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  • Name: Alla Berger ( Berger Alla )
  • Date of birth: 31 January 1995
  • Age: 21 years
  • Place of birth: Tver
  • Growth: 166
  • Activity: sales Manager, model, contestant on «the Bachelor-4»
  • Marital status: not married

    Alla Berger biography

    Alla Berger was born in Tver in the end of January 1995. Petite and beautiful girl relatives and friends predicted a modeling career. And Alla has justified these predictions. As she told in one interview that the first steps model the way she did in 15 years. But working in this business consciously started when she was 17 years old. The girl always remember your first shooting. The yard was snowy and cold winter. Removed she had in the forest, right in the snow. At the same clothes she had on just body. But the results you alle very much.

    Not to say that Alla Berger like everything in modeling. For example, the girl has to ignore the attention and propositioned too obsessive fans. And with the contests involving female models is not so clear. It is no secret that often the place is bought and sold. There are a lot of lies and deceit that we must learn to distinguish. But the advantages, according to Alla Berger, of course, more. So she chose this path.

    After graduating from secondary school, the girl enrolled in the industrial-economic College of Tver. Alla Berger speciality: sales Manager. But work in this area the girl is not ready yet. 20-year-old beauty moved to Moscow, where he continued his career as a model.

    Alla is shot in the style of «Nude», as they say colleagues and photographers, she is doing well. But the young girl claims that she has to deal with low self-esteem: Berger does not consider himself beautiful. To overcome their inferiority complex, the girl prefers using literature in psychology.

    Capital Alla Berger believes the most beautiful and amazing city. She calls Moscow the «city life» in which «there is always plenty to start.» As the model work of Alla, she prefers shooting contests. She believes that the competitions are not allowed to reveal. But the filming process allows you to «try on» different characters and experience many emotions. And another is to work with a large team of nice and creative people, among which Alla has gained real friends and girlfriends.

    Looking through pictures of the model with Tver, users of social networks noticed that Alla Berger very expressive eyes. Besides the girl, experimenting with makeup, can be transformed beyond recognition and try on different images. It shows her artistry and creativity.

    TV show

    The 4th season of the popular television show «the Bachelor», released on the channel «TNT», again gathered at the screens of many fans of the project. This season «the main bachelor» was a singer, actor and handsome Alexey Vorobyov, behind which the many high-profile novels.

    20-year-old Alla Berger has all the chances of success. Her witching eyes and charisma immediately noted fan of the project. The girl already celebrated his first victory, remaining among the 16 contestants.

    Alla Berger said he came to the project in search of their halves. She has long sought to find true love, but so far this did not happen. Although at such a young age have a beauty all ahead.

    Alla has shared that wants to meet adult and confident man. An indispensable condition – it needs to accept her for who she is and not try to change or «pull out» of the profession. It seems that Alexey Vorobyov is. He immediately heard what Alla Berger, admitted that he has nothing against the profession of the model which is shot in the style of «Nude». Moreover, «the bachelor» said that «there is nothing more beautiful than the female body.»

    Alla Berger Vorobyov received from rose was one of the first. It has all the chances to remain in the project and to reach the final. She is very petite, her height is 166 cm and weighs only 40 pounds. Viewers have already called her Thumbelina with beautiful eyes.

    Personal life

    The main fascination Alla Berger fotoindustriya. In addition, she is dancing. In early youth she gave up dancing for 7 years, but then left it. Back to him not so long ago, fascinated by the dance style of go-go.

    Body Alla Berger has tattoos. The girl claims that a «sponsor» her tattoos have a mom. On the left leg Alla tattoo garter. The red color in the figure indicates sexuality. On the right thigh tattoo of a bouquet of roses. On the left hand of the beautiful portrait in her favorite colors.

    Personal life Alla Berger was not marked by success. As a girl she had never met a man that would forever link their lives and start a family.


    Alla Berger

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