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  • Name: Alisa Hazanova ( Alisa Khazanova )
  • Date of birth: 13 February 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Height: 164
  • Activities: actress, dancer, choreographer, singer
  • Marital status: married

    Alice Khazanov: a biography

    Alice Khazanov was born in Moscow in a creative family. Her father is a famous Soviet entertainer Gennady Khazanov. Mother Zlata, Elbaum was an art critic, later to do business.

    Concurrently with comprehensive school the girl attended a ballet Studio, where his dream was born to become a professional classical ballerina. So she continued her education at the Moscow choreographic school, from which he graduated with honors. Then there was the Moscow Academy of choreography, provided an opportunity for young dancers to get to the Bolshoi theatre. Alisa Hazanova played on one stage with such leading Russian dancers as Nikolai Tsiskaridze, Konstantin Ivanov and Dmitry Belogolovtsev. She was involved in the ballets «Swan lake», «don Quixote», «Nutcracker» and «La Traviata».

    In parallel with the work at the Bolshoi theatre Khazanov working in the Studio of the school of modern dance of Nikolay Ogryzkov. She admires contemporary choreography, and dancer specially going to new York, where he is trained at the famous school «Julliard» in the course of Martha Graham, one of the founders of the dance style. After graduation, Alice is offered a job in America, but she chose to return to Moscow and again to go on stage of the Bolshoi theatre. Overall she was a ballet dancer for 8 years, but her career was interrupted due to a serious knee injury received during a skiing, which did not allow her to return to dance activities.

    At that time, Alice Khazanov didn’t see myself in another industry, therefore, takes a teacher at a dance Studio Ogryzkov. In addition, she has acted as choreographer, and staged the play «birds» and the «farewell Marlene, Hello!» on the stage of the Theatre. For this work, Khazanov awarded the first prize of the Academy of Russian ballet named after Vaganova.

    In 1999, in Paris, Alice studied at the acting class «Florent», and also organized a fashion shoot for the magazine «l’officiel». Later played in private theatres «Practice» and «Library» in such plays as «Agathe is back home,» «Waves» and «the Shining.» The last production she performs as a vocalist, performing a number of songs which were written by the leader of group «Civil defence» Egor Letov.


    In France, Alice Khazanov and debuted as a film actress. In 2005, she starred in the short tape of his friend Director Nikolai Khomeriki «Together». This work received the prestigious prize of the Cinefondation at the Cannes film festival.

    Next actress she played a minor role in the Russian fantasy film «977» and the joint Russian-Argentinean TV series «In the rhythm of tango», the main character played by Natalia Oreiro. A year later, she starred in the series «Lenin’s Testament», when followed by a major role in the drama «the fairy Tale about darkness», as well as a number of secondary and minor roles in such films as the drama «Kaleidoscope», a biography «Belyaev», Comedy, «Till night do us part», drama «the Collector of bullets» fantasy, «the Last tale of Rita», a drama «Bedouin» urban fantasy «Dark world: Equilibrium».

    The most significant works of Alice the operate Hazanova as a film actress today is Russian 16-episode television series «the Short course of happy life» and the joint Anglo-canadian supernatural Thriller «the Woman in black». In the first she plays one of main roles — Luba Lapshina, an employee of the Agency for recruiting «the New recruit». The second Mrs. Drablow and her partner on the set was Daniel Radcliffe.

    Personal life

    His first marriage, Alice Khazanov concluded in 1993, she was 19 years old, and she was still a student at the dance Academy. The husband of operate Hazanova was Dmitry Sidorov, the son of the former Minister, Yevgeny Y. Sidorov. This marriage lasted only a few months and ended in divorce with no mutual claims.

    When Alice performed at the Bolshoi theatre, she met with his counterpart Alexander Fadeyev, who would later make vocal career as a singer Danko.

    In 1999 in Paris Alisa Hazanova met a financier and entrepreneur from Switzerland David Baumann, and soon married him. In this Union they had two children: in 2006, Alice gave birth to a daughter Mina, and after 4 years, the second daughter eve. But in 2011, the Alice and David broke up, Khazanov children returned to Moscow.

    Third marriage actress concluded in may 2015 with a lawyer Dmitry Shokhin, the son of the former Minister of Economics Alexander Shokhin. Their wedding took place in Seychelles.


    • 2005 — Together
    • 2006 — 977
    • 2006 — In the rhythm of tango
    • 2007 — Lenin’s Testament
    • 2009 — Tale of darkness
    • 2011 — Short course happy life
    • 2012 — the Woman in black
    • 2012 — the Bedouin
    • 2012 — the Last tale of Rita
    • 2013 — Dark world: Equilibrium


    Alisa Hazanova

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