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  • Name: Alisa Freundlich ( Alisa Freindlich )
  • Date of birth: 8 December 1934.
  • Age: 82 years
  • Place of birth: Leningrad (Saint Petersburg)
  • Activities: actress, singer, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Alisa Freindlich: biography

    Russian and Soviet theater and film actress Alisa Freundlich brunovna was born in December 1934 in Leningrad. Mother Xenia F. the entire youth lived in the city of Pskov, then moved to the Northern capital. A young girl enrolled in the working youth Theatre, and there became acquainted with the actor with German roots Bruno Freindlikh.

    The family of the father of the actress moved to Russia during the reign of Empress Catherine II. Freundliche was known as a good glass blowers. Father Bruno Arthur wanted to continue the family business, but his attempt was not successful as his second son was too weak lungs. Arthur Freundlich settled in the Shoe store that supplied the whole of the Imperial court. A while after working there, the grandfather of Alisa Freundlich decides to open his own business: he buys the necessary materials and equipment, rents space, and makes the sign: «Elegant shoes Freundlich». However, Arthur failed to realize their plans, he died suddenly.

    Family Freundlich lived in a house on St. Isaac’s square. 8 Dec 1934. the couple had a daughter. First mom wanted to name my girl Natasha, but her father and grandmother insisted on a different name – Alice. Daughter has recorded of Russian.

    Since childhood the future actress showed an interest in singing and creativity. When she was three, she saw a thesis statement sisters mother and her husband finish the Conservatory. This event is very influenced by a little girl three days she was humming tunes and since the beginning of the play to the theatre, wearing the dress mom.

    Before the Second world alyssa’s father went to the theater on tour in Tashkent. Ksenia and Bruno decided to leave. The girl was left with her mother and grandmother. The paternal relatives were evicted from Leningrad, and his brother Bruno and his wife were arrested and shot.

    In 1941 Alisa Freundlich goes to the first class. Few days later began the blockade of Leningrad. In an interview with the Freundlich always remembers this period as the most difficult and most striking. The actress remembers everything very clearly, literally to the last detail. The girl survived thanks to my grandmother, who ran a strict diet, giving bread hourly. It helped to hold in the hungry time. The health of Alice and her mother were very weak not only in physical terms because of the lack of food, but also in psychological – through the German roots and the pressure of public opinion. In wartime, Xenia Freundlich held the position of accountant. After the war she and her daughter moved to Tallinn.

    In Estonia, Alice lives with her mom for three years and is finishing the fifth grade. After that they again returned to Leningrad, and the girl continues to study in his old school. In the Northern capital also moved father Freundlich together with their new family. Recalls the actress, mother was not against dialogue with the daughter of the native father, but his new wife forbade them to communicate. Moreover, a half-sister from the second marriage a long time not even know about the existence of Alice.

    In the school years Freindlich attended the drama club, which led Soviet actress Called Maria-Sokolova. She believed in the talent of the girl and taught her the basics of acting. Thanks to Maria Alexandrovna Alisa Freundlich the first time he entered the Leningrad theatre Institute named after A. N. Ostrovsky.

    Alisa Freindlich: theatre

    After successful completion of the theatre Institute Alice invited to the Leningrad drama theater named komissarjevskaya. Recalls Freundlich, here she passed the fire, water and copper pipes. In the theater komissarjevskaya she only received the role, given Emma Popova. Freundlich was not easy, a lot worried. But now Alice Brunovna immensely grateful for the acting and the school of life. In this theatre, the actress played more than ten roles.

    In 1961 she goes into Leningrad academic theatre named after Lensovet. At the city Council Freundlich became the leading actress. Director was able to capture the specifics of acting talent. Vladimirov in the choice of repertoire focused on the individuality of Freundlich.

    Alisa Freindlich movies

    If in the sixties Freundlich was already well known in theatrical circles, with the movie she was carrying. Starring actress almost didn’t. An exception was the Comedy «Adventures of a dentist». Luck smiles only in 1974 she starred in a series of very popular movie «Anna and the Commodore», «Agony», «Straw hat» and «the Princess and the pea.»

    But the popular love of the audience came to her after «

  • Office romance» in 1977. The role of Ludmila Kulagina from approved by the Director of the film Eldar Ryazanov. Igor Vladimirov forbade the actress to star in the film, as, in his opinion, this could hurt her job in the theater. Ryazanov had to fly from Moscow to Leningrad and for a long time to persuade the Director that he agreed. The actress taught the role Kulagina night. But this work is worth it: after painting Alice Brunovna woke up famous. The actress herself found a suitable costume for her character, the way it copied the business women of the time. By the way, the film is Freundlich performed two songs which became hits: «nature has no bad weather» and «My soul there is no peace».

    After the movie «Office romance» Freundlich, according to critics, has played another important role – the Queen Anne in the film adaptation «

  • The three Musketeers». First, Alice Brunovna it was hard to get used to the image, but after clarification of the Director she understood what must be her character. In 1981, in the life of Freundlich there are many key events that have influenced her fate. Alice Brunovna awarded the title of people’s artist of the Soviet Union, and shortly thereafter she divorced her second husband. Together with Igor Vladimirov actress worked for two years. In 1983 she transferred to the Bolshoi drama theater named after Maxim Gorky and parallel starred in the movies: «the Weekdays and theater Director.», «bride», etc

    After the collapse of the Soviet Union in the career Freundlich stagnating. In 1993 she starred in the sequel to «the Musketeers», but it was not as popular as the first part. However, it is worth noting the film Todorovsky «Moscow nights» in 1993, he brought the actress her first prize «Nika» for the main female role.

    After the «Moscow nights» actress for a long time not removed. On the wide screen Freundlich returned only in 2004, she was invited to one of the leading roles in the movie «On the Top Maslovka». For the role of 87-year-old sculptors Anna Borisovna Freundlich gets the second prize «Nika».

    Alisa Freindlich: personal life

    The first husband of the actress was her classmate

  • Vladimir Karasev. Young people are met and in the third year of study, he decided to get married. The couple lived in the family apartment Freundlich. Student marriage did not last long, by the end of training Alice broke up with Vladimir. Second husband of the actress was young
  • Igor Vladimirov, head of the Theatre of Lensovet. It was an office romance. The Director was older than his lady for sixteen years. As recognized by the actress, Igor has done a lot for her in the professional sphere. The couple had a daughter Barbara. Due to creative differences and problems the family broke up. Third husband Freundlich was the artist
  • Yuri Soloviev, with whom she lived for twelve years. According to the artist, Yuri could not realize itself because of a lack of knowledge and education, so despite a successful woman, he often arranged scandals. Daughter Barbara decided to follow in her footsteps and now plays in the same theatre. Alice Brunovna is the grandson of Nikita, who also decided to become an actor, and granddaughter Anna.

    Alisa Freindlich: filmography

    • My life
    • Anna I Komandor
    • The agony
    • The Princess and the pea
    • Office romance
    • Old-fashioned Comedy
    • Blue puppy
    • The Comedy of errors
    • On Upper Maslovka
    • Stalker
    • Sergei Ivanovich is retiring
    • Three years

    Alisa Freindlich: photo

    Alice Freundlch

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