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  • Name: Alsu ( Alsou Abramova )
  • Date of birth: 27 June 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Bugulma, Tatarstan
  • Activity: Singer, actress
  • Marital status: Married to Yan Abramov

    Alsou biography

    Alsu is a successful singer and TV presenter, UNESCO artist for peace». Born in Tatarstan, a Muslim. In the family Ralif Safin and Rashi of Ishakovna in addition to Alsu had two other sons: Junior senior Renard and Marat. The head of the family holds a post of the Senator from Republic Altai, and mother – an architect.

    Music for the first time intervened in the biography of Alsou at the age of five, when she asked her parents to buy a piano. Then she had to promise that the professional has mastered a musical instrument. The girl kept her promise and five years was regularly to attend the school, to reach which we had through the city.

    To 9 years old Alsu lived in the North. The harsh climate did not spoil edible delights. In memory of the singer was clearly etched old apples treated with wax for preservation, and sprouted potatoes. Christmas gifts with orange-chocolate content Alsu, as well as other children from the kindergarten, tried to stretch for longer than that, because of the abundance of fruits in the North was not.

    In 1992 the biography of Alsou continued in Moscow, where the future singer received higher education and mastered the musical instrument. A year Alsou went to America, where for 6 months living and studying in new York. Next stop – Denmark, Copenhagen, where celebrities live the next six months.

    In 1995 Alsu enlisted in the British MPW College, where the curriculum is exclusively in English, with an emphasis on business, mathematics and fine arts. The move to London has caused Alsou nostalgia for home and loved ones, but she soon adapted and settled among the other students. This experience allowed us to obtain the maximum base of the English language.

    Alsou songs

    First song of Alsu been evaluated by a professional musician in 1998 At the wedding of her brother, she sang «I will always love you» and impressed the guest from mum insisted on the introduction of young talent with Valery Belotserkovsky — head «Megapol'». Talent assessment was carried out with the same song that was played at the wedding.

    Career Alsou began with an introduction with A. Shevchenko St. Baikov, songs which sounded from the lips of the young singer. The first and the notoriety brought a clip of Alsu

  • «Winter sleep». On the screens it was released in 1999 and immediately won the hearts of millions of viewers. «Winter sleep» became the hallmark of the singer.

    Discography Alsu updated with new songs – «Spring» and «Sometimes». Music hits reincarnated in clips, of which the Director is

  • Yuri Grymov. In September 1999, fans of Lil Wayne are already enjoying the self-titled debut album. In December Alsu is sent on his first tour of 6 cities of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. For the performance gathered a full team, as initially it was stipulated that all performances will take place not under the plywood and live.

    Alsou: «Eurovision-2000» success

    1999 culminated in a major event: Alsou is the first Russian show business, who signed a long term contract to work with world-renowned label

  • «Universal». The project involved the entry of 7 English album for distribution in 35 countries. At that time Julia was still studying in a UK College and couldn’t spend a lot of time in Russia. However, this did not prevent her to represent Russia at the contest
  • Eurovision in 2000. 16-year-old singer hung a huge responsibility for the country’s honor. However, the fragile shoulders trembled, and Alsu adequately defended the right to 2nd place with the song
  • «Solo». At the competition she scored 155 points and gave first place to a team from Denmark.

    It was the first success of Russian artists at the international competition «Eurovision».

    He returned to Russia Alsu the winner of which spoke of peace. In June Alsou went on tour for 11 major cities, and in his birthday gave a free concert in the native town of Bugulma, which gathered 86 000 crowd. There’s also 17-year-old birthday girl was waiting for a gift from the local authorities – the honorary title and the keys to the pink car «Oka» with the numbers of Alsu. Before Alsou was awarded the title

  • Honored artist of Tatarstan. Cooperation with «Universal» was marked by joint work with the world’s celebrities. Discography Alsu supplemented with a single
  • «You’re My № 1» in a duet with
  • Enrique Iglesias. Familiarity with the Spanish occurred on the eve of his solo concert in Moscow. Were later filmed the video for a collaborative song.

    28 Jun discography, Lil Wayne made his debut English album «Alsou», where a few songs are copyright the text of the singer.

    After the London College Alsou he entered GITIS on course for St. Teplyakova, where he mastered the art of acting by an individual plan.

    5 Jun career Alsu was marked by the award ceremony MUZ-TV, where she received the award

  • «The best performer of the year». Among the nominees were Valeria and Alla Pugacheva, but the stage was made Alsu. 2003 repeatedly noted important events that are firmly entrenched in the biography of Alsou. The singer was often offered a chance to take in a feature film, but somehow it did not develop because of the constant involvement in other projects. Finally I had a hole before a large-scale company, which the singer dedicated shoot in the mystical horror film —
  • «Spirit Trap». In the artistic statement Alsu played a major role. In September, a promotional company next album
  • «Always On My Mind». In mid-November, the singer appeared as a designer and presented the model of a wristwatch, made by her sketches. In 2009, the singer is the leading «Eurovision» in Moscow, then released the film S. Druzhinina, where Alsou appeared a few years earlier. In February 2010 the singer received the next rank
  • «People’s artist of Tatarstan.» In 2013 Alsu sent to Baku, where he makes a video for the song
  • «Stay,» and marks the anniversary Birthday.

    Alsu: personal life

    18 Mar 2006 personal life Alsou intertwined marriage with businessman

  • Yan Abramov. The landmark event the couple prepared more than 6 months and organized a festival in the concert hall «Russia». The event gathered more than 600 guests. Alsu and Yan Abramov was sitting in the center of the room at the Banquet table, which was placed in a huge Lotus flower. On the first day of the wedding Alsu prepared 2 dresses that were sewn in the workshop of the brother’s wife by the author’s sketches of the bride. The first greeting came from the lips of the capital’s mayor. Among the gifts to the young guests and parents donated money, jewelry, country house within the capital and a luxury car «Bentley».

    September 7, 2006 Alsou gave birth to a daughter Safin clinic Los Angeles – «Cedar Sinai». In April 2008, the singer gave birth to Safin’s sister, called Micellae. The second time Alsou gave birth to tel Aviv’s Ichilov hospital.

    In 2008 a detained Internet Stalker who was actively circulated a photo of Alsu, and filled up the network reports that the singer is supposedly still not married and is his bride. Fan-the attacker was arrested.

    Alsu: discography

    • Alsu
    • Alsu
    • «I had a fall»
    • «19»
    • «The most important thing»
    • «Native Tongue»
    • «Good fairy of dreams»
    • «Inspired»
    • «You are the light»

    Alsu: filmography

    • «Trap ghosts»
    • «Secrets of Palace revolutions. Russia, XVIII-th century. The seventh film. Vivat, Anna!»
    • «Birthday Alisy»

    Alsu: photo


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