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  • Name: Alina Alekseeva ( Alina Stalin )
  • Date of birth: 21 August 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 171
  • Activities: theater and film actress, fashion model
  • Marital status: not married

    Alina Alekseeva: biography

    Alina Alekseeva is a young domestic actress, known for such Russian operas as «Olga» and «permanent vacation». She also became famous as the first Russian fetish model, and even created our own burlesque-fetish show.

    From early childhood, Alina was fascinated by this kind of work, like choreography. The girl first went to the ballet, then switched to ballroom dancing, and then studied modern pop PA, as well as emotional and sensual strip dance. In parallel Alekseeva visited the school of music, where he studied piano, and in high school and even enrolled in the drama Studio.

    It is the latter passion was the most interesting for Alina, so she applied to drama schools of the capital. Took a talented entrant in the field, and in the directing Department. But only one training the girl did not stop and is in parallel decided to create Russia’s first burlesque show. It was inspired by photos of the model Dita von Teese, ex-wife of Marilyn Manson. Alina she is developing a line of costumes and she is the main character in fotossesiya.

    Vivid images and colorful outfits made Alexeyev recognizable. Asked her to star in music videos such alternative domestic groups as «Biopsyhoz», «DEFORM» and «beZumnye Efforts.» She agreed, but stood there, as the show under the pseudonym Alina Stalin. Under this name she made her debut on the stage in the role of a mermaid in a grotesque Opera performance «Surlice» which was made its artistic Director, Boris uhananov.


    In the movie, the girl began to appear also in his student years, but in the credits appeared under his real name as Alina Alekseeva. At first she starred in the biographical drama «the Dow» is dedicated to the legendary physicist Lev Landau, the forefather of a nuclear bomb. But, unfortunately, this picture never saw the light. Later, she participated in a Comedy series «Money,» a romantic film «About Love», the popular sitcom «the Kitchen» and humorous story of a married couple «Friendship of peoples».

    But a major breakthrough occurred in 2016. First, Alekseev played the role of nurse Nasty in a fun series, «permanent vacation», where her partners were Valery Fedorovich and Jan Tsapnik, and then played a major role in the Comedy «Olga». There, the actress portrayed the sister of a single mother, the heroine Yana Troyanova. Also in this film took part Ksenia Surkova and young actor, made his debut, Mohammad Abu-Risk.

    Personal life

    Alina Alekseeva – very independent and self-sufficient person. She is passionate about her creative work, constantly comes up with new projects. But about the romance of the actress is almost unknown. The fact that Alina belongs to the category of modern artists, who do not consider that their profession obliges to disclose to the public and private side of life. Fans and journalists were able to figure out just what Alekseev is not married, has no children, and in his spare time prefers with friends to go to an exotic journey.

    Interesting fact: the wife of actor Konstantin Kryukov name is Alina Alekseeva. And although she is no relation to the movie has not, and works as a lawyer, there are many books confuse these women and to ascribe the events in the life of a lady quite another person. Increased confusion and that in the Comedy «permanent vacation» actress Alina Alekseeva removed it with the hook and this gives rise to additional, sometimes quite absurd rumors.


    • 2011 Dow
    • 2013 — the Friendship of peoples
    • 2014 — Kitchen
    • 2015 — Love
    • 2015 — Wonderland
    • 2016 — Money
    • 2016 — permanent vacation
    • 2016 — Olga


    Alina Alekseeva

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