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  • Name: Alicia Silverstone ( Alicia Silverstone )
  • Date of birth: 4 October 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: San Francisco, CA
  • Height: 165
  • Activity: American actress, previously a model
  • Marital status: married

    Alicia Silverstone: biography

    Alicia Silverstone – teen idol of the 1990s. After appearing in a few clips from the cult band «Aerosmith» it has long been called the «Aerosmith girl». She was mega. This red-haired beauty with huge gray eyes never left the TV screens and was a style icon for millions of her peers, not only in America but throughout the world.

    Alicia Silverstone
    Alicia Silverstone |

    Alicia was born in October 1976 in the prestigious area of San Francisco, in the Jewish family. Father is a native of London, a Jew, has succeeded in real estate, married the mother of Alicia, the Scots. Before marriage a woman converted to Judaism. For Silverstone it was the second marriage. In the first left two children, Alicia’s half-brother David and sister køge, later became known in the London music festival.

    The strict religious traditions of children and their parents regularly attended the synagogue and followed the ritual of bat mitzvah did not prevent the little girl Alicia’s dream of becoming a model and actress. In 6 years the girl demanded of the Pope, who was fond of photography, to make pictures of her in the swimsuit and send to modeling agencies. The father was surprised, but agreed to the request of the child. Soon came the reply from the Agency: baby Silverstone conquered all, and she was offered to star in commercials.

    Teaching high school, San MATEO Alicia Silverstone successfully combined with casting, shooting for magazines and working on TV. Relaxed and charming girl with pleasure were invited to various commercial projects, such as the popular show «Dominoes Pizza».


    A cinematic biography of Alicia Silverstone started early enough. The girl was invited to popular American TV series «Wonder years» when she was a teenager. After a successful appearance in the project it was called «dream Girl». The young artist loved to work on set, and she went through the casting. But luck seems to be turning against her: all Silverstone.

    Fortuna turned back to Alicia’s face when she turned 15. The girl met his age, and along with the daughter of a famous musician and leader of the cult band Aerosmith, Liv Tyler. Famous girlfriend helped Silverstone to get to the clip of the parent group. Together teenagers starred in the new video, «Aerosmith» for the song Crazy. Then another two clips on the hits, Cryin and Amazing.

    Called video hits nonstop airplay on MTV and many other channels. Alicia Silverstone became a star. «The Aerosmith girl» was regularly invited model and teleagents. She left school and has issued a paper on financial independence from their parents, which allowed to make her exorbitant fees without regard to the minority.

    In 1993, the cinematic biography Alicia Silverstone has been a wonderful development. 17-year-old actress was invited to appear in the film «Passion without reciprocity». It was a starring role. Viewers saw a young beauty in the way of the treacherous 14-year-old Adrian Forrester. Young Lolita became interested in a grown man, a journalist, Nick Elliot, and put a lot of effort to save not reciprocate the beloved all that he has. This fatal girl Silverstone played fine, and that he received his first award from MTV Movie Awards «Best villain» and «discovery of the year».

    To consolidate the success in the film Alicia Silverstone failed after 2 years. She was offered a role in the movie «Clueless». And again with great success. Picture immediately after the release on the big screens became a hit of its time, and the young actress was again showered with awards and prizes. She was offered a lucrative contract with «Columbia pictures» valued at $ 10 million.

    Alicia Sliverstone in FLM
    Alicia Silverstone in «Clueless» |

    But went new projects, which starred Alicia Silverstone still had no success. In the fantasy adventure «Batman and Robin» in which the actress appeared in tandem with by George Clooney, her play in the nines defeated the critics. But most went to the former centerfolds in the blotched forms, unsuccessfully underlined close «superhero» costume. Silverstone have even given a negative award «Golden raspberry» for worst supporting actor.

    A pleasant bonus was the high box office of «Batman and Robin»: the audience was not so hard on Alicia as picky critics.

    Not successful and action-Packed film «Excess baggage» with the brilliant Benicio Del Toro, although the story was «twisted» is very exciting. Silverstone played the young daughter of the father-a millionaire who does not pay her any attention because of the huge employment your business. To attract his attention, the daughter initiates his own kidnapping by hiding in the trunk of the car. Unfortunately, hero Del Toro – theft auto – stealing a car.

    Alicia Silverstone and Benicio Del Toro in the film
    Alicia Silverstone and Benicio Del Toro in the movie «Excess baggage» | Rsai.som

    And again criticism, to put it mildly, cool took demonstrated her acting skills. The star was handed a second «Golden raspberry», calling the worst actress. But the audience «Excess baggage» like. For the work in this picture Silverstone has received $ 5 million.

    «To rehabilitate» Alicia Silverstone managed in 2004: it was nominated for the prestigious award «Golden globe» for her role in the popular TV series «Matchmaker», where she played «soft» a lawyer instead of divorce of the spouses, reconciles them. Cash were war drama «the New world», mystical project «Asylum» and erotic Thriller «the babysitter».

    Alicia Sliverstone in FLM
    Alicia Silverstone in the film «Vampire» |

    In the last 10 years, Silverstone is stepping up its popularity. Like the critics and the audience films with her participation «Like clockwork» and «Vampire». Colleagues Silverstone in these projects were the real stars – Jennifer garner, Olivia Wilde, Ashley Greene and Kristen Ritter. But the project «game of gods», where Alicia starred alongside Sharon stone and Christopher Walken, unexpectedly for the creators of the film had a huge success.

    Personal life

    Alicia Silverstone is known as a strict vegan and an ardent defender of life. The actress even fell several times in the list of most beautiful vegetarian. In the summer of 2012, she sent a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a request to provide inmate participants of the scandalous group Pussy Riot Mary Alekhine vegan diet, in which there would be meat and other animal products.

    Personal life of Alicia Silverstone has long attracted increasing attention, due to her celebrity status. One girl in several interviews hinted at his bisexuality. But perhaps it was a publicity stunt to attract attention to himself. Because never Alicia not caught in a romantic relationship with women.

    Alicia Silverstone with her husband
    Alicia Silverstone with husband |

    Some time the name Silverstone mentioned in tandem with the name of a famous comedian Adam Sandler. The press, seem to have believed that Alicia was held in the bride of Hollywood actor. And Sandler thought so, because they were engaged. But the girl had other plans. She chose not comedian, and singer Christopher Jarek. The lovers lived in a civil marriage 7 years that Hollywood is not a model of consistency. And in the summer of 2005, the couple formalized their relationship officially. Beautiful wedding ceremony was held at picturesque lake Tahoe.

    The first Silverstone and Jarecki appeared in may 2011. The boy called Bear Blu. Alicia admitted that she is happy as ever. It seems the actress even lost interest in the profession: in recent years, she starred in the short films or the series. Maybe for Silverstone on the first plan released the long-awaited motherhood.

    Alicia Silverstone with son
    Alicia Silverstone with son |


    • «Passion without reciprocity»
    • «Meaningless»
    • «Batman and Robin»
    • «Excess baggage»
    • «Blast from the past»
    • «The matchmaker»
    • «Like clockwork»
    • «Vampire»
    • «Candles on Bay Street»
    • «Game of gods»


    Alicia Silverstone

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