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  • Name: Alika Smekhova ( Alla Smekhova )
  • Date of birth: 27 March 1968
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actress, singer, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: divorced

    Alika Smekhova: biography

    Alika Smekhova, a very gifted and talented in many spheres of life. She dreamed of becoming a singer and have achieved considerable results in your desire, which, however, traded on the opportunity to become an actress. And I was not mistaken in his choice, as the movie made him famous in the territory of Russia and CIS countries.

    Alla, namely the so-called girl at birth, was born March 27, 1968 in a very creative family in Moscow. From early childhood the girl grew up on stories about the world of theatre and cinema, after all, her father Veniamin Smekhov is a well-known and respected actor. The girl’s mother Alla, was also closely associated with the work, at the time, she worked as a journalist, and then decided to connect his life with theatre, but as a script editor. It would seem that the fate of Aliki defined, but, surprisingly, the girl dreamed of becoming a singer.

    From early childhood, the future star was surrounded by creative people who were often guests in the house Semenovyh. Despite famous parents, Alec had not received their glory, no advantage. The girl went to the regular school and was an Intern for the summer. Even the teachers did not make concessions daughters of celebrities Alik she studied well. In his free time, talented girl she attended a musical school and a circle of Amateur, where he mastered the profession of a famous father.

    However, in the life of Aliki’s not always been smooth. When the future artist was 14 years old, Benjamin B. divorced his wife and left her for another woman. This event was a real shock for the young actress and her mother. Alla was very upset with his father for his treason and tried by all means to limit your contact with him. It was hard and painful to see him. With his departure, family life Semenovyh has become much more difficult, salaries Alla Alexandrovna was not enough for herself and two children.

    Future actress filed the documents at the Russian Academy of theatre arts, having chosen the specialty «actor of musical theatre». Study was given easily to her, and well developed vocal skills made it possible to start to write the first songs, which, however, for a long time were in the bins. In 1991, Alec graduated from GITIS and in their career.


    Alec earned his first fame as a very promising singer of the nineties. Your recordings the singer made while training at the Institute, but it took her a whole 5 years to find a producer who would help with the album’s release. In 1996, the quest artist was a success, and Smekhova signed an incredibly lucrative contract with the Studio «Zeko Records», which involved the recording of several albums and videos, radio and television that the young singer was a real godsend.

    In the same year was published the first album of Aliki, which was called «I’m waiting for you». It included many songs written by the artist during the period of his youth and student years. For example, the title song of the album «Night taxi» was written, Humorous in 15 years. The album was a success, but any one song never became a hit.

    From his dream the singer to not give up going after the contract with «Zeko Records» created their own Studio record under the straightforward title «Alika Smekhova». In 1999, she released a new record «wild duck», and three years later came the album «For you» recorded at the Studio «Monolith», which ended his musical career Aliki.


    The Humorous film debut took place in childhood, when the little Alika participated in the filming of the popular television magazine «Yeralash», who revealed to the world many young talents. At that time the girl was only 9 years old, and for her it was an invaluable experience.

    The first «adult» role Alika received in 1985. The actress played a young assistant to the Director of Heaven in a lyrical Comedy «Insurance agent». This painting opened a young and talented actress for Directors who increasingly began to claim her in his films. A year Smekhova took part in the filming of the film «the Courier», slowly and steadily gaining its place in the world of cinema.

    Due to the rather bright appearance, the actress began to play the girls that I have a bitchy character. The top of this image was the Humorous character of the painting «the life Line», released in 1996, where Alec stood in the role of «night butterflies». After this film the actress is completely focused on the music and movie only came back after 3 years in the role of singer Angela Rodinoi in the film «a Fine lady».

    Since 2001, Russia has actively developed the genre of the series and the actors able to play a lot and often in great demand by the Directors. Alec was no exception and also tried his hand in the field of cinema, taking part in the filming of «Maroseyka 12».

    A landmark project in the career of the actress became the series «Balzac age, or all men are bast..» that was released in 2004. The role of Sofia the Babitskaya, which in the picture just calls Sonia, she came with no casting, she was invited by the General Director of the channel «NTV», whom she at the time went to the same school. The series enjoyed incredible success with viewers, which with a sinking heart watching the lives of 4 main characters. The picture is finally cemented the image of Alec «fatal bitchy women.» The artist repeated many times, that in real life is not like Sonia the Babitskaya.

    Although Smekhova prefers to be in «full meter,» she is more than lucky for large serial projects. In 2011, he released no less successful project with her «doctor’s Diary» and two years later came the sequel, «middle-aged…».

    Personal life

    In his interview with the actress often said that from the very childhood dreamed of a large family where she will have several beautiful children. So to arrange a personal life Smekhova start from a young age. In 17 years, the artist received an offer of marriage from his classmate Sergey Livnev, and after a year the young people have officially registered their relationship. Their marriage lasted 6 years, after which they dispersed. One of the reasons for the separation was the reluctance of Sergei to have children, which is so dreamed of the actress.

    Her second husband was the Assyrian George Bidjamov, marriage with whom Alec still said error. She was totally unprepared for the life that led the East girls, the artist was not going ever to sit at home and wait for her husband. My husband’s parents were opposed to their marriage, which after some time collapsed.

    Since Smekhova more carefully began to approach the selection of their elected representatives. When she found out she was pregnant from her lover, businessman Nicholas, the artist decided to get married. In 2000 they had a son Artem. But those relationships were fleeting. A few years Alik met a man who gave her second son, Makar. The father, learning about the future of the child, threw the actress and disappeared. His name Smekhova hide from reporters.

    To date, the actress has two sons, between whom very warm relationship. As Alec admits, there are men who have her attentions, but after heretostay father Makar she’s not ready to reciprocate.


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    Alika Smekhova

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