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  • Name: Alla Surikova ( Alla Surikova )
  • Date of birth: 6 November 1940
  • Age: 76 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Activity: the Soviet and Russian film Director, screenwriter, teacher
  • Marital status: married

    Alla Surikova: biography

    Alla Ilinichna (Isaakovna) Surikov – one of the few women Directors who decided to remove the Comedy. Many of them entered the Golden Fund of Russian cinema.

    Alla Surikov was born in Kiev in November 1940. She grew up in a wonderful family where everybody loved movies and the theater. Although directly with art world parents were not related. Mom was a doctor and dad an engineer of the Kiev telecentre. The father instilled in her daughter a love of film.

    The actor was the uncle of Alla Surikova, Jacob Zaslavsky. He served in the Odessa theater and often came on tour to Kiev. Niece did not miss a single play uncle and even managed to learn his role by heart. The girl decided to become an actress and took the first steps in the profession in high school.

    Growing up, Alla Surikova forgot about my childhood dream and went to enter the local Institute of light industry. Failing the exams, she worked as a fitter at an aircraft factory. The following year, Surikov went to Frunze, where he enrolled in the University. Chose the faculty of Philology. Alla very miss my parents and hometown, and soon transferred to Kiev University. Here, apart from Philology, she studied mathematical linguistics and even received a diploma.

    But mailingliste Surikova is not needed. A year after graduation she got a job at a film Studio named after Alexander Dovzhenko. As assistant Director Alla Surikov worked on the production of two paintings. This process is so captivated her that in 1971 she went to Moscow and entered the directing courses where studied under such famous masters as Alexander Alov, Vladimir Naumov and Georgi Danelia.


    Biography of Alla Surikova developed rapidly. After an aspiring filmmaker has made two pieces of coursework – short film «a Girl and a sunbeam» and «Live hat», it came up with a brilliant idea to make a children’s comic magazine, something like an adult «Wick.» It was supported by senior colleagues of Kira Paramonova and Rolan Bykov. So appeared the famous «jumble» for which Surikov took subsequently two miniatures.

    The first directorial work of Alla ilinichny appeared in the mid-1970s. This documentary «Birth of the dance» and feature film «Say you’re a captain…».

    Popularity came to Alla Surikova in the late 1970s, when she was shot at «Mosfilm» Comedy-romance «Vanity of vanities», where the main characters brilliantly played by Galina Polskikh, Frunze Mkrtchyan. This picture brought the young Director the first rewards.

    After 2 years released a successful new film – a Comedy «Be my husband», where the main roles were invited Andrei Mironov, Elena Proklova. Familiarity with brilliant Mironov had a huge impact on the Director. Alla Ilinichna claims that the actor taught her improvisation and irony. The film received the audience award and the prize from the film distributors at the festival «Youth».

    Comedy is one of the most challenging genres for Directors. He is rarely on the shoulder, even the venerable Directors-men. But Alla Surikova quickly gained recognition as a master of Comedy. The undisputed masterpiece of cinema turned out to be her next project called «Look for the woman». Star acting «bouquet» consisting of Sofiko Chiaureli, Leonid Kuravlev, Elena Solovey, Alexander Abdulov and other famous actors, a wonderful script and talented direction brought this tape a great success. And today she is one of my favorite comedies for millions of viewers.

    However, as another Comedy and at the same time the Western «the Man from Boulevard des Capucines». To Alla Surikova Soviet Directors of westerns were not filmed, so she was a pioneer of this genre. Starring Alla Ilinichna again used her favorite artist Andrei Mironov, who got the image of Mr. First. In addition to his film starred two dozen actors whose names are known all over the country.

    The rights to broadcast this Comedy was sold in 30 countries. At home, «Man from Boulevard des Capucines» saw more than 60 million viewers. On the American film festival in Los Angeles «Women in film» the Soviet Director has awarded the first prize.

    Appeared in Alla Surikova and astroscience Comedy with political overtones, which was cautiously welcomed by authorities. This tape «Sincerely yours» and «Two arrows. Detective stone age». In the first draft the main character was played by Vitaly Solomin, who for this work of criticism called «little Faust». He depicted the intellectual and former astronomer who foolishly spent their lives chasing a deficit. At the time this satire was quite risky.

    In addition to the feature film Alla Surikova is famous for its documentaries, which it shoots at its film Studio «Positive film».

    In 2000, Alla Ilinichna was awarded the title people’s artist of Russia.

    Personal life

    Alla Ilinichna man very open with good sense of humor. Otherwise, she would take pictures of so many great comedies. She tells all about her personal life.

    In Surikova had three barracks. From first husband, Vadim Surikov, she left the name and beloved daughter of Cyrus, who became a writer. From the second – sound engineer Eugene – she has Moscow registration. But personal life Alla Surikova better developed with third husband – colleague Alec by Potashnikova. About this fateful meeting Alla Ilinichna tells with a smile: «Once included in the buffet and saw the beautiful, gray-haired, with a beard, orders a whiskey. I think rich Georgians. It turned out, a poor Jew. But it was too late.»

    They are now together and still happy. Alla Surikova has two beloved grandchildren.


    • «Be my husband»
    • «Look for the woman»
    • «The man from Boulevard des Capucines»
    • «Sincerely Yours»
    • «Two arrows. Detective stone age»
    • «Children of Monday»
    • A nut
    • «The incident improvisus»
    • «I want in prison»
    • «The Moscow vacation»


    Alla Surikova

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