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  • Name: Aman Tuleyev ( Amangeldy Tuleev )
  • Date of birth: 13 may 1944
  • Age: 72 years
  • Born in Krasnovodsk, Turkmenistan
  • Activity: the Russian politician, statesman
  • Marital status: married

    Aman Tuleyev: biography

    Aman Tuleyev, whose real name is Moldogazieva Amangeldy Tuleyev — politician and statesman of Russia, who at the time was the Minister for cooperation with CIS countries, and since the summer of 1997 held a post of the Governor of the Kemerovo region. He was born in Turkmenistan, in the city Krasnovodsk, which is now called Turkmenbashi. His father Tuleyev, Malagasy went to war and died without seeing the birth of a son. Mother Munira Faizovna after some time remarried, so raising the boy was engaged stepfather innocent Vlasov.

    Aman Tuleyev in his youth
    Young Tuleyev with the stepfather | Kontinent Sibir’

    After school Tuleyev entered the railway College, and later in the Novosibirsk Institute of railway engineers. It was at this time he began to use a new name and patronymic — Mr Tuleyev, as they are more convenient for pronunciation in Russian language. Later in the biography of Aman Tuleyev will be one more higher education – the correspondence Department of the Academy of social Sciences.

    Aman Tuleyev
    Aman Tuleyev — the chief of the Kemerovo railway | political Officer

    Future Governor Aman Tuleyev began their journey with a simple working Western-the Siberian railway. Gradually he rose to the rank of chief of the station Mundybash near Novokuznetsk, and then to the chief of the Kemerovo railway. These duties a man was doing virtually until the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    Governor Aman Tuleyev

    To enter politics Aman Tuleyev was planned in 1989, but then fell short of the required number of votes at the parliamentary elections. Later this attempt was crowned with success, and he became Chairman of the Kemerovo regional Council. During the August 1991 coup Tuleyev has expressed confidence in the coup, because he came to power Boris Yeltsin was not allowed Haman to lead the Kuzbass. However, in 1996 Tuleyev was appointed Minister of the Russian Federation on cooperation with the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, where he stayed for a year.

    Aman Tuleyev
    Governor Aman Tuleyev | RIA Novosti

    In the summer of 1997 in the Kuzbass, the growing social tension, and Yeltsin was forced to allow Aman Gumirovich Tuleyev to lead well familiar region, and after a few months he had already won the gubernatorial election. Since then, not counting short-term resignation Aman Tuleyev in January 2001, he headed the Kemerovo region. However, the relationship of Yeltsin and Tuleyev will forever remain, to put it mildly, strained. Kuzbass Governor even refused to accept from the President a medal of Honor. His decision was motivated by the fact that you can’t go against my conscience and to receive the award from the hands of the authorities, according to Tuleyev, destroyed the country. But a year later, this same order of rails received from Vladimir Putin.

    Aman Tuleyev Vladimir Putin
    With President Vladimir Putin | gazeta.Ru

    Three times Aman Tuleyev was trying to become President of Russia and put forward his candidacy in the elections, but the percentage of those who voted for him were too small, even if we consider only the Kemerovo region, there is a rating of Tuleyev in the presidential elections exceeded even won in the end candidates – Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin. I should add that Mr Tuleyev several times very successfully conducted negotiations with terrorists, including freed hostage little girl, offering himself instead.

    Aman Tuleyev 2016

    In the last election Governor Aman Tuleyev has retained the post of head of the Kemerovo region, with nearly 97% of the votes. In the fall of 2016 Aman Tuleyev headed the party list of «United Russia» in the Kemerovo and Tomsk regions and the Altai territory. But the rule in the field of for him is coming to an end.

    Aman Tuleyev
    The resignation of Aman Tuleyev in 2016 may deprive him of his briefcase]

    The fact that the Deputy Governor was arrested on suspicion of extortion, and it is likely to adversely affect the reputation of the head of Kuzbass. Many experts are predicting the resignation of Aman Tuleyev in the near future.

    Personal life

    Family and personal life of Aman Tuleyev is inextricably linked to his wife Elvira F. Solovieva, who after marriage, took her husband’s name. They have, in 1968, was born son Dmitry, and four years later a second child, Andrew. The eldest son became a specialist in highways and collaborated with the Federal administration «Siberia». And here is Andrew at a young age was waiting for a tragedy. He was only 26 years old when he crashed the car in the city of Tashkent.

    Aman Tuleyev with the wife
    With his wife Elvira Fedorovna at the polling station | Kontinent Sibir’

    By the way, brother, in his honor, named Andrew one of his sons, who was born a year after the death of his uncle. From Haman and Elvira Tuleevym also have the grandson the granddaughter of Stanislav and Tatiana. As a public figure Tuleyev has established charitable foundations «Help» and «Semipalatinsk trail.» In his spare time, Governor of Kuzbass prefer to relax with family and friends outdoors or read a book. For contribution to the development of the region Tuleyev named an Honorary citizen of the Kemerovo region, and specifically the cities of Novokuznetsk, Tashtagol and Mezhdurechensk.


    Aman Tuleyev

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