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  • Name: Olena Alymova ( Alena Alymova )
  • Date of birth: 15 October 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Mariupol, Ukraine
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: theater and film actress, Director
  • Marital status: not married

    Elena Alimova: biography

    Elena alymova – talented, devoted to art and creative people. Girl loves his profession and is totally dedicated to her. Her gift is multifaceted: she is a talented actress of cinema, theatre and commercials, screenwriter and Director, shoots music videos and short films.

    Elena was born 15 October 1985 in Zhdanov (now Mariupol), Ukraine. Mother Elena – an emergency physician, father is a Professor of history at the University. As a child she dreamed of becoming a doctor like mom, and even read before sleep great medical encyclopedia.

    Olena Alimova
    Elena Alimova | talent Agency

    Wise parents found in the younger child’s creative potential and advised Elena to develop their abilities in this direction. Since then, her top priorities were music and dancing. The girl graduated from music school in piano and in parallel was engaged in dances.

    After high school, Elena alymova became a student of Kyiv national University of culture and arts. He studied in the Studio of G. N. The Shirman faculty of directing film and television. He graduated Knook in 2006. During the training, students took part in the filming of short films and sketches of their classmates.

    Olena Alimova
    Elena Alimova | talent Agency

    Elena liked to act, she was good at it, and she came to the conclusion that he wants to become an actress. Participated in filming the famous film Director Alan Badoev, then was invited to the role in the series Anatoly Mateshko.

    Early career

    In the movie started filming in 2000-ies, but the first significant acting job was the role in the 90-episode series «Jamaica», filmed in 2012 in Kiev. Her character Inga samgina – eighteen-year-old daughter of rich parents, frivolous and a bit silly. In the course of the movie, the girl gains life experience and becomes smarter.

    Elena Alimova in the film
    Elena Alimova in the film «Jamaica» | Movie-Theater

    One of the most memorable works, the actress called the film «Funny fairy tale», where she plays the role of Princess of the Unfortunate Kingdom. The film was shot in Estonia, the crew consisted of Estonian and Ukrainian participants. Good story filmed in the good traditions of the Soviet cinema.

    Great popularity among the audience have received the film «the Greek», in which, besides Alymova starred Olga Sumska, Dmitriy Sova, Anton Feoktistov, Olga Grishina, Victoria Litvinenko-asinovskaya, Alexey Fateev, Alain Kolesnichenko and Sergey Radchenko, Victoria Bulitko and others.

    Elena Alimova in the film
    Elena Alimova in the movie «Funny tale» | film Critic

    In the sketch show «we are home», which is popular among viewers, the actress played the role of manicurist, self-obsessed, carefree blonde Kati Tolmacheva. The Director of the picture, is known for the show «Ukraine has talent», «X-factor», «everybody Dance» — Maxim Litvinov.


    Elena alymova was one of the discoveries of the Odessa film festival, where it was noted among other young talents. Appreciation was expressed for her directorial work on the film «Pretty woman.» This is the second work of Alyona Alymova as Director and screenwriter. The first was shown in Saint-Petersburg, Romania and Greece, which also received awards.

    The movie «Pretty woman» was awarded special diploma «for the originality and camera work.» The plot is about love. Despite the fact that his main character finds love in the fictional character, it’s filled with semantic shades, there are a lot of faces, allowing each viewer to see something exciting and close to him.

    Elena Alimova at the Odessa festival
    Elena Alimova at the Odessa film festival | news Crimea

    According to Elena, it was a creative, art-house project, which gives unlike commercial films, a wide freedom of action. From daily work it is distinguished by the absence of frameworks and the limited factors, interesting angles and unusual points of installation.

    First, the main character wanted to play Elena herself, but later, after revision of the script, to the shooting invited Pauline, Voinavich, which were selected during casting and did great with the role. In addition to participating in the Odessa film festival 2012 the film was shown on «New York filmfestival 2013» «film Festival in Belgrade» and «Kinoshock Anapa».

    Olena Alimova
    Elena Alimova | Keeno.tv

    After the euromaidan in Ukraine, the film «Pretty woman» is removed from the rental. Probably because the main character falls in love with the image of President Viktor Yanukovych, who speaks to her with a Billboard. Despite the fact that it is far from politics, a romantic Comedy, the film falls under the ban.

    The Director’s work Alymova there is also a short film «love story», more than 30 music videos for Ukrainian artists, and numerous commercials. In addition, Elena works for the International Foundation of friendship of peoples, reads a lot, does yoga. Musical preferences are Opera and Japanese mantras, favorite movie – «Forrest Gump» with the participation of Tom Hanks in the title role.

    Personal life

    About my personal life, the actress is not applicable if she has a husband, is unknown. She loves to travel, prefers an unscheduled vacation and spontaneous trips. To resort to the novels treated with caution. Believes that, in order to bond with a person, we need more time. Deer to trust the man, we need to feel and understand the partner.

    Olena Alimova
    Elena Alimova | News Crimea

    Despite the role of frivolous blondes naked she was shot only once in 2009 in the film «Asshole. Arabesque». Even the pictures in the swimsuit uncommon, although the actress loves to post photos on social networks.


    • 2005 the Myth of the perfect man (TV) (Dasha)
    • 2005 Divorce and maiden name (mini-series) (Inga)
    • 2006 Return of Mukhtar 3 (TV series) (Olga)
    • 2006 the Bloody circle (TV series) (flight attendant)
    • 2006 theater of the dead (TV series)
    • 2007 If you can hear me
    • 2007 Ex — (TV) (Sasha)
    • 2008 my Girl (TV)
    • 2008 Funny tale (Princess of the Unhappy Kingdom)
    • 2010 Goner (short)
    • 2010 Assholes. Arabesque
    • 2012 Jamaica (TV series) (Inga)
    • 2012 star Smithy 3 (TV series)
    • 2013 Kiss! (TV series) (Bogdan)
    • 2013 Female doctor 2 (TV series) (Arina Belova)
    • 2014 When we are at home (TV series) (Kate)
    • 2014 Brother for brother 3 (TV series) (Alice)
    • 2014 Greek (TV series) (daughter of Sophia)
    • 2014 Beach (TV series) (hairdresser)
    • 2014 — 2015 When we are at home (TV series) (Kate)


    Olena Alimova

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