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  • Name: Alison Sudol ( A Fine Frenzy )
  • Date of birth: 23 December 1984.
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Seattle, USA
  • Height: 168
  • Activity: singer, actress, composer
  • Marital status: not married

    Alison Sudol: biography

    Alison Sudol, also known by his stage name A Fine Frenzy («Lovely madness»), is an American singer and musician, whose songs they regularly get into the charts in the U.S. and Europe. Written Sudol songs have repeatedly been used as soundtracks to different movies. Recently Alison and she began to appear in films, starring in such projects as «Obvious,» «us,» and «Fantastic animals and where they live».

    Alison Sudol
    Alison frequently experimenting with hair color | Group VK

    Alison was born in Seattle, in a family of teachers of acting and dramatic art John Sudol and his wife Sondra Frazier West-Moore. When she was five years old, my parents filed for divorce and she and her mother moved to Los Angeles. In childhood and teenage years Sudol father almost never seen, but resumed relations, as an adult.

    Alison Sudol
    In his youth, the singer and actress was very modest and quiet | Group VK

    From an early age, the future star constantly heard a variety of music. The formation of its taste has a huge impact such female singers as Aretha Franklin and Ella Fitzgerald. In the biography of Alison Sudol there and learning to play the piano. In high school where all the classmates thought of her as a quiet nerd, the girl he loved the literature classes. Sudol so well studied in classic English literature, which subsequently often used in his work references to the world’s masterpieces of Shakespeare, Dickens, Trollope, Carroll, and many others.

    Alison Sudol
    In 18 years, Alison played beautifully on the piano.

    The girl was very afraid to go to College. She was sure that all the students do is drink alcohol, smoke marijuana and throwing a noisy party. The very same Alison to 18 years of age never tasted any alcoholic drinks or cigarettes. But interest in education was so great that Sudol took the risk.

    It was in College, she created her first band «Monro,» and then took the pseudonym «A Fine Frenzy». Incidentally, this is also a line from Shakespeare’s play «a Midsummer night’s Dream» and translated as «Beautiful madness». Soon the nickname of the singer becomes the name of the band and leading recording studios begin to receive packages with demos of the future of the famous singer and actress Alison Sudol.


    First to respond to heard songs, Jason Flom with EMI, with whom Allison and I signed the contract. In 2007, the world saw the singer’s debut album called «One Cell in the Sea». The CD received positive reviews from critics and the single «Almost Lover» reached the 25th position in most prestigious charts «Billboard». Also very popular was the hit «You Picked Me». Later debut album Sudol will be number one in Germany, Australia, Switzerland and Poland. This contributed to a large-scale world tour.

    The second album «Bomb in a Birdcage» gave fans of the singer of such hits as «Blow Away», «Happier», «Coming Around» and «Electric Twist». His popularity was somewhat less than the debut, although in a Billboard disc managed to reach the 28th place and entered the top five albums sold through iTunes. Biography Alison Sudan appeared the third album «Pines». Criticism was again very friendly, but the big hit was only «Now Is the Start».

    Interestingly, many of their songs Alison Sodon wrote their own. This applies to both lyrics and music. Many of her works fall into the TV shows and movies. For example, the song «Whisper» and «Hope for the Hopeless» sound in popular medical series «Dr. house», «Near to You» can be heard in the TV series «Wild fire», «Ashes and Wine» was performed in the Thriller «the vampire Diaries» and «Lifesize» — in the romantic Comedy «How I met your mother».


    Since 1997, the talented girl began to appear in feature films. But first she had small roles in such projects as «the End of another day,» «Little black boot», «C. S. I.: crime scene investigation new York». And first paintings in the credits it was listed under the pseudonym Alison Monroe and sing more than demonstrated acting skills.

    Alison Sudol in the film
    Alison Sudol in «Excavation» | Cinemania

    More serious images she gets in the Comedy «Obvious,» detective Thriller «Dig» and the melodrama «other people’s children». After an archaeologist Emma Wilson in the TV series «Dig» the authoritative edition of «Elle» called Sudol among the seven most promising actors of 2015.

    Alison Sudol in the film
    Katherine Waterston in the movie «Fantastic animals and where they live» | KinoFilms

    And then Alison is casting for fantasy «Fantastic animals and where they live». She takes on the role of Queenie Goldstein, the younger sister of the protagonist, which takes Katherine Waterston. In addition, the actress took part in the melodramatic Comedy «Between us», which was released in spring 2016.

    Personal life

    Innate modesty and adolescent shyness affects today’s personal life Alison Sudol. This is manifested in the complete concealment of not only their romance, but almost all the secret life. The only thing a young woman having fun frankly, this is her work.

    Photo Alison Sudol
    Alison Sudol privacy conceals | Group VK

    It turns out that Alison is not satisfied with the achievements in the field of cinema, vocal and songwriting skills. She really wants to be realized also as a writer. In an interview with the magazine «Ladygunn» Sudol told that in his spare time is working on a fantasy story in the style of «the Chronicles of Narnia» by British storyteller cs Lewis. According to preliminary data, her book will be called «Three sails and the family moss».


    • 2007 — One Cell in the Sea
    • 2009 — Bomb in a Birdcage
    • 2012 — Pines


    • 2007 — C. S. I.: crime scene investigation new York
    • 2014 — Obvious
    • 2015 — Excavations
    • 2015 — other people’s children
    • 2016 — Between us
    • 2016 — Fantastic animals and where they live


    Alison Sudol

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