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  • Name: Alina Sergeeva ( Alina Sergeeva )
  • Date of birth: 10 February 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Chelyabinsk
  • Height: 167
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: married

    Alina Sergeeva: biography

    Alina Sergeeva — Russian actress, plays as on the theatrical stage and in films and television series. She became famous after the first big role in the film Listening to silence, after which starred in dozens of film projects, including «I leave you love», «Wasted sacrifice» and «Favorite teacher».

    She was born and raised in Chelyabinsk, and no one from the family of the girls to the cinema had no relationship. But Alina since the childhood wanted to become an actress. So when it came time to send her daughter to first grade, mom and dad found a specialized school with a theatrical bias.

    A few years Alina is well studied in this unusual class, but then manifested itself of her unyielding and uncompromising nature. The girl had brought the relationship with teachers before the conflict that she had no choice but to transfer to another school. Sergeyev was in physico-mathematical class. Despite the fact that the exact Sciences for her special thrust was not. However, the girl tried to run the program, but still was sure the Institute will go to act solely on the actress.

    In high school Alina Sergeeva was able to find a common language with teachers of the theatre class, so she returned there and received matriculation with relevant specialization. It is time to go to Moscow. In the capital of a future star of the screen I managed to enter the College of their dreams – GITIS, workshop, headed by Gennady Khazanov. However, the first time she had to live in poverty. At first she could not even allocate a room in a hostel, and Sergeyev spent the night at acquaintances, and the money was not enough even for food, not that travel. But Alina was not discouraged, as we understand that is on the right track.

    After graduation, the young actress has performed in many theaters of Moscow: the Center of drama and directing of A. Kazantsev and M. Roschina, the School of dramatic art Theatre named after A. P. Chekhov, in the Independent theatrical project and, finally, in the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya. To declare itself Sergeeva could in the first performance in which talented and perfectly conveyed the image of a mentally ill character. Even the great masters of the stage admitted that her performance of the role was remarkable.


    The first appearance of Alina Sergeeva in the film-tale «the Legend of the Warlock, or In search of tridesyatom Kingdom» was sporadic, but it affected the fate of the artist. She immediately offered the main role in the melodrama «Listening to silence», which made Alina known. For this work Sergeyev was awarded several prizes at the major Russian film festivals.

    Another provincial character she played in the drama «the Lodger». And then there was at least a good shooting action movie «Weapon,» a family tragedy «more than a century,» military painting «Attempt». Just for a career, Alina Sergeeva played in more than twenty films, most of them key characters. Her latest work is a social drama «Beloved teacher», but also should pay attention to the historical melodrama «I leave you love,» the tragic band «Five years and one day» and romance «Teach guitar».

    Personal life

    His private life Alina Sergeeva trying to hide from prying eyes. However, not so easy to hide from the fans and press large changes in family status. According to information from social networks, the actress has already several years lives happily with her husband. According to unconfirmed reports, her husband is the Director Vladimir Janosek.

    Main hobby Alina Sergeeva – needlework. She personally produces absolutely amazing dolls out of wool and thread, as well as beautifully painted tableware.


    • 2007 — Listening to the silence
    • 2008 — Lodger
    • 2009 — more than a century
    • 2011 — All the better
    • 2012 — Taught to play the guitar
    • 2012 — Five years and one day
    • 2013 — Wasted sacrifice
    • 2013 — to Give tips
    • 2013 — I leave you love
    • 2016 — Favorite teacher


    Alina Sergeeva

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