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  • Name: Alina Alekseeva ( Alekseeva Alina )
  • Date of birth: 1 January 1985
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Saratov
  • Activity: lawyer, PR Manager
  • Marital status: married to Konstantin Kryukov

    Alina Alekseeva : biography

    The second half of the famous actor Konstantin Kryukov – Alina Alekseeva – known to very few. According to rumors that circulate in the media and in social networks Alina was born in Saratov, in an ordinary family, not connected neither with the artistic Bohemia, nor from big business. The date of her birth, unfortunately, could not be found.

    Biography Alina Alekseeva shrouded in mystery. It is known that she graduated from law school, but worked in the specialty, is not known. It seems, under the gun cameras and the attention of journalists Alekseeva was only then, when it was found next to the representative of the famous acting clan Bondarchuk, the grandson of Irina Skobtseva and nephew Fyodor Bondarchuk, Konstantin.

    Alina Alekseeva argues that she met her future husband in 2009 quite by accident. She was looking for work and came for an interview as candidates for the position of PR Manager.

    Personal life

    Or interview, says hooks, a working meeting was held on the roof of the Moscow hotel «Ritz-Carlton». Intelligent and educated girl immediately liked Constantine. She quickly managed to get into the swing of things and after a couple of months, the actor, the jeweler and the artist realized that without Alina Alexeyeva it as without hands.

    First, neither of which the novel is out of the question. Constantine was married, so communication with Alina was purely business in nature. That all changed after the divorce of the actor with Evgenia Warsaw, who bore him a daughter Julia. Somehow the artist had caught myself thinking that he was an inveterate womanizer, do not want to see anyone from the surrounding beauties. Or rather, no one except Alina. It was cozy, comfortable and very interesting. In casual conversations, they were able to spend day and night.

    Broke novel was not immediately successful marriage. A couple of quite a long time, checking your feelings. Most of the friends at that time said that Constantine the great changed. From Lovelace and hunter of female hearts he turned into a quiet monogamous. Hooks appeared less and less on secular receptions and various parties, transformed from a party animal to a homebody. His darling, he was referred to as Alinushka.

    Therefore, the news that 28-year-old hooks after 5 years of Dating was going to marry Alina Alexeyeva, it seems, did not surprise anyone. Offer hands and hearts from one of the most enviable grooms of the country she received in 2013.

    The wedding of Alina Alexeyeva and Konstantin Kryukov took place in the same 2013, may 26. The couple wished to get married in the Orthodox rite, which is what happened at the Sretensky monastery. The only sad note of the wedding ceremony – a visit to Novodevichy cemetery, where are buried the mother of Constantine, actress Alyona Bondarchuk.

    Friends this beautiful couple say that Alina and Peter are quite different, but, nevertheless, complement each other. They are always together: on vacation, at events and even on the stage. Alekseeva found a common language with the husband’s daughter from his first marriage and quickly managed to establish friendly relations with the family of Constantine.

    In his personal life Alina Alekseeva and her stellar husband quite happy.


    Alina Alekseeva

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