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  • Name: Aliya Mustafina ( Aliya Mustafina )
  • Date of birth: 30 September 1994
  • Age: 22 years
  • Place of birth: Egorevsk, Moscow region
  • Height: 162
  • Activity: gymnast, multiple World champion, Europe and Olympic games
  • Marital status: not married

    Aliya Mustafina: a biography

    Aliya Mustafina – Russian athlete, Olympic champion in gymnastics. She also many times won the competitions within the framework of world and European Championships. In 2012, Mustafina, she’s just turned 18, was named the best athlete of the year in the Russian Federation.

    She was born in Moscow in the family of a former professional athlete Farhat Mustafin and a teacher of physics Elena Kuznetsova. The girl’s father, who once stood on the podium of the Olympic games in 1976 in Montreal as a champion in Greco-Roman style, at the time of her birth, coached children in sports club of CSKA. And both of their daughters, Aliya and her little sister Neil, he was accustomed to physical training almost from the cradle.

    But he knew that girls need more feminine sport than martial arts. So when aliyah was six years, Farhat took her to gymnastics section. Mustafina almost immediately began to show significant results. She won a competition for the others, then appeared at the Junior level.

    But after a few years made itself felt the complex nature of aliyah. As soon as she lost understanding with her coach Dina Kamalova, the girl dropped out of class and stopped going to the gym. Parents and mentors had to put a lot of effort to persuade her to come back. And Mustafina came back, but to another coach, the famous Alexander Alexandrov, who said aliyah that believes in its success.

    In 2012, gymnast finished secondary school, and a year later entered the University of physical culture. She believes that it can combine study and performances at the highest level, and wants to end his sports career to have a diploma of higher education. Although, as recognized by Aliya, today it is not the role of a coach and, most likely, will prefer some other occupation.


    In 13 years, Aliya Mustafina first came at the world Junior Championships and won five silver medals. Interestingly, in all the categories she skipped forward, only one athlete – American gymnast Rebecca Bross. The number of awards won and the prizes grew. Most often, alia came home with a full set of medals.

    In the biography Mustafina is that the she managed to pass the preliminaries on the adult world Cup, but not to have been admitted because of age: at the time of the competition the young athlete was not even 16 years old. But in 2010, Aliya was already included in Russian national team. Moreover, because of the prospect girls trainers thought it possible to complicate the program in the vault and learned from a young gymnast a complex element «2.5 screw Yurchenko». And Aliya Mustafina did not disappoint: she won the gold medal in the all-around and reached the final of all individual events. Previously this could only another Russian, Svetlana Khorkina.

    Later, the gymnast received a very complex injury: the finals when you perform a vault she landed badly. Ruptured cruciate ligaments of the left knee, but that performance was so successful that alia is a long time leader in points and became the winner just because are unable to continue playing, and withdrew from the competition. Many experts were convinced that Mustafina in the sport will not return. Brave girl, said that no fear does not feel, and returned to the gym in record time.

    For his career, the athlete conquered the peaks of the Olympic Games in London, many times became the champion of the World, including absolute, surprised the audience at the European Championships and the Universiade.

    In 2016 the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro Aliya Mustafina, tormented by injuries and years of hard training, put the beautiful point in his Olympic career, winning three medals: gold on bars, silver in team all-around and bronze in the individual all-around.

    Personal life

    In Aliya Mustafina has a constant young man, whose name is Alexey Zaitsev. He is also an athlete, a member of the national team of Russia on bobsled. Their romantic relations are at a serious level, although soon to change your marital status neither Aliya nor Alex did not intend to. First, they want to reach the maximum heights in career.

    All the coaches, which had a chance to cooperate, Aliya Mustafina, note that girls are very complex. But really this is a mandatory feature of all Champions without fighting spirit it is impossible to achieve big victories.


    Aliya Mustafina

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