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  • Name: Lanina Alina ( Alina Kizerova )
  • Date of birth: 3 March 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Yekaterinburg
  • Height: 167
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Alina Lanina: biography

    Alina Lanina is a rising star of the Russian cinema. She was born March 3, 1989, in Yekaterinburg, there passed his childhood and youth girls. Lanina is a pseudonym, the real name of the actress Kizerova.

    Alina grew up in a religious family, often visited with his parents in Church. On a vacation the girl was often sent to the village to stay with relatives, where she willingly weeded the garden, cared for flower beds. She now believes that children should spend more time in the countryside, in nature, does not hide that dreams of a house in the village.

    Christian upbringing instilled in her a love for others, although did not develop creatively. As a child, Alina often arranged for parents and friends impromptu performances, dancing. In high school she knew that to enter the theater Institute. Lanina filed documents at the Ekaterinburg theatrical Institute and in 2006 became a student.

    Her first professional achievement was third place at the contest of St. Yakhontova. In the last year of the Institute Alina Lanina received a scholarship from the Union of theatrical figures as the best student — it was the second significant achievement in her life.

    In 2010, Alina received a diploma and was faced with a choice: give up the acting profession or to move to Moscow and seek recognition there. The girl chose the second option. She rented a room in the suburbs, and every morning traveled to Moscow to get to the base and acting to castings. It was a difficult period because of a permanent job the Directors did not offer. Lannoy at some point had to return to Ekaterinburg, but after a while she returned to the capital forever.


    Alina Lanin played in student performances of «the Trap», «the lady with the dog», «Children Vanyushina» and others. Talented and beautiful actress participated in the choreographic productions of «Mowgli», «the Wife and the serpent.» The audience admired her game, however, to connect his life with theatre, the actress did not want to.


    Alina made her film debut in 2006, it was a small role in the film «the Detectives. FSB». Such a role she was offered after two years. She played the part of Svetlana, the ex-wife of a businessman in the TV series «wedding ring». The show was filmed four years, from 2008 to 2012. In the next few years Alina Lanino actively invited the Directors, but offered her the role of the second plan. Among the films of this period – «the Detectives», «Dusty work», «Love and other nonsense», «Brothers-3», «new planner» and others.

    A turning point in his career Lannoy was in 2013, when it adopted the lead role in the serial film «the Secrets of Institute for noble maidens». She played a pupil of the Board Elizabeth Vishnevetskaya that uncle was sent away to boarding school. Alina said that she got lucky with the format of the series, because she played fate of its heroine, albeit sometimes far from reality.

    In 2014, Aline Lannoy was offered another main role in the movie «Prince of Siberia». She played the teacher Tatyana Demidov. The film was shot in rural areas, the actress recalls with pleasure the impressions of the trip on a pile of hay in a wagon pulled by horses.

    In 2015 she appeared in the title role in the film «Splinters of glass Slippers». This time the Director saw it as a negative character. Yulia Skvortsova, the nature of which subtly captured the actress only looks good and naive. In the shower it was a materialistic person, ready for any meanness.

    Now Alina Lanina starred in two projects – «Defenders» and the «Native shore.»

    Personal life

    She has her admirers, but married Alina in no hurry. Says not ready to get married for a beautiful wedding and for show. She wants to meet someone who will understand and accept her schedule, her profession, become a friend and will love her with all my heart.

    In his free time shooting, the actress does fencing and loves to drive. For the first time sat behind the wheel at 14 years, with time the passion only got stronger. Lanina loves speed.

    By nature she’s a workaholic, so rest is rare. If you get the chance, happy to go to other countries. The actress wants to visit Argentina, which is seen from an airplane window. Alina says this is the most beautiful place she had seen from above.


    • The «kitchen»
    • «Spring love blossoms»
    • «The practice»
    • «Trace»
    • «Veronica. Runaway
    • «Daddy’s girls. Supernovasky»
    • «Brothers-3»
    • «Love and other nonsense»
    • «Brothers in exchange»
    • «Engagement ring»


    Alina Lanina

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