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  • Name: Alyona Ivchenko ( Alyona Ivchenko )
  • Date of birth: 17 may 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk
  • Height: 171
  • Activities: Russian actress
  • Marital status: married

    Elena Ivchenko : a biography

    Elena Vladimirovna Ivchenko was born in the capital of Belarus in may 1974. Her parents are professional musicians. Therefore, the atmosphere of creativity in the house Elena was constantly. In 5 years, the girl already knew that to be an artist. From mom and dad she got a good hearing, and she attended a musical school, where he learned to play the piano. And yet she managed to dance and artistic gymnastics.

    In 7th grade Elena Ivchenko transferred from the school where studied the English language, in a school with a theatrical bias, which opened in Minsk.

    In 1991, having received a high school diploma, the woman went to Leningrad, where he tried to enroll in LGITMiK. But suddenly did not. Elena did not despair and did not change the child’s dream. She got the assistant Director on «Belarusfilm» and throughout the year, preparing to enter, carefully watching the movie «Flight of butterflies».

    In 1992 Ivchenko arrived in Moscow and entered the Shchukin theater school. She was enrolled in a course of well-known artist and teacher, Yuri Shlykov.


    After graduation Elena Ivchenko was accepted into the troupe of the theatre «Et Cetera», where she debuted on stage in the play «Uncle Vanya». Then the young actress entrusted a key role Serving directed by Robert Sturua «Shylock». For this work she received her first theatrical award «the Seagull».

    A cinematic biography of Elena Ivchenko started earlier than theatrical. Already in the first year involved her in the picture «Brunette for 30 cents,» in which the main character played by Anna Samokhina. Then there were other roles, but noticeable, brought the young woman the awareness that went into her 28 years. Ivchenko appeared in the 3rd season of ranked «Turkish March» where in tandem with Domogarov played the heroine Marina in a series called «transfer to the light».

    Notable work that brought Belarusian actress of considerable popularity, was the role of Valentina Ilyina melodrama in the serial «Doomed to become a star.» This Cinderella story of our days were released from 2005 to 2007.

    Another starring role went to the actress, when she was 32 years old. Elena Ivchenko played just two heroines in the drama «You’re me». A touching movie about sisters Elena and Greta, whom fate threw in the Stalin years, is remembered by many viewers. Together with Ivchenko appeared on the screen by such stars of Russian cinema as Dmitry Dyuzhev and Vladislav Galkin.

    The project, which gave Elena Ivchenko another prestigious award, was the historical show «the Empress and the robber». It came out in 2009. Here, the actress appeared in the image of Empress Catherine II. For the excellent work done she got a prize of the 12th International film festival in Berdyansk.

    The actress is often drawn to dubbing and airing of different projects on TV, STS, TV-6, TVC, and the First channel.

    Personal life

    Difficult to find second such a closed artist like this. Personal life of Elena Ivchenko, that is, three times are classified. In social networks you can find the information that the actress happy family life and she grows up two children. But who is the husband Ivchenko, and the name of the children, there is reliable information. Journalists never failed to cause her to be Frank.

    But on other topics Elena Ivchenko is willing to communicate. She says she maintains strong relationships with her mother, who lives very far away in New Zealand. They communicate regularly via Skype, for which the actress fell in love with the computer. After all, before she looked at this fixture as a wild beast.

    About relations in his family Ivchenko says that they stay on the never-ending compromise. After all, marriage is a Titanic work, when two different people for a common happy life must give way to each other.

    Elena Ivchenko loves to drive, loves speed and long journey by car. She sews beautifully, and she invents a model clothes. But lately, because of the huge employment charges tailoring to the professionals.


    • «The Gold Of Yugra»
    • «Turkish March»
    • «Poor Nastya»
    • «Stiletto 2»
    • «Women’s intuition»
    • «Two kilometers from the New year»
    • «You’re me»
    • «The Empress and the robber»
    • «The Method Laurel»
    • «Elusive: the Last hero»


    Elena Ivchenko

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