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  • Name: Alla Larionova ( Alla Larionova )
  • Date of birth: 19 February 1931
  • Age: 69 years
  • Date of death: April 25, 2000
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: the Soviet theatre and cinema actress, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: widow

    Alla Larionov biography

    Future people’s artist of the RSFSR and the star of the Soviet cinema Alla Larionova was born in Moscow in February 1931. The family lived quite happily: dad was an employee of pischetorg, my mother worked as a caretaker in a kindergarten. Parents named the girl after the movie star and the idol of his time, actress Alla Tarasova. And, as they say, programmed daughter for the future.

    After the father went to the front, Alla along with her mother went to the evacuation. In the town of Menzelinsk mom worked at the hospital. Here 9-year-old Alla Larionova first came on the scene.» She read poems to the wounded, who lay in the hospital. Here the future artist first heard applause and rave reviews on their performances. In this hospital Alla Larionov saw Zinovy Gerdt. After a couple of decades they met as colleagues.

    First the young and charming Alla was invited to the movies when she was barely 15 years old. On the street she was approached by a strange woman who asked if the girl in that movie. Of course, Larionov wanted. So she got on the set and starred in several films. However, in the crowd, but the taste of the profession Alla felt.

    After school, Alla went to learn from the artist. GITIS Larionov miserably failed the exams. Unfortunately, among the examiners, the girl saw the famous Director Vasily Mikhailovich Goncharov and have completely forgotten everything prepared for admission. Not everything went smoothly and admission to VGIK. Sergei Gerasimov girl why you didn’t like. But decided his wife Tamara Makarova, Alla which, on the contrary, came to mind.


    The star role, which determined her whole future career, went to Alla Larionova in his student years. The actress played the sugar in the picture of Alexander Ptushko «Sadko». The film, released in 1952, has been so successful that the following year, the group that starred in it, was invited to the Venice festival. Moreover, the fairytale was awarded the «Silver lion» prize in the nomination «Golden lion». It was a real breakthrough for the Soviet cinema.

    In Venice Alla Larionova had a taste of the incredible fame. After the Russian beauty was running around the crowd of journalists and fans. Among the latter was well-known producers and Directors. They offered the actress the role from which she flatly refused: officials, officials who accompanied a group of artists abroad was strictly forbidden to go to contacts with the «bourgeois» Directors.

    Perhaps the creative biography of Alla Larionova would have been very different if she’s abroad. But history does not tolerate subjunctive mood. Artist returned home in tears. She was allowed to touch the beautiful world, to see him, but was forbidden to live in it.

    Solace actress was the sentence that she received, barely getting off the plane. Alla Larionova said that she approved for the role of the heroine of the film «Anna on the neck».

    The picture was released in 1954 and Larionov turned in a star of the national cinema. The glory that struck the actress, exceeded the recognition that Alla Dmitrievna received after Sadko. It was ambushed near the house, filled with flowers. The queues at the cinemas wanting to see the «Anna on the neck» stretched for hundreds of meters. But fame had a reverse side of the coin. Alla Larionova was jealous. Around her name the gossip was everywhere.

    After the actress appeared in «Twelfth night», where appeared the image of the beautiful Olivia, the fans were on duty near the Studio and the apartment, peeked in, and waited for her release. The actress came to see even the Minister of culture. Then Larionova immediately attributed the affair with the officer. And stopped giving role. And if you gave, did everything to actress couldn’t get to shoot. It happened with the picture of «Ilya Muromets». Larionov was selected for the role, but in the theater, where she worked, the trip to Yalta, where the shooting took place, has not signed.

    In the 60-70-ies Alla Larionova never got the main roles. She would often agree even on the episodes. And in 1966, the actress starred in the film «Wild honey», where took over the role of the ugly girl, whose face was generously smeared with mud.

    During these years it turned out that Alla Larionova may play a specific role. She played Natalya Dmitrievna Pasquino in «Uncle’s dream», the saleswoman in Lyubava «Long day Kolka Pavlyukova», Helena in «the Magician» Catherine II in the film «I Have an idea!». But role, after which the actress would wear on her arms, it was no longer offered.

    Remember Alla Larionov, when she turned 60. The artist was given the title of people’s congratulated, but important roles have not offered. Larionov lived very quietly and modestly. Until the end of her life she regretted that has refused to star Charlie Chaplin, who she has repeatedly been offered a job. In order to avoid the sad memories and not sit in four walls, Larionov went around the country with the show «Money, deceit, love,» Vakhtangov theatre.

    Personal life

    In January 1957, Alla Larionova married Nicholas Rybnikova. Their relationship at first was quite difficult. Hello future star of Soviet cinema like back in the College years. But then Nikolai Rybnikov did not pay attention to it. Later in Larionova broke novel with actor Ivan Pereverzev. Together they lived for some time, while Alla didn’t know Pereverzeva relationships with another woman. Larionov left the unfaithful lover. Could not hold it even pregnancy.

    Knowing that Alla Larionova one, Rybnikov immediately rushed to Minsk, where she starred in the film «woodland legend», and offered her his hand and heart. At that time he was crazy in love with the actress. Subsequently born daughter Elena he loved no less than their common daughter Arisha.

    Together this lovely couple lived for 33 years. When there was Nikolai Rybnikov and Alla Dmitrievna at once wilted, as if it extinguished the light. She liked her own company and rarely went out somewhere. She soon exchanged their large 5-room apartment where everything reminded Nicholas.


    Alla Larionova was fading within 10 years after the death of her husband. She died 25 April 2000. Famous actress died quietly in his sleep. Found her 6 hours after death. It turned out she died of a heart attack. Larionov did not live to see his 70th birthday one year.

    Buried her beside her husband at the cemetery Troekurov. A year later their daughter died Arish addicted to alcohol.


    • Sadko
    • «Anna on the neck»
    • «Twelfth night»
    • «Fate drummer»
    • «Main Avenue»
    • «Road of truth»
    • «Parents and children»
    • «Wild honey»
    • «Long day Kolka Pavlyukova»
    • «The magician»


    Alla Larionova

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