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  • Name:Alla Dukhova ( Alla Duhova )
  • Date of birth: 29 November 1966
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Spit
  • Activity: professional choreographer, founder and artistic Director of international ballet «Todes»
  • Marital status: married

Alla Dukhova: biography

Alla Vladimirovna spirit was born in the village of Kosa, Komi-Permyak Autonomous district in November 1966. But a year later the family of Wind instruments moved to permanent residence in Riga. There were childhood and teenage years Alla. In Riga was held the first meeting with the world of choreography.

Alla Dukhova was a very musical girl. The parents noticed it early and gave his daughter in Riga music school. One day my mother noticed that the little Alla after school music quietly comes to a dance class in the neighborhood, and for a long time as if spellbound watching the occupations of the boys. On arrival home the girl carefully and accurately reproduced what he saw in front of a mirror.

When mom asked Alla, so why is she more wants to do, the daughter immediately gave a definite answer: dancing and choreography. The mother took her daughter to the local folk dance called «willow», where at that time were excellent teachers Lausanne, Shurkin and Dubovitsky. They became indebted to them not only main mentors in professional dance, but also teachers of all future life.

Alla Dukhova: «Todes»

Alla spirit wanted not only to learn to dance but also to invent choreography and entire performances. In 16 years she gathered a group of associates. Then it consisted only of girls and was called «the Experiment». This experiment was very successful and won considerable popularity. That is not surprising, because Alla Dukhova took as the basis of their dance performances choreography of Western European and American schools that were at the beginning of the Soviet ‘ 80s under an unofficial ban, as too outspoken. Experience Alla collected by small children from tapes of performances of Western dance groups, watching the street breakers.

Once the «Experiment» Brass band during a performance at one of the dance competitions in Palanga crossed with the Leningrad youth team breakdance, bearing the sonorous and memorable name of «Todes». The brass was very fond of risky stunts in the dance in «Todes», and the guys from the Leningrad team admired the sharp and honed to automatism movements of the girls from Riga. This sympathy has led to the fact that the teams have merged into one, taking the name of the male. It is very organically intertwined bratrska choreography and movement. It was something completely new and nothing like it. In 1987 Alla Dukhova collectively was selected creative Director of the new ballet, because you can combine the performance, and organizational work was harder.

During a tour in the North Caucasus performances Todes passed with unprecedented sold-out. The guys advised me to try to come to the capital. They thought it was quite ripe for its conquest and went to Moscow. At first they had very difficult. The boys lived in Lyubertsy the hostel, looked for venues for performances and were faced with many complex organizational issues. But on their way and in the way of Alla Duhova was found Alexander Birman worked at the Philharmonic hall in Riga. He helped ballet to get to Chelyabinsk, where at that time toured popular singers Igor talc, Sofia Rotaru, group «Bravo» and other «illuminated» pop stars. Dancers performed between singers and immediately received a sea of applause. After Chelyabinsk tour of Sofia Rotaru suggested ballet Brass to speak with her. Their collaboration lasted five years. Then the ballet «Todes», which has already become very popular and famous, decided to go and develop his own way.

The five-year anniversary of the team was given the first solo concert «Todes». It was organized and financed by philanthropist and businessman Igor Popov. After this concert the band started to regularly get suggestions about joint performances from Christina Orbakaite, Valery Leontiev and many other pop stars.

Philip Kirkorov, Tatyana Bulanova, Valery Meladze, Larisa Dolina, Vladimir Presnyakov — who has not performed the ballet Alla Duhova. The team won almost all the famous music festivals from the «New wave», before the «Slavonic Bazaar». But the biggest victory of Alla Duhova and its «death spiral» took place on the international stage. Dancers performed at the awards Music Awards in Monte Carlo with Ricky Martin and Mariah Carey. Band of the Brass twice danced in the ballet of Michael Jackson during his performances in Munich and Seoul.

Alla Dukhova: dance school

Since 1992, ballet group «Todes» is active and constantly expanding. In 1997, the second part of the ballet Alla Duhova has grown to 150 dancers and celebrated its 10th anniversary. In the same year, Alla spirit began to make room in Lefortovo, where he opened his first dance school of ballet «Todes». Soon there were two more in St. Petersburg and Riga. Over the next 10 years, the network of schools of Alla Duhova has expanded throughout Russia, the CIS and appeared even in Malta. The most talented dancers-graduates of schools of Alla Duhova now demonstrate mastery on the world stage.

In 2011, the «base» ballet of Wind Lefortovo moved on Paveletskaya embankment. In 24 years of existence, the ballet has changed several generations of dancers. One thing remains unchanged: the «death spiral» of Brass and now collects full house of fans around the world. Touring ballet Alla Duhova continues uninterrupted. Currently, Wind continues to lead the ensemble, as well as a network of schools in Russia and other countries of the world.

In addition, the biography of Alla Duhova has one more bright page is a talented woman launches her own clothing line.

Alla spirit: private life

Personal life Alla Duhova eventful, but Alla says very little about them. We know that now the artist married for the third time. Her husband’s name was Anton. Ballet for Brass band he is working as Director world.

From different marriages from Alla Duhova two sons, Volodya and Kostya. Today the founder of the ballet «Todes», along with his family lives in Latvia. In his native Riga, she built a big house.

Alla Dukhova: photo

Alla Dukhova

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