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  • Name: Alisa Sapegina ( Sapegina Alisa )
  • Date of birth: 1 September 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Lesnoy, Sverdlovsk oblast
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Alisa sapegina: biography

    Alisa sapegina — Russian theater and film actress, star of national historical TV series «Institute for noble maidens» and «Sofia». She was born on the day of Knowledge in 1987, in the small town of Forest, which is located in the Sverdlovsk region. Unfortunately, the future actress grew up without a father, her upbringing involved mother and grandmother, so the family lived not many. However, Alice’s mother found the opportunity to give my daughter not only standard education, but also to develop her creative potential. The girl visited the municipal school of art, and even then it was clear to many that the biography of Alice Sapegina will be associated with the scene.

    Alisa sapegina in childhood
    Baby photo Alice Sapegina

    Also mom often drove Alice to Yekaterinburg, where they watched the performances in different theatres. Therefore, no wonder that before graduation Sapegina finally formed a desire to become a professional actress. Upon hearing this, mother took daughter by the hand and took her to Moscow to enroll in the prestigious Higher theatre school named after Mikhail Schepkin. Until the last moment, Alice did not believe that she, a simple girl from a distant provincial town, can become a student of one of the best universities of the capital. But she was accepted into the workshop of Viktor Korshunov, which she graduated from in 2008.

    Alice Sapegno
    Photo of Alice Sapegina | Group VK

    Chartered by the actress Alisa sapegina got into the troupe of the Moscow art academic theatre named after Maxim Gorky, and in parallel acted in the Theatrical centre «the Cherry garden». She participated mainly in classical productions: «Master and Margarita», «the Blue bird», «half-Witted Jourdain» and many others. Sapegina a year has passed in the Moscow theatre «Lenkom», where appearing on stage in such plays as «Tartuffe», «peer Gynt» and «Spanish madness».


    The first picture in the filmography of Alice Sapegina began to appear about a year after graduating from drama school. She made her debut in the melodrama «the big city Lights», after which was a small role in the sitcom «Interns», the Comedy «Love and other nonsense» and love story «hedgehog came Out of the fog». And in 2010, the actress immediately received nationwide fame. She played the role of the heroine Sofia Gorchakova in the historical TV series «Institute for noble maidens», and they played and managed to fall in love with an audience of millions of fans of the national cinema. In the picture she had to show their singing talents.

    Interestingly, Alice first auditioned for the casting for the role of a less significant character, Anastasia Chernevsky, who eventually played Julia Guseva. The fact that external parameters as conceived by writer Sophia Gorchakov did not match the appearance of Alice, but the Director saw the character and spirituality that is sapegina fits the lead role like no other. The popularity of the series inspired the creators to make a sequel film called «the Secrets of Institute for noble maidens,» in which the character of Alice was «promoted» to the position of head of the Institute.

    Alice Sapegno in FLM
    In the role of Sofia Gorchakova in the movie «the Institute of noble maidens» | Group VK

    In addition, the actress took part in a mystical novel, «time Loop», the third season of the blockbuster «Bros» and the drama «Heavenly strangers.» Another interesting role of Alice mother of Prince Guidon in the new version of «the Tale of Tsar Saltan». The picture was shot back in 2012 but still not released.

    Alisa sapegina and Boris Nevzorov in the film
    Boris Nevzorov in the film «Sofia» | Group VK

    And at the end of autumn 2016 sapegina again appears to viewers in the image of a historical person. She played the role of Nastya, the daughter of a noble boyar Morozova, in the multi-tape «Sofia», telling about medieval Russia and of the last heir of the Byzantine throne of Sophia Palaeologus.

    Personal life

    Because of the large load in the theater and on the set of the personal life of Alice Sapegina still not arranged. At least officially she is not married, has no children, and about his romantic adventures girl prefers not to apply and doesn’t draw attention to the person with details of private life. Apparently, this in love with theatre and movie actress to get married and not in a hurry, as it is in cultural life and sees its purpose. Says Alisa sapegina, the actress can’t work once a week. The creative profession must live continuously, and it is not conducive to family life.

    Alice Sapegno
    Photo of Alice Sapegina | Group VK

    Actress Alisa sapegina even in his youth, found his faith in God. When still a teenager he studied in children’s art school, she was very nervous before important role and in the end decided to go to the nearest to the temple. In the Church, the girl tried to dissuade him from the theatre, citing the fact that Orthodoxy considers hypocrisy a sin. But seeing the gravity of Alice, the priest taught her prayers, helps to cope with anxiety. Sapegina and soon realized that faith really gives her the strength to cope with difficulties in the profession and in everyday life.


    • 2009 — big city Lights
    • 2010 — Love and other nonsense
    • 2010 — hedgehog came Out of the fog
    • 2010-2011 — Institute for noble maidens
    • 2012 — the Tale of Tsar Saltan
    • 2012 — Bros-3
    • 2013 — the Secrets of Institute for noble maidens
    • 2013 — time Loop
    • 2014 — Heavenly Wanderers
    • 2016 — Sofia


    Alice Sapegno

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