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  • Name: Alla Reed ( Alla Rid )
  • Date of birth: 6 January 1982
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Samara, Russia
  • Activity: singer, contestant on «the Voice season 4»
  • Marital status: married

    Alla reed: biography

    Participant of the fourth season of the show «the Voice» Alla reed was born on Christmas eve, 6 January 1982. Her childhood and school years were spent in Samara. The first time Alla came on the scene three years — at the concert to the city Day. Then she realized that her calling is to be a singer.

    Girl doing daddy, he developed her vocal talent. The father of Alla reed — perfect pitch. He graduated from music school, but further study did not. This did not prevent him to create his vocal-instrumental band and play the keyboards. The love of music he instilled and daughter. From his childhood in the house sounded jazz and Jewish music, although at the time these areas did not use such popularity, as now.

    Alla reed studied at music school, took part in an incredible contest. She reached the finals in the «Morning star» and «a Wider circle», then there was another significant victory – the second prize at the contest of young singers «Voices» in Sochi. The jury was Iosif Kobzon.

    At the international competition «Golden Scythian», which was held in Donetsk, Alla reed became the winner and received compliments from the Igor Krutoy, who headed the jury.

    The girl had low chest voice is for jazz. Respected musicians said that she will sing jazz when the time will come — and it did. At the world jazz festival in Switzerland, Alla reed received a Grand Prix.

    From eight to fifteen years she sang in the Jewish ensemble created by his father. In 15 years, Alla reed enrolled in music school, graduated and went to Moscow. In the capital, she continued to study first received the diploma of the State Academy of Slavic culture, and then entered GITIS.

    In parallel with studies Alla reed was engaged in solo career. Her favorite styles of music soul and jazz.

    Show «The Voice»

    «Blind auditions» the fourth season of the musical project «Voice» Alla reed performed «Hold on». In the first seconds to the contestant turned Alexander Gradsky, followed by – Grigory Leps. Gradsky said that Allah «shouted down» in his speech, but praised the accuracy of its execution.

    According to the rules of the show, the contestant had to choose a mentor. Alla reed decided to go to the team of the city. In «duels» singer spoke with Stas Obukhov. They performed the song «Cheek to Cheek». Defeated Alla. Ahead of the new tests.

    Personal life

    Alla reed is married and has a son. The singer says that the child grows music, but he is attracted to dance. To force the son to do music Alla wants.

    Participant of the fourth season of «the Voice» — not only creative, but also a talented Director, and public figure. She likes to visit theatres, to travel.

    Performances Alla reed always bright, dramatic, tragic. She manages to switch from one image to another and to bring nature to the viewer. Critics have noted her talent to combine pop and jazz vocals, sometimes it is compared with the Queen of jazz Larissa Dolina. Alla says that does not imitate anyone, no copies, just does what she loves and knows. It is the path of individuality.

    Alla reed inspire new projects and their implementation, because every time she meets new people and learns something interesting.


    Alla Reed

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