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  • Name: Alla Mikheeva ( Alla Mikheyeva )
  • Date of birth: 7 February 1989.
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Molodogvardeysk, Ukraine
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: actress, TV presenter
  • Marital status: Not married

    Alla Mikheeva: a biography

    Alla Mikheeva – modern actress, TV presenter and model. The popularity she received from the section «Acute report» in the famous show «Evening Urgant». Truly, a well-known face of the actress began when she starred in humorous advertising, «Beeline» paired with Sergei Svetlakova. The girl portrays the low quality of Internet access, while Svetlakov represents the signature yellow-striped online. Funny disputes Alla and Sergey broadcast many channels, and those appearing on billboards across the country.

    Alla Mikheeva
    Photo presenter |

    Biography of Alla Mikheeva originates in a small Siberian town Mezhdurechensk, where the future star was born. The parents of Alla is not connected with TV. Mother – rector of the technical University; dad, a former professional athlete — agent in the sphere of extreme tourism. From childhood she was very sociable, always sought to be the center of attention. Alla has an older sister Anya. Children in the family brought up in severity, pocket money offered to earn extra work at home.

    Since childhood, Alla liked to dress up and look cute. But the girl wasn’t just interested in their own appearance. She studied music and went to the sports section, especially strong young Mikheeva liked not cute and not girly skiing. Actress and now do not refuse to itself pleasure to venture down a slope, especially if equipped with a trampoline.

    Alla Mikheeva in childhood and adolescence
    Early photo

    The family of Alla moved to Saint Petersburg when she was 14 years old. At this age Mikheeva first saw a theatrical performance and decided to become an actress. In 2008, the third attempt, Alla Mikheeva entered the Institute of St. Petersburg. At that time, she’s done enough in television programs and was able to call yourself a professional. My first experience was in broadcasting company «channel 5», which settled in 2005.

    The use of her acting talent Alla Mikheeva found in 2010, when he decided to tour with an acting group «BUFF» musical drama theatre. Then she took part in performances of «Doctor of philosophy», «Eliza». Project Ship «Nadezhda» took a photo of Alla Mikheeva recognizable. In the same year she debuted on television in the movie «the Golden section».

    Alla Mikheeva in the theater
    On the stage |

    Several years passed, but new works, the actress was in no hurry to please their fans. Two years later, the face of Alla Mikheeva again appeared on the screens, but in the cameo role of the project «Foreign district».

    «Evening Urgant»

    The peak of the growing popularity of the actress came in 2012, thanks to its beloved Russians show «Evening Urgant». Transmission is a very popular channel so Alla Mikheeva is now recognizable. Its heading is «Acute report» made the girl a favorite of many viewers. Today TV presenter and actress interviews famous people: pop stars, politicians and actors. Alla calls himself «fast Fox», but despite this, observed not the treacherous role of the ingénue, or Russian Chicks. The image is composed so organically that for many viewers it remains a mystery: a leading «a fool or pretending to be».

    Alla Mikheeva constantly associating their identity with Western colleagues, which is present on the nose spicy and interesting events. About the presenter several times it came within the walls of the State Duma. Then she was planning to meet eye to eye with Vladimir Zhirinovsky, but the press attaché was indignant due to the fact that she did it over him. Now Alla Mikheeva forbidden to go and try to interview Zhirinovsky.

    Modern TV format gladly accepted a fresh face. A few months before the premiere in «Evening Urgant» Mikheeva constantly «hangs» in the network under the pseudonym Sveta from Ivanovo. Her pearl Internet users instantly stolen and published on their pages.

    Alla Mikheeva in the journal
    Photo shoot in the magazine «Maxim»

    On the eve of the 2014 Alla Mikheeva with his colleague on the show, congratulated all inhabitants of Russia with coming new year and in the same period, appeared on the cover of men’s erotic magazine. Mikheeva photo shoot for «Maxim» was very Frank, its ratings immediately went up. She became so popular that in 2014 it was nominated for the award «TOP 50. The most famous people of St. Petersburg».

    Show «Ice age»

    The autumn of 2014, the Russian audience was waiting with a sinking of the soul, after all, was to be held the premiere of the fifth season of the show «Ice age». By tradition, the first day on the ice were 12 couples who will soon become each other’s rivals. Among the duets were Alla Mikheeva with his partner figure skater Maxim Marinin.

    Alla Mikheeva and Maxim Marinin in the show
    Maxim Marinin in the show «Ice age» | woman’s day

    For the first time on skates, the presenter began in the early summer of the same year and quickly mastered such a difficult case. As it turned out later, Alla Mikheeva independently chose the Olympic champion, but Maxim nothing about his counterpart in the show didn’t know.

    In the first releases, the audience was amazed by the extraordinary performances of Alla Mikheeva and Maxim Marinin. In one of the rooms on the TV presenter was poured a Cup of red wine, then a white dress is instantly highlighted in the corresponding color. Tatiana Tarasova admitted that the Duo like it more than most.

    Alla Mikheeva and Alexei Yagudin
    Aleksey Yagudin | What’s happening

    The efforts of the girl and her partner were not in vain, Alla Mikheeva and Maxim Marinin took the third place on the project. During the show, many noted that in the life of a star «Sharp report» very sociable, sweet, has a great sense of humor and has a very high efficiency.

    «Ice age» is not the only sporting show, in which took part Alla. Mikheeva competed in the «Big race» in TV show «Together with the dolphins.»

    Alla Mikheeva in
    In the show «Big race» | Around TV

    Two years later, the actress returned to the show as the lead. She replaced Irina Slutskaya and is paired with Alexei Yagudin. Partner Alla ice left in the show. This season in a pair Maxim Marinin made Catherine Barnabas. In the second stage, Catherine could not resist and fell on the ice. Leading decided to pick her up and reminded about his speech together with max. Barnabas as a true comedian has not got confused and said that but it is brilliantly executed for such a difficult and dangerous element like the fall.

    Personal life

    About my personal life Alla Mikheeva prefers not to extend. In any interview with the artist are never affected by this issue.

    Alla Mikheeva Sergey Kancher
    Sergei Cancera |

    Alla had a relationship with the operator Sergey Canceron. «Sharp reports» were given to the girl is not easy, the first material Urgant rejected. The operator of the telecast decided to comfort and support distressed girl. This noble act was born a friendship that later developed into a romantic relationship. But the status of her husband Sergei never received. Alla plunged into the work and less time to devote to personal life.

    Alla Mikheeva
    The girl’s heart free | VACO

    Today, it is unknown whether she is in a serious relationship. Journalists claim that the girl is still not married. She has managed to try on a wedding dress a few times for photo shoots and now is not in a hurry to put on itby serious reason.


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    Alla Mikheeva

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