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  • Name: Alina Grosu ( Alina Grosu )
  • Date of birth: 8 June 1995
  • Age: 21 years
  • Place of birth: Chernivtsi
  • Height: 169
  • Activity: Ukrainian pop singer
  • Marital status: not married

    Alina Grosu biography

    Alina Mikhailovna Rotaru was born in the Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi in June 1995, in the family of an engineer and nurse. Later, the father of Alina Grosu Michael opened his own business and was elected to the local Council. Except the girls in the family grew up the eldest son’s novel, the half-brother of Alina’s mother.

    Biography of Alina Grosu began in early childhood. In 3 years the girl took part in the contest «Mini miss Ukraine». It was then that Alina has achieved his first victory – she sang and was the leader in the nomination «Little miss talent».


    During a contest in Kiev, Alina Grosu noted Ukrainian singer Irina Bilyk. She really liked the little singer and Bilyk presented her a few songs. They did the girl known. 6 years Alina Grosu had to move to Kiev, as it has already started to work in show business.

    Officially Grosu works on the professional stage since the age of 4. At a young age, she becomes the first prize winner of the «Song Vernissage» and diplomancy «Morning star». In 2001 Alina Grosu recognized as «Man of the year»: she won the award for «Child of the year». At the time Alina was only 6 years old. The little singer showed miracles of diligence, participating in all the national competitions «the smash Hit of the year» on a par with adult artists. She is a frequent guest of the new year performances and concerts in the Palace «Ukraine» and the festival «Slavic Bazaar» and «song of the year». From 2000 to 2010 years the young singer has recorded 5 albums of his songs. One of them, the third, called the «troubled Sea» – Golden. He came out when the girl was in Junior high school.

    While in high school, gross graduated with honors from the Kiev Academy of circus and variety art named after soloist, where he studied at the faculty of musical art.

    In 2009 he released a new song Alina Grosu called «Wet eyelashes». She gathered a lot of positive reviews on the Internet and quickly became a hit. The Director of the video for this song was made by Alan Badoev.

    In 2010, Grosu graduated the prestigious school of Kiev in Pechersk and in the summer of that year went to conquer Moscow. In the capital, she becomes a student at the Russian state University of cinematography. The girl opted in the faculty of acting and studied at the workshop of the Case.

    Alina Grosu managed to star in several films. One of them – «Officer’s wife».


    Before the 4th course, Grosso is gone from the University because of disagreement with policy of Russia concerning Ukraine. Alina thought to continue to study in Moscow – the betrayal of the Motherland. However, this did not prevent the singer from scandal.

    Grosso in 2015, spoke at the «New wave» in Russia, after which he received many angry comments and offensive comments in social networks and mass media. Compatriots have condemned the singer for a duet with Grigory Leps and collaboration with his producer center. In mid-October 2015 Grosu made a statement in which she spoke about harassment, threats, political pressure and did an ultimatum, which was required to immediately cease building a career in Moscow.

    Personal life

    Alina Grosu not married. Girl a lot of time on career. Recently, the singer admitted that her heart freely, but of marriage she hasn’t thought. The name of his chosen girl names.

    At the beginning of 2015, the world was discussing plastic surgery, which supposedly made Grosu. The girl denied that has undergone changes in the appearance, citing a very busy schedule and weight loss. The situation is commented by a famous plastic surgeon Dmitry Slosser, who confirmed that the Star has resorted to the services of his colleagues. He said that the singer did a brow lift, plastic surgery of the lips and nose, reduce the size of your cheeks by removing molars.


    • Summer
    • Homeless boy
    • On the 19th floor
    • Sea waves
    • Antarctic vyugi
    • Wet eyelashes
    • With chalk on the pavement
    • Forgive me, my love
    • Adult
    • Brake
    • Don’t forget


    Alina Grosu

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