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  • Name: Alla Demidova ( Alla Demidova )
  • Date of birth: 29 September 1936
  • Age: 80 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: theater and film actress, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: widow

    Alla Demidova: biography

    Alla Demidova — Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, renowned for performances at the Taganka Theater and entered the history of Russian art as one of the most stylish Actresses. Even now, when Alla Sergeevna, who was around 80 years old, she maintains the reputation of the symbol of intelligence and to what extent is a style icon.

    Alla was born in Moscow. Her father Sergey was descended from a prominent family of prospectors. He died at the front during the liberation of Warsaw and daughter almost have not kept the memories of him. Raised the girl alone mother, Aleksandra Dmitrievna, who worked at MSU, where he was involved in economic programming.

    Demidov already at the age of 5 was sure to be an actress. To realize your dreams, she worked in a school drama club, where he mostly played a boy’s role. After receiving the certificate of Alla has applied to the Theatre school named after Boris Shchukin, but it did not take because of poor diction – a girl a little Lisp.

    Upset, she enrolled at the Economics faculty of Moscow state University and tried to forget the childhood dream. After the release of Demidova even while he taught: conducted seminars on political economy. But then Alla decided on a second attempt and still became a student of the Shchukin school. Although at this time her diction was far from flawless, despite long sessions with a speech therapist.


    However, the theatre school Alla Demidova graduated with honors and received an invitation to the Theatre on Taganka. But she wanted to be in another team of the Vakhtangov Theatre. It was the second time the actress felt a strong disappointment: she again refused, as once in the admissions office of the University.

    Had to agree to «Taganka». Perhaps it is the inner reluctance at the time to work with Yuri Lyubimov played a role, but the debut on stage in the play «a Hero of our time» was a real failure. After that, the Director has long used it only in the crowd scenes. However, the audience, even in small roles began to notice an interesting manner Demidova noted her plastic, gestures and a look that Lyubimov called «well established expression of tired irony in his eyes.» Thanks to the talent of A. S. before the peak of its popularity received a theatre award for his role in «rush Hour» and «hamlet.»

    In the 70-ies Alla Demidova working closely with another legendary actor Vladimir Vysotsky. They had a unique stage tandem which has caused an unprecedented interest. The audience, that is, «went on Demidov with Vysotsky», and experts and critics called their game by the opposition of fire and ice. The actors even tried to put self-duet performance, but the death of Vladimir Semenovich has crossed out these plans.

    In 1986 in the theater disagreements, and Alla Demidova decides to leave the scene, which became my home. Briefly, she collaborated with Roman Viktyuk, and in the early 90-ies organizes its own «Theater A», which specializiruetsya on the classics and particularly ancient drama.

    Also worth mentioning that more than 30 years Alla Sergeevna pays attention to literary work. From under her pen out 8 books in which she recalls the past and reflects on the world of theatre and acting.


    Film debut of Alla Demidova took place in 1957. She starred in the drama «Leningrad Symphony». But this work, like several subsequent ones, the actress calls «just intelligence», as in movie Alla then treated with suspicion. A full debut Demidov considers shooting a biographical melodrama «the Daily star» on the Leningrad writer Olga Berggolts.

    After this film the actress has already removed a lot of and fruitfully. On her account, and the tragedy of life «You and I» detective story, «the hound of the Baskervilles», and the classic film adaptation of «the Seagull» and «sword and Shield». Alone in the filmography of Alla Demidova is a fantastic film «Escape of Mr. McKinley», where she was again able to play along with your favorite partner Vladimir Vysotsky.

    In the 90-ies Alla was among the artists that not very much was shot in a period of crisis of national cinema. The roles she was offered, but to play the new Russian mothers she wasn’t really interested. But in the 21st century the paintings involving Demidova started to appear on the screen. First of all, you need to pay attention to the role of the rich widow of the melodrama «the Adjuster», the tragicomedy «the Russian money», which is an adaptation of the play by Alexander Ostrovsky, and Comedy by Kira Muratova «Eternal return». In this film, the partner of the actress was the legendary Oleg Tabakov.

    Personal life

    Alla Demidova, one of the most mysterious Actresses of past generations. She is a very strict woman, to which many colleagues are afraid once again it is elementary to apply. What can we say about the fans of men, who often just frightened of the spiritual power of this amazing actress.

    However, with her only husband Alla Sergeevna has lived for more than fifty years. Her husband is also quite famous. Mr Acting was the script writer of such films as «Winter cherry», «Mary Poppins, goodbye!», «The adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson», «Admiral» and many others.

    Demidov itself does not consider your personal life too happy, because the man is often interested in other women and even had a out of wedlock daughter of Alexander, the actress Hopes Repina. But Allah forgave the infidelity and kept the family until the death of her husband, while their children, unfortunately, never bore.


    • 1966 — Daily star
    • 1970 — the Seagull
    • 1971 — Coming for you
    • 1975 — the Escape of Mr. McKinley
    • 1981 — The Hound Of The Baskervilles
    • 1985 — children of the sun
    • 1997 — Little Princess
    • 2004 — the Adjuster
    • 2006 — Russian money
    • 2012 — Eternal return


    Alla Demidova

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