Alina Kabaeva

photo of Alina Kabaeva

  • Name: Alina Kabaeva ( Alina Kabaeva )
  • Date of birth: 12 may 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • Growth: 166
  • Activities: Actress, gymnast, politician
  • Marital status: Not married

    Alina Kabaeva biography

    Biography of Alina Kabaeva – plexus wins, scandals and intrigue. The girl was born in Uzbekistan in a family of athletes, her mother, Lyubov Kabaeva played in the national team in basketball. Father Marat Kabaev, his life was devoted to the football team «Pakhtakor». Future gymnast spent his childhood in training and fees. Despite the opinion of the public, Alina Kabaeva decided to become an athlete, and the parents did not force her to go his own way. The mother and father had originally suggested the girl to engage in professional figure skating, but later gave preference to artistic gymnastics.

    It happened because of a serious lack of schools to teach figure skating in Tashkent. Alina was a little over three years when she first entered the room and began to engage. With their success, the girl still owe the first coaches – Lyudmila Nikitina and Anelia Malkina.

    When Alina Kabaeva was 12 years old, he and his mother moved to Moscow to the talent of girls is not lost gifts. The capital has enabled the athlete to train in the gym with the legend gymnastics Irina Wiener.

    Looking at your childhood photos, Alina Kabaeva recalls that at the first meeting in the eyes of the coach of Russian national team has appeared the horror. The girl was not trained professionally, and later she had a lot of work to achieve significant results. She immediately said that there is a need to get rid of excess weight, because at that time the coaches jokingly had nicknamed her «TV with legs».

    Irina Werner spoke to the girl on a strict diet that guarantees results. Alina Kabaeva almost did not eat, only drinks water with gas, and the results were really fast. Had a lot of problems, but Weiner quickly considered in the athlete’s talent and began to prepare for «serious swimming». For the first time Alina Kabaeva has got in the Russian national team in 1996 and began to receive titles.

    The main achievement of Alina Kabaeva is considered its title as the only quadruple champion of Europe. The last award was waiting for her in the vastness of Spain, and his title for the first time she got in Portugal. She is a gymnast calls his «lucky» country in Japan, because here in 1999, she became a double world champion. Not to forget Alina Kabaeva Madrid, after two years there she received the title of absolute world champion.

    Doping scandal

    Effective in 2001 Kabaeva was waiting for a scandal. Irina Casino and gymnast «caught on hot». Then the cause was the use of furosemide. There was a big argument, and athlete for the next two years is not allowed for serious competitions.

    Then Alina Kabaeva lost all the awards at the goodwill Games and world Cup 2001. In the first year «exile» she had no right to take part in any competitions, the second year was less stringent punishment is conditional, she could participate in the tournaments, but under the strict control of judges and physicians.

    As it became known a few years later, the substance furosemide cannot be called dope, because it only promotes the excretion of forbidden substances from the body.


    As you know, the talented person is talented in everything. Alina Kabaeva was no exception and fans for roles in movies. She appeared in the form of ninja movie «Red shadow» in Japanese cinema. Also she was noticed in commercials, and after that, the song itself from the group «Play on words».

    The appearance of Alina Kabaeva attractive because of the model shows she didn’t mind. In the full period of Ineligibility girl got into broadcasting, then she became the leader of the «Empire of sports» on channel «7 TV».


    For the first time in politics Alina Kabaeva were seen in 2001 at the age of 18 years. Then she got right not only to vote for candidates, but she was elected. Until 2005 she was in the party «United Russia», and the next few years, sat in the Public chamber of the Russian Federation on issues of charity, philanthropy and volunteerism.

    It is worth to pay their respects Kabaeva because she decided the question of insurance athletes. Next girl «progressed» to the State Duma of the fifth convocation.

    From September 2014 Kabaeva Is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the holding «national Media Group», a 2016 athlete is headed by the Board of Directors of CJSC «Sport-Express».

    In addition to the sports and political career girl has two higher education. In 2007, the gymnast has defended his thesis in Moscow state University of service, and two years later received a diploma in St. Petersburg in the sports area.

    Professional sports careers Kabaeva graduated in 2007.

    Personal life

    Alina Kabaeva 2002 and 2005 met David, museliani, at that time a captain of militia. The pair were going to get married, but the relationship was in disarray, and young people decided to remain friends.

    Personal life of Alina Kabaeva has become one of the most discussed topics of recent times. Recently there are rumors that Alina Kabaeva and Vladimir Putin are going to get married. For the first time the rod was abandoned in 2008, the newspaper «Moscow correspondent». The whole country with bated breath to observe the «relationships» famous athletes and Prime Minister of Russia at that time.

    The publication was the cause of the scandal, Putin and Kabaeva flatly refused to give any comments on the matter, the athlete was required to write a rebuttal. After a certain period of time, the press was full of headlines about the fact that Kabaeva gave birth to a child. Kabaeva itself stated that the paparazzi noticed the kid was her nephew, but the media continues to wrongly insist on.

    In September 2013, tabloids reported that Vladimir Putin and Alina Kabaeva were married, however, the press service of the President of Russia instantly denied crazy news.


    Alina Kabaeva

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