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  • Name: Alyosha ( Olena Kucher )
  • Date of birth: 14 may 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Zaporozhye, Ukraine
  • Activity: Singer
  • Marital status: Married to Taras Poplar

    Alyosha: a biography

    Alesha, she’s Alena Kucher, a famous singer with a surprisingly lively voice. He is the author of his own songs and writes lyrics for other artists. Alyosha fills his songs with a profound meaning.

    Biography Alyosha began in the Ukrainian city of Zaporozhye. Elena Kucher was the third child in the family. The girl’s father worked as a policeman, and mother at an aircraft factory. Growing a future star in the company of senior brothers played with them in the future, dismantled cars. Then they called her not only as Alexei, Le or Lelka.

    Carefree childhood, the singer owes his parents. Miss not given to the brethren who willingly took the little sister in their company, involved in games and activities. She listened along with them their favorite music, practiced, practiced Taekwondo and karate.

    In 11 years Alyosha wrote the first verse about opalach autumn leaves and immediately introduced his mother. And laughed, the girl was offended and burst into tears. Too late she realized that the lines actually turned out funny. Over time, the work of Elena stopped cause laughter. The poetry was deep and filled with deep meaning, which caused the family confusion and admiration. Alyosha often hid the notebook with the poems in the book, when doing homework in my room, in case if suddenly there will be a mother.

    Perhaps vocal Alyosha would have remained in the shadows, if not for the school choir where she was able to open up. Music has captivated Elena already after the first lessons, and she realized that it was forever. Alyosha included magazine older brothers, and listened to Mariah Karrey, Queen, Christina Aguilera, Scorpions, etc. then I tried to repeat what he heard.

    Biggest childhood dream Alyosha was the piano. A mad desire to master a musical instrument, the parents did not take seriously and thought that soon her daughter will find a new hobby. But time passed, and the child continued to make music and dream of the piano. Then the father did not dare to buy marker Royal, but made a gift in the form of a compact synthesizer. First, musical notation Alyosha mastered independently. Knowledge culled from old found books.

    Musical passion continued in the Studio «Youth» at the house of culture «DSS». Voice lessons and piano taught Vladimir Artemyev, the head of the Studio. It’s late singer here recording their songs. The basement, where Alena Kucher studied 8-9 hours a day, was a favorite place in Kiev. It was there that she honed mastery of the voice and met with his producer.

    Every day on the way to the Studio Alyosha was driving through the center of the city and the area, which hosted large concerts, which attract thousands public. The girl dreamed of one day to go out and conquer the scene. A dream come true, and even more than that: soon song Alyosha will be known far beyond his native city and even the country.

    Alyosha: career

    When she graduated from school in town Oksana Bilozir, Dean YOUNG and part-time pop star. Vadim Lisitsa, the first producer of Elena Kucher, gave famous person album with songs of the trust, and as a result she was invited to enroll at capital UNIVERSITY.

    The producer had contacts in the musical world, and soon the pair was in charge of the recording Studio in the heart of Kiev – in the theater Mariinsky Park. The first time after moving the young people lived in the Studio. Hard times without money and permanent housing went almost unnoticed in the hour of creativity.

    First song Alyosha was marked by a major success at the international song festival «Yalta-2006», where she took first place. Two years later, Alyosha won the Ukrainian listener the song «Snow«which won the «Songs of the sea»in 2008

    The professionalism of the producer and her talent soon brought fruit. The creative tandem composed and recorded songs for famous people of the big stage in Ukraine and Russia. Additionally, the couple headed sound-producing popular television projects. Young people signed a contract with «Catapult music», and then presented to the public a few clips: «Snow» and «You’re gone«. Then Alyosha few who knew firsthand, however, many recognize her gorgeous tone from the first sound of the composition.

    Alyosha: «Eurovision-2010»

    The idea is to try happiness on the high-profile Eurovision song contest came suddenly. Filling out an application, you must specify the alias. Long did not have to think. Thus was born the stage name of the singer «Alyosha», the extraordinary and associated with childhood.

    The selection took place with the song «To be free», and the jury’s decision was unanimous. In addition, fell hundreds of sms messages in support of the performer. Such success did not expect nor Elena herself, or Vladimir. Thus was born the most famous Ukrainian singer Alyosha.

    The first success was a resounding and large-scale scandal. The press immediately covered the rising star of the accusations of plagiarism and violating the rules of the contest. The Newspapers were full of photos Alyosha and cynical headlines. Some wrote that song is a rip-off, others that the single was publicly exposed earlier under the rules of the period.

    The threat of failing the contest before it began looming black cloud. The only way out was a change of repertoire for a few days before the presentation in front of an audience of millions. The team gathered in the Studio and decided not to abandon the socially significant topics – the new song was supposed to carry the same deep meaning. For a couple of hours in the Studio born new single «Sweet people». The video for the song was filmed in the next few days in Chernobyl, Pripyat.

    May 27, 2010 Alyosha took place in the final of «Eurovision», which took place in Norway. In the final, the singer scored 108 points and took 10th place. After returning home about Alyosha wrote European journalists, how about the singer who managed to reach the hearts of millions of viewers. Career Alyosha literally boiled. Journalists were waiting for the next sensation, and the fans – songs and videos.

    Alyosha Vadim began to prepare the recording of the album format together with Peter Chakalaka. In the same year in the US was released a limited edition album with 10 English tracks. In Ukraine, simultaneously launched a video for the song «I came home». The composition quickly added the position of the karaoke clubs and was played in many establishments. At the end of a fruitful year Alex was awarded the «Crystal microphone» as «Singer of the year».

    Alyosha: songs

    Alyosha discography in 2011 he added to the song, written by Vlad Darwin. The song «the best instant Ti» performed by Alyosha and Vlad Darvin refreshed sky of the Ukrainian music. The Duo is entrenched in the top positions of the charts for 25 weeks, and the number of viewings of the video on Youtube has exceeded two million.

    In 2012, a song Alyosha was born for one another. The most popular became the»love Pheromones» and «Point on map». June 13 held a solo concert «Live» accompanied by live music and ballet performances in «Freedom». In 2013, Alyosha and Vlad Darvin got the YUNA award in the nomination «duet of the year» for the song «Meaning of life». In 2014, the esters of the song is «Unarmed».

    Alyosha: personal life

    In 2013, the singer did not appear at the award ceremony YUNA. The coveted statuette the girl could not remove from the scene, as was the situation: soon the light was supposed to be the child whose father she carefully concealed to the last. About pregnancy stars became known when she was already 6 months pregnant starred in a photo shoot for the cover of the magazine «relax».

    As it became known later, the child’s father and beloved man Alyosha became the leader of the musical group «Antibodies» – Taras Poplar. 3 APR privacy Alyosha was marked by a happy event — she gave birth to son Roman. And in June, Alyosha and Taras Poplar played at a wedding where only invited close relatives.

    Alyosha: discography

    • «A World Outside Your Door»

    Alyosha: photo


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