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  • Name: Alice Dotsenko ( Alisa Dotsenko )
  • Date of birth: 4 February 1990.
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Krasnodar
  • Height: 156
  • Activity: dancer, choreographer, participant of the show «Dancing on TNT»
  • Marital status: not married

    Alice Dotsenko : biography

    Alice A. Dotsenko was born in February 1992 in Sunny Krasnodar. Think Alice started dancing as soon as I could walk. The mother took the child – then my daughter turned 4 years at dance school. Besides, the girl had time to visit and acrobatics. Quite fast Alice Dotsenko mastered all the lessons given by the teachers. At some point she realized that to remain in the selected schools will be «walking in place». So she found a new school, where Alice could teach something else.

    As later told Alice Dotsenko, dancing took absolutely all my free time. The girl had 4-5 workouts a day, while schools were in different parts of the city. Had to have it all. Therefore, the young dancer was leading a kind of «nomadic» lifestyle. She taught lessons and eat in the car. Resting, moving from one school to another, ibid. But such a life was very fond of Alice, and she couldn’t imagine how we can live differently, without the dancing and competitions.

    Alice Dotsenko is considered a versatile dancer. She has mastered almost all genres from breakdance to ballroom dancing. And acrobatics occupied an important place in her life. But to unite and organize all acquired skills Alice Dotsenko managed in-Studio «Todes» Alla Duhova. Then she started with 11 years.

    After graduating from secondary school, Alice decided to continue training in Kuban state University. Here she perfected the dance, honing skills.

    TV show

    Fame came to Alice Dotsenko after participating in the TV show. The first such project was the 2nd season of «Dancing without rules». The girl took part in it in 2008. She was 18 years old. It is noteworthy that the casting of Alice Dotsenko did not come herself, and with a tiny daughter. 2 months before the beginning of the TV show Alice gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Anfisa. To participate in the contest soon after giving birth was a daunting task.

    But a dancer from Krasnodar was able to quickly regain his form. Because until 7 months of pregnancy Alice Dotsenko worked as a fitness instructor. Back at work 3 weeks after the birth of her daughter.

    The project «Dances without rules» Alice passed with ease. It was a difficult challenge, but she survived it with dignity, once in the finals. We can safely say that dance biography of Alice Dotsenko began with participation in the show.

    On arrival in Krasnodar Alice Dotsenko together with his brother and parents were able to open their own dance school. At first it was taught only «Dance hall». It was a completely new direction, which in Krasnodar was not. Alice tirelessly traveled to different cities of the country, attended the seminars and improved dance technique. She was difficult, because at first she worked as a teacher. Soon, «Dance hall» added another style of Vogue. Then the «Pole dance», «Contemporary», classical and modern. By the way, their school, Alice Dotsenko called «Dances without rules».

    Soon school Alice Dotsenko became the largest in the South of Russia. Opened 2 branch, which now employs more than 30 teachers. 32 they spread the dance styles of hundreds of students.

    In 2013, Alice Dotsenko took part in the 6th season of the project «everybody Dance», which was held in Kiev. Here a young dancer managed to reach TOP-6, located just steps from the final. Krasnodar asterisk showed all his skill and incredible versatility. Some judges called Alice Dotsenko most technical dancer with a bright future.

    Even bigger success was waiting for Alice Dotsenko in Russia. The project «Dancing on TNT» she got into the final of the 1st season, which was conducted in 2014. 4th place Alice got it right. It is recognized as the best female dancers of the season.

    Personal life

    Personal life Alice Dotsenko became interested in fans of dance TV show after participating dancers in the Ukrainian project «everybody Dance». Here Alice met with the Belarusian dancer Anton Panufnik. Their affair was observed by all country. Dance Anton, is dedicated to Alice, was unforgettable.

    After Panufnik was eliminated from the Ukrainian show, he stayed in Kiev and support your favorite until the very end. Once Alice reached the TOP 6 and was eliminated, they went together to Krasnodar. Some time the couple lived together. Anton taught at the dance school Alice and found a common language with her daughter Anfisa. But then he suddenly returned home.

    After that, the pair met in Moscow, at the show «Dancing on TNT». Together, they danced 3 times (once in the trio), both played in the team of Miguel. The audience with great attention watched this couple, waiting for him to continue beautiful novel. It remains unclear, its point or dot. Couple all this time was silent and masterfully kept the intrigue.


    Alice Dotsenko

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