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  • Name: Alla Dovlatov ( Marina Astrahana )
  • Date of birth: 16 August 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 164
  • Activity: the Russian radio and TV presenter, actress
  • Marital status: married

    Alla Dovlatov: biography

    The most beautiful leading of «Russian radio» and actress Alla Dovlatov was born in the city on the Neva. However, her real name sounds different Marina Astrahana.

    Marina was born into a family of famous hockey player, and then President of the St. Petersburg ice hockey Federation Alexander Astrahana. Mother Irina Estehina engineer.

    Quite early on, Marina realized that the profession with which it would like to bind the further life – journalism. And the most attracted to a girl conversational genre. Already at the age of 15, Marina tried his hand as a leader: she worked in the youth edition of one of the radio studios of his native St. Petersburg. Soon she was entrusted to the student production «the Neva wave». Then she took a stage name of Alla Dovlatova.

    After school, Alla Dovlatova enrolled in the local University, choosing as planned, faculty of journalism.


    At the time, when Alla Dovlatov graduated from the St.-Petersburg state University, she was a man held in the profession. Dovlatov had time to study and do live radio «New Petersburg». Trusted her, the show program «We-studio» and «Club COWPERWOOD».

    Back in 1992, when Alla Dovlatov was a freshman in University, she debuted on television. She was the festival «Music exam», which was broadcast on the channel «RTR».

    In 1993, radio and TV presenter Alla Dovlatov has decided to continue training. She entered LGITMiK, where he studied acting in the course of Igor Vladimirova.

    At the same time she managed to produce a TV show called «Full modern», which is broadcast on a local channel. Anna started to lead him from 1994. And in 1996 Dovlatov led the program «Tadlock from Alia» regional channel «LOT».

    In 2002, Alla Dovlatov moved to Moscow. Here she was offered to become the leading ranking TV program on «Russian radio». It was called «Sunflowers». To broadcast Dovlatov beginning with January 2002. Co-presenter was Andrey Chizhov.

    Soon the St. Petersburg artist and journalist was invited to the TV. In 2006-2007-m, Alla Dovlatova was leading several projects on «the First channel» and «TNT». Since 2008 voice leading learned listeners of radio «Mayak».

    As for television projects, the audience saw the bright St. Petersburg star of the show «Good morning», «Mothers and Daughters» and «Golden gramophone». And from 2010 she is a perfect «fit» in the company of women a humorous project «Girls».

    In 2015, Alla Dovlatov returned to the program «Russian radio».


    Wide fame the lady brought the TV. A cinematic biography of Alla Dovlatova began with the appearance in the popular TV series «Streets of the broken lanterns» and «Agent of national security». But her big break was her role in «Secrets of the investigation», where Alla played the girlfriend of the main character Maria Shvetsova – Albina. The actress came to fame and, with it, new offers to act in films.

    Alla Dovlatov has appeared in the TV series «mongoose», «My fair nanny» and «Who’s boss». She tried his hand at theater. Viewers saw her in productions of «Decorator of love», «Who last behind love?» «Divorce in Moscow», «Bat» and many others.

    One of the last of the most powerful films of Alla Dovlatova – romance «Three in Komi», where she played Larisa Krutov.

    Meanwhile, the leading continues to appear in various programs. Since 2014, she, along with Paul’s Cancer and Oleg Roy leads of the show «Women’s happiness».

    Personal life

    Alla Dovlatov met her first husband, businessman Dmitry February, when he worked at the St. Petersburg TV. The affair broke out immediately. Young people began to live together.

    Before the wedding, the parents of Alla made the newlyweds a magnificent gift – a 3-room apartment in the center of St. Petersburg. Dmitry opened the advertising Agency business which immediately went up. The couple had a daughter, Daria. At this time, moved Alla Dovlatova to Moscow. The husband remained in St. Petersburg. It was planned that he, too, soon moved to the capital. But Dmitri pulled. Relationships, the couple began to crumble. They have changed for the better when he was born the son of Paul. But, unfortunately, the relationship improved for a while.

    Dovlatov and divorced in February 2007. In the same year, personal life of Alla Dovlatova made a sharp turn: the actress and presenter was married the second time. Her husband was Alex Beard. He’s a police Lieutenant Colonel and above Alla for a year. Introduced a couple of Philip at the request of Alex. His pair and calls the godfather of his family.

    In 2008, Alla Dovlatova, and Alex Beard has a daughter, Sasha.


    • «Streets of the broken lanterns»
    • «The agent of national security-2»
    • «Secrets of the investigation»
    • «Mangust»
    • «Gentlemen Of The Sea Star»
    • «Who’s the boss? «
    • «Solo for a pistol with an orchestra»
    • «The unequal marriage»
    • «Three in Komi»


    Alla Dovlatov

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