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  • Name: Alicia Vikander ( Alicia Amanda Vikander )
  • Date of birth: 3 October 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Gothenburg
  • Growth: 166
  • Activities: the Swedish actress and dancer
  • Marital status: not married

    Alicia Vikander: biography

    Alicia Amanda Vikander was born in the Swedish city of Gothenburg in October 1988. She was born in a large family, actress and psychiatrist. In addition to Alicia’s family had grown by another 5 brothers and sisters.

    From an early age Alicia Amanda showed extraordinary artistic abilities that immediately noticed Mama Mary FAL Vikander. Daughter was very graceful and a good dancer, she had a good voice and perfect pitch. So parents did everything to develop their existing skills. The girl attended music lessons, vocal training and going on courses of dramatic art. And she is 9 years engaged in ballet dancing in ballet school in Gothenburg.

    In 2001, 13-year-old Alicia Amanda debuted on television and on the stage. A cinematic biography of Alicia Vikander began with participation in the drama series «Second direction». As for theatre, she has been involved in several musicals that were on stage with the Gothenburg Opera.

    At the age of 16 Vikander continued to improve their dancing skills at the Royal ballet school.


    19-year-old Alicia has been receiving offers to appear in various projects. In 2007, it was the Swedish TV series «Eva heck», which released 2 seasons. The young actress appeared in the image of the girl Catherine. In the same year, Vikander has starred in two films, but they did not bring Alicia wide popularity.

    2008 proved to be more generous for Alicia Vikander to star role. One of them is the provincial of Katharina in the dramatic film «Purity». The heroine lives together with her boyfriend in a poor suburb and leads a dull and unremarkable life. But only until, until I heard «Requiem» by Mozart, so impressed the young girl that she decided to change. She arranged to work in concert and refined. Critics and audiences were receptive to the picture, noting the brilliant debut of a young actress.

    In 2010 the cinematic career of Alicia Vikander continues to move up. 22-year-old actress has played the second star role in the film «something beautiful» received for this work prize at the film festival in Stockholm. Vikander was recognized as a «Rising star».

    Alicia soon got the offer to star in a British version of Leo Tolstoy’s novel «Anna Karenina». An ambitious project, Joe Wright is a huge success. In this tape, Alicia appeared in the form of innocent Russian noblewoman kitty.

    Immediately behind this successful project was followed by the second drama «a Royal affair», for which the artist learned the Danish language. She played the young Queen Caroline Mathilde. Both projects were released in 2012 and received awards at the film festival in Berlin.

    In costumed movies Alicia Vikander very organic. Therefore, for «a Royal affair» go «the crown jewels» of the Swedish Director Ella, Lemhagen. The film was received with a standing ovation at the Berlin festival and won a prize. The role Fragancia, the girl falsely accused of attempted murder, finally brings the actress out of the shadows and provides the popularity in the cinema world.

    In August 2015, the screens out the new film by guy Ritchie called «Agents of A. N. To.L.». Described in the film the events take place in the midst of the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union. The CIA and the KGB, which at first adversaries, forced to unite for a noble mission: they must stop an international criminal gang. Together with them, acting the daughter of a German scientist Gaby teller, which helps to infiltrate the gang. Alicia played Gaby.

    Personal life

    In the film «Light in the ocean,» Alicia broke novel with a colleague, Michael Fassbender, older than her 14 years. In the film they played a couple. The relationship between the actors lasted for 10 months. But in 2015 they announced the breakup, referring to the huge workload at work and busy schedules.


    • Purity
    • The second direction
    • To something beautiful
    • The seventh son
    • Anna Karenina
    • A Royal affair
    • The crown jewels
    • Light in the ocean


    Alicia Vikander

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