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  • Name: Alisher Usmanov ( Alisher Usmonov )
  • Date of birth: 9 September 1953
  • Age: 63 years
  • Place of birth: Chust, Uzbekistan
  • Height: 175
  • Activity: a Russian businessman, entrepreneur and Manager, the billionaire owner of the company «Media holding» publishing house «Kommersant», the President of Federation of fencing of Russia
  • Marital status: Married to Irina Viner

    Alisher Usmanov: biography

    Alisher Usmanov is one of the richest and most powerful men in Russia, a Russian billionaire of Uzbek origin that has more than 14 billion dollars as of 2015. A successful businessman and entrepreneur, makes a huge contribution to the development of the Russian economy, culture and sport. It is also known in media circles as the owner of a large company «Media holding» publishing house «Kommersant» music channels «Muz» and «7TV». The secret of success Usmanov does not have specific criteria it is able to achieve goals in any direction, ranging from metallurgy, to Internet business.

    Born Usmanov Alisher burhanovich 9 September 1953 in the small town of Chust, Uzbekistan in the Prosecutor’s family. His father was a Prosecutor of Tashkent and had a significant position in society. Future Russian billionaire was the youngest child in the family, whose parents have invested the best of everything. Thus, despite the welfare and honor of the Prosecutor’s family, young Alisher was brought up rather strictly and was not spoiled as a child.

    Early Usmanov began to Wake up «fighting spirit and brilliant mind, he is easily given to all the subjects at school, therefore parents started him to prophesy the future diplomatic or legal. In parallel with his studies he was actively involved in fencing, a passion which he instilled in the novel by Dumas «the Three Musketeers». Just over two years, Alisher Usmanov has achieved significant success in the sport – he received the title of master of sport and was included in the USSR national team.

    In 1971, after graduation entered the prestigious University MGIMO at the faculty of «international law». He was friends with all classmates, many of whom are now in power. Despite the fact that he belonged to the «cream of the elite youth» of that time, the future diplomat was distinguished for sociability, intelligence and sociability. In 1997, already being a successful entrepreneur, Usmanov has received another education at the Financial Academy under the RF President and became a certified banker.


    Alisher Usmanov’s career started brilliantly at the end of MGIMO young specialist was hired by the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, was promoted to senior instructor of the Central Committee of the Communist youth Union of the Republic of Uzbekistan and became the Director General of the foreign economic Association of the Soviet peace Committee, which was supposed to lead him to the top of the state system. But in 1980, biography Alisher Usmanov merged with the «black stripe» — future billionaire with his friend, who is the son of a senior official was arrested for rumbling, then the «Cotton business» and was jailed for 8 years for fraud, extortion and theft of state property.

    After 6 years, Usmanov for «good behavior» was released early from prison, and in 2000 the Supreme court of Uzbekistan has reabilitarea it and admitted a criminal case against the businessman was fabricated. After the release from places of deprivation of liberty Alisher Usmanov has decided to go into business and established a travel company that organizes hunting by rich foreigners in the Pamir mountains. After some time he moved to Russia, where he began his meteoric business career of plastic bags and tobacco.

    Since the early 90-ies after the collapse of the Soviet Union Usmanov is the banking business of the country – he first came to the Board of Directors of the «First independent Bank», among the founders was the largest Russian companies such as «Rosneft», «Moment», «almazuvelirexport». At this stage of a career, the future billionaire took a strong position in the Russian business began to create his own investment company, and soon made his first billion.

    Since 1997, your business Alisher burkhanovich connects with the gas structures of the country and gets a senior position in the company «Gazprominvestholding», which is a subsidiary of «Gazprom». Then he was entrusted with a serious mission to return assets of the gas Corporation, which went to the «private pockets» of what he did. Thanks to Usmanov «Gazprom» has restored all of their lost assets and again took the position of the largest state monopolies of Russia.

    In 2004 a businessman was the richest man in the world and possessed the largest iron ore holding company «metalloinvest», the value of which reaches $ 8 billion. In 2007, the billionaire has expanded its scope of activities and become a media magnate. He first acquired a 100% stake in the publishing house «Kommersant», and after a while entered in its media assets muscanelli the «7TV» and «Muz».

    A year Usmanov has invested millions of dollars in the Internet – it became one of the shareholders DST Global and Group, over which later gained full control. Then he got a 23% stake in London soccer club Arsenal, the current leadership even resorted to the services of a private investigator to expose the billionaire and to prevent him from joining co-owners of the football club. But their efforts were not crowned with success, as to prove that Usmanov made their money dishonestly failed.

    Charity and sport

    In addition to his business billionaire pays special attention to social activities and development of sports in Russia. In 2007, Usmanov 72 million dollars bought a collection of paintings by Rostropovich in his wife Galina Vishnevskaya and donated it to the St. Petersburg Constantine Palace, the state filling the «piggy Bank» of cultural values. In the same year bought the American collection of Soviet cartoons, which gave them exclusive rights to the Russian TV channel «Bibigon».

    Since 2008, the charity Usmanov acquired a formal referral billionaire founded the Foundation «Art, science and sport», the cost of which for the first year of operation amounted to about 126 million dollars. In 2013, Usmanov was recognized as the leader in the rating of Russian sponsors, for which he awarded state awards for community and charitable activities.

    In addition to charity Usmanov pays special attention to the development of Russian sports on the international level. Since 2008 he is President of the International fencing Federation. In 2009, the billionaire became part of the Council under RF President on development of sport and physical education in the country.

    He became a patron and an active organizer of the Olympic and Paralympic games in Sochi in 2014, which allowed him to enter the Board of Trustees of the Foundation for support of Russian Olympic Champions.

    In 2015, Usmanov said he was willing to continue to invest in the development of Russian sports and announced a new 100-million invest-the project to expand e-sport organization, which is the first Russian professional e-sports club.

    Personal life

    Personal life Alisher Usmanov as successful as a career. He was fortunate in his youth to meet the only love of her life — gymnast Irina Viner, whom he hand-in-hand passed all the challenges of life and earned billions of dollars in wealth. Children together in pairs, they have a son from his first marriage Irene Anton.

    Currently, the wife Usmanov is the head coach of Russian national team on rhythmic gymnastics and the founder of «International Academy of sports Irina Viner», located in Novogorsk. The last two years, the family Usmanov in the conservation area of Skhodnya river is engaged in construction of the Olympic village.


    The state of Alisher Usmanov for 2015 is nearly 14.5 billion dollars. However, this figure did not deter him in the position of Russia’s richest man, a position he held for the last three years. The billionaire considers himself a simple man and calls money the normal functioning mechanism, allowing you to achieve your goals.

    Not far from billionaire and human «weakness» – he owns two yachts named after his mother, Dilbar, and also your Airbus A320. According to Wiener, «the clinic,» her husband can be called football, in which he freely invests billions of rubles.

    The secret of his success businessman believes correct and accurate business strategy. He tries to avoid confrontations and squabbles in its activities, allowing it to come out the «winner» in many risky operations.


    Alisher Usmanov

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