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  • Name: Alisa Priznyakova ( Alisa Priznyakova )
  • Date of birth: 18 November 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 163
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Alisa Priznyakova : biography

    Actress Alisa Priznyakova V. – Muscovite. She was born in the capital in November 1973. The family of Alice actors or representatives of other art was not. About the profession of mother unknown, but father Presniakovas quite a serious person – he was a Colonel of militia.

    Alice grew up a girl with artistic inclinations. She was an excellent painter. So after finishing school I decided to choose a profession related to the visual arts. She graduated from art school in the capital, with a degree in «costume». During training, Alisa Priznyakova faced with a world of theatre that captivated her entirely, forcing to forget about drawing.

    The girl went to VGIK, and easily entered. She came to the workshop of a talented actor and teacher Anatoly Romashina.


    Early career of Alice Presniakovas was not easy. After all, it was «dashing 90-e». Rare projects in film and the theatre was not in the best position. Therefore, the young actress was happy to get any job, even the tiniest. But fate has been very generous to the lovely blond girl. It is known that Priznyakova appeared on stage in various Metropolitan theatres, debuting in the play «hamlet».

    The cinematic career of Alice Presniakovas started in 1989. It was a tiny episode in the war drama, «In the dead of night». A bigger role went to actress 2 years. It was a noisy youth drama «Crash, daughter ment». Alice is here appeared as the girlfriend of the main character Valerie.

    The flourishing career of the actress happened later, with the beginning of the new century. In 2001, Alice Presniakovas was offered a job in rating project Svetlana Druzhinina «Secrets of Palace revolutions». She played Princess Natalia Sheremetyev in the movie 3 «I am the Emperor» and 4 «the Fall of Goliath».

    After appearing on screen in the popular series the lack of suggestions from the Directors Priznyakova no longer felt. The following year she starred in 5 projects, among which such popular as «Kamenskaya» (2nd season), «Diary of kamikaze» and «Falling up».

    First starring role came to Alice Presniakovas with detective Fyodor Petrukhin «Odyssey detective Gurov». Fans of the actress with her new work as the most brilliant secrete melodrama «Love Plus» and «take me Back».

    Personal life

    Rumor has it, a slender blond woman breaks not one man’s heart. If you believe the rumors, there was a time when the personal life of Alice Presniakovas was strongly associated with Director Nikita Mikhalkov. In social networks say that the actress almost took a meter from the family. And only thanks to the persuasion of the daughters Nikita remained in the family hearth. But talking about the reliability of these rumors is impossible.

    It is known that Alice Presniakovas was having an affair with some wealthy jeweler, whose name could not be traced. She bore him a son, Daniel. Of the same social networks it is known that at the moment, the actress is not married. Next to her favorite person, too, failed to find out. Our heroine keeps this information in secret.

    After the birth of Daniel Priznyakova significantly gained weight. But after 2 months Alice found the old seductive form. The actress carefully follow the figure, visit pool and a gym, does yoga. No diets, she says does not recognize.


    • «End of nights»
    • «Secrets of Palace revolutions. Russia, XVIII century»
    • «About loff»
    • «Sarmat»
    • «Odyssey of detective Gurov»
    • «New life detective Gurov. Continued»
    • «Plus Love»
    • «The first circle»
    • «Falling up»
    • «Take me back»


    Alisa Priznyakova

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