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  • Name: Alla Parfanyak ( Alla Parfanyak )
  • Date of birth: 9 August 1923
  • Age: 86 years
  • Date of death: November 12, 2009
  • Place of birth: Minsk, Belarus
  • Activities: theater and film actress, honored artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: widow

    Alla Parfanyak: biography

    Alla Petrovna Parfanyak was born in Minsk in mid-summer of 1923 in an educated family. Her father was a Professor of mathematics and worked at the Institute. Mother’s nationality was Polish noble blood. Since childhood, parents with special attention to his daughter, trying to instill in her good taste and interest in knowledge and art.

    In the thirties Peter Parfanyak were arrested on charges of espionage, he was sent to camp. It was a big shock for the family. But, nevertheless, the girl managed to enter the Shchukin theater school, the course of V. K. Lvova.

    Alla Parfanyak in his youth
    Alla Parfanyak in his youth

    Despite the war, it was indebted to a happy student body. With her on one stream studied Eugene Simonov, the son of Ruben Simonov. In those years a young beautiful actress decided to change her name, adding a soft sign. So there was a pseudonym Parfanyak, which sounded like a French name.

    In 1947, after graduation, Alla gets distribution in the Vakhtangov theatre.

    Movies and theatre

    The beautiful young actress could not help but notice the filmmakers, and a year before the end of the war she was offered the role of reporter Wali Petrova in the film «heavenly slug», the shooting which changed the personal life Alla Parfanyak. In a Comedy dedicated to the everyday life of military pilots, starred also by the time the famous actor Nikolai Kryuchkov. Despite the fact that he was married to the beautiful Maria Pastukhova, Alla in his heart trembled, and he couldn’t resist her. Having divorce from his first wife, he made an offer to the charming alia.

    Alla Parfanyak in FLM
    Alla Parfanyak in the movie «heavenly slug» | Movie-Theater

    In the years of my first marriage, Alla works mainly on theatrical productions. With her participation in the theater. Vakhtangov’s work such productions as «Les Miserables», «Romeo and Juliet», «the Two gentlemen of Verona», «Before sunset». Alla Parfanyak becomes a real decoration of the stage in the productions of Directors from the theater Yevgeny Simonov, former classmate Parfanyak, and Alexandra Remizova, fellow member Evgeny Vakhtangov. Married with Kryuchkov in 1949, the actress was born the son of Nicholas.

    Alla Parfanyak in FLM
    Alla Parfanyak in the movie «the last day» | full Movie

    In the 60 years of the Anna Parfanyak not in films. She appears in only three theatrical works: «Dion», «cavalry», «children of the sun». Within 70-80 years, the actress is rarely seen on cinema screens. In particular, she participated in small roles in such films as «the cavalry», «the last day», «If the enemy does not surrender…», «the House under the starry sky».

    Alla Parfanyak in the play
    Alla Parfanyak in the play «Dion» | Ulyanov

    In the 70 years she appears only in two theatrical productions of «Richard III» and «Stepan Razin». Giving all force family, she lived successes of her husband and daughter. Expensive estimating this act of his wife, Mikhail Ulyanov literally wore it on his hands. Every birthday of Alla Petrovna, he was to her a poem, although for him it was difficult.

    Style icon

    At that, Alla Petrovna was always an elegant woman. In my youth her favors were made Leonid Utesov, Vertinsky, Alexei Arbuzov and mark Bernes. It was rumored that Nikolai Kryuchkov, a close friend of Vasily Stalin, Alla was released in order to protect themselves from harassment Beria.

    Alla Parfanyak in his youth
    Alla Parfanyak in his youth

    In the wardrobe of the actress was of exceptional beauty things, she carefully picked up his clothes, which she sewed from expensive at the time materials. After her death, the daughter gathered a small collection of exquisite dresses which were exhibited at the Museum of fashion Alexander Vasiliev. On the website of the famous historian of fashion, you can see a photo of one of the restored dresses actress of rare Soviet black lace.

    Personal life

    Gradually, the understanding with the husband Nikolai Kryuchkov begins to get lost, and on the background of his new fascination with Zoe the Kochanovskaya Alla decides to break up with her husband. At this time, she suddenly likes the actor of the Vakhtangov theatre a Siberian Mikhail Ulyanov. In those years a young actor led a wild bachelor lifestyle and already feel as bad habits suck it. But mutual love with Professor’s daughter breathed life into him.

    After the divorce with Alla Kryuchkov receives from the former husband’s one-bedroom apartment in the center of Moscow, where soon moved to the Mikhail Ulyanov. Nine-year-old son Nicholas stays with the mother.

    Alla Parfanyak I Michael Ulyanov
    Alla Parfanyak and Mikhail Ulyanov | Movie-Theater

    In 1959 the couple Ulyanov is born daughter Helen. And Alla Parfanyak decides to devote herself to raising children. It almost plays on stage and in film. This decision has also been influenced by the fact that daughters turned out to be kidney disease, because it required greater attention home. But despite health problems, the girl enters the well-known at the time a school with a French bias. Later, in high school, she goes to school for working youth, which along with her finished Anton Tabakov, Lungin, Denis Evstigneev. After school at his father’s insistence, Elena studied at the art Institute and became a successful designer.

    Alla Parfanyak I Michael Ulyanov
    Alla Parfanyak and Mikhail Ulyanov | Movie-Theater

    The fate of the eldest son of Alla Parfanyak did not happen. Since childhood, the boy was kept apart from the new family his mother: his parents ‘ divorce he was strongly influenced by. Over the years he has isolated himself from friends and became a dissident and even asked for political asylum in the United States. But he was not allowed out of the country, and instead sent me to the mental hospital.

    After some time, Nicholas was able to go to Germany, but there he was in prison, committing an illegal act. And then returned home. As an adult, he never worked, constantly asked for money from his mother. The son was a real tragedy in his personal life Alla Parfanyak.

    Alla Parfanyak I Michael Ulyanov
    Alla Parfanyak and Mikhail Ulyanov | Movie-Theater

    True delight for Alla Parfanyak and Mikhail Ulyanov was the birth of granddaughter Elizabeth. The girl was born with a heart defect, she had surgery. Famous grandfather raised all Dating and got granddaughter a trip to Germany for surgery. Currently, Lisa a happy marriage. Three weeks before the death of Mikhail Ulyanov she bore him two grandchildren. But, unfortunately, it was already in the hospital and couldn’t see the kids.

    Alla Parfanyak I Michael Ulyanov
    Alla Parfanyak and Mikhail Ulyanov | Movie-Theater

    Until recent days, Alla Petrovna was tending to my husband. They could often be seen walking around the hospital. After the death of Mikhail Ulyanov after 2 months she suffered a brain hemorrhage. A massive stroke is strongly influenced by the brain: the actress fell into a coma. Eighteen months later, in the fall of 2009, Alla Parfanyak did not.


    • The heavenly slow mover — (1945)
    • City at dawn — (1959)
    • Heart should burn — (1960)
    • The last day (1972)
    • The cavalry — (1975)
    • If the enemy does not surrender — (1982)
    • House under the starry skies (1991)


    Alla Parfanyak

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