy «the Rum diary», the Thriller «Paranoia», the Thriller «Three days on murder», the crime Thriller «Adderalluve diaries» and the Comedy «magic Mike XXL».

    Also amber heard had a lot of main roles. For example, in the melodrama «Secrets of palm springs», sports drama «Never give up», the Comedy «the Joneses» and many others.

    Last date movies, released with the participation of amber heard have become the drama «Girl from Denmark» and the Thriller «London fields».

    Personal life

    At the age of 17 in new York amber heard met American producer Arthur Wybrands, with whom she had an affair for several years. In 2007 in the film «Killer sexy» she met actor Crispin Glover, who have been together a little over a year. In 2008, the actress tied relationship with photographer Tasya van REE. The party organization GLAAD,» she openly declared his bisexuality and admitted that it is not her first relationship with a woman, remembering the model Marie de Villena, as a former lover.

    But unconventional relationship amber heard stopped in 2012 after her life became a legendary actor johnny Depp. They met about three years and in February 2015, officially became husband and wife. The actress has added her husband’s name to his and became amber heard Depp.

    According to the magazine «Maxim» and «FHM» amber heard from 2008 is among the hundred sexiest women on the planet.


    • 2006 — All the boys love Mandy lane
    • 2007 — The Secrets Of Palm Springs
    • 2007 — Daze
    • 2008 — Never give up
    • 2009 — The Joneses
    • 2010 — And darkness comes
    • 2011 — drive angry
    • 2013 — Machete kills
    • 2015 — When I live my life
    • 2015 — London fields


    Ember Heard

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