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  • Name: Alina Artts ( Alina Arts )
  • Date of birth: 5 February 1986.
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: Russian pop singer, TV presenter, actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Alina Artts : biography

    Alina artts Vladimirovna was born in February 1986 in St. Petersburg, in a friendly and wonderful family. Among her relatives there was no one in the art world. Mother and grandmother Alina – doctors. Dad is professionally engaged in tourism and traveling. However, the girl grew up a creative child. It miraculously combines a mathematical mind and a vivid creativity. Alina studied in math class. However, she was seriously engaged in choreography (dance school of the arts graduated with the diploma of the teacher-choreographer) and vocals.

    After school Alina Artts seriously approached the choice of a profession. She went to 2 universities at the same time. In Saint-Petersburg University of engineering she was at the hospital, selecting the engineering-ecological faculty. In the second University – Institute of service and Economics, chose the faculty of Economics. Here Alina was in absentia. So she almost simultaneously received 2 diplomas of higher education.

    But suddenly leaped creativity. And won.

    Television projects

    In 2007, Alina Artz moved from one capital to another. In Moscow, she became a student of a theatrical workshop. In the same year was the debut of the St. Petersburg girls on television. She appeared on NTV, where he led a program dedicated to sex. In 2008, «Das ist Fantastish» – that was the project becomes one of the most popular.

    Soon the audience saw Alina Artts in many popular series and projects. She appeared in one episode of criminal tape «Footprint» in the TV series «Matchmaker» and «220 volts of love». Then in cooperation with Boris Grachevsky, the actress starred in the children’s television magazine «Yeralash» and artistic picture of the «Roof».

    In 2009, the biography of Alina Artts sparkle with new colors: the girl remembered her singing lessons and joined the music band «Sirius». Fans of the band welcomed its appearance as a soloist.

    Music as her career developed rapidly. A year later Alina spoke with the staff at the Russian song festival, which is held annually in Poland and is called «Russian Song Festival in Zielona Gora». A talented performer so impressed the founders of the festival, was chosen as the lead. Soon began her solo career.

    In the same 2010-m Alina Artts selected co-host of the radio project «Sex in the city». The broadcast is on the radio «city-FM».

    In the summer of 2011 becomes the leading actress of another project, but this time on television. This is a sports show M-1 Fighter, which she is conducting with Igor Petrukhin, on the channel «Fighter». After a few months, this show won the national contest «TEFI-region 2010». Nomination – «Program» about sports».

    Beautiful appearance, which nature has awarded Alina Artts, also not in vain. The girl won the sex contest that was called «Miss Russian night», and the selected face of the September issue of Playboy in 2011. In the same year, she appeared in MAXIM magazine.

    2011 was very rich in pleasant events in the life of the St. Petersburg beauty. In August Alina Artts starts to own the HOT SECRETS that airs on the channel Europa Plus TV. Guests show presenter asks provocative questions and try to answer them very openly.

    In 2012, fans of the musical talent of Alina attended her solo concert, which was called «Dance to live!». And people can often see Alina Artts at various ceremonies music awards.

    Personal life

    In presenter, actress and singer have a very busy life and a wide variety of Hobbies. One of them is martial arts. Alina has repeatedly opened the tournament on Boxing and Sambo. Artz is proud of personal acquaintance with boxers Lamon Brewster and Roy Jones.

    Another hobby of a girl is a decoration of Swarovski crystals.

    Personal life Alina Artts – closed issue. We only know that she has a boyfriend. But his name she calls.

    Alina is an active user of social networks and loves to interact with fans on their pages in Facebook and Twitter. Favorite colors girls blue and red. As for the drinks she prefers strong tea.


    • 2012 — «Dance to live»


    Alina Artts

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