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  • Name: Alisa Sher ( Alla Selishcheva )
  • Date of birth: 18 June 1966
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 180
  • Activity: the Russian radio presenter, writer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Alice : cher biography

    Alice cher, or Alla Malysheva – it sounds so real name of this bright women probably will forever be the wife of Dmitry Nagieva. And this despite the fact that the couple officially divorced in 2010. But in addition to a long-standing relationship with the famous actor Alla-Alice there are many other accomplishments of which she can be proud of.

    Alla A. Malysheva was born in June 1966 in Leningrad intelligent and strong families where the parents doted on their only child. The girl in no way needed, but it is difficult to be called spoiled. Dad worked as a designer of oil refineries and are often in foreign missions. He brought his beautiful daughter to things that cannot be bought in the Union. So Alla will always look stylish. This is not fashion clothes set them apart from their peers. Selisheva since childhood proved to be a bright and creative nature.

    After graduation, she went to the famous LGITMiK and easily entered the faculty of theater science. Here she learned the organizational and economic aspects of theatre, but creative have not paid attention to: in the evening, Alla attended drama Studio.


    Some time after graduation, she worked in the «Winter» and even appeared in several productions. At that time she already had a family. Growing up the son. And theatrical activity did not bring sufficient income. This was the reason that Alla went to look for a suitable job. And found her on the radio. The young and energetic took the woman leading to a new radio station «Modern». Soon Alice Sher is a pseudonym invented Alla became a legend of «Modernity.»

    Biography of Alice Scheer has developed brilliantly. But unlike Dmitry Nagiyev, which Petersburgers saw on the screens, radio host remained in the shadows. Everybody recognized her voice, but she looks almost no one knew. Although this fact doesn’t seem particularly upset radio star.

    Alice Sher steadily moved up the career ladder, and tried himself in different roles. For some time she worked as the Director of «Peter FM». There led a popular her own show called «an Evening with Alice Sher».

    Selisheva proved to be very popular in the radio world. She changed 5 popular radio stations, where she was offered a position of creative Director. She is perfectly able to «spin» is not a very successful station to the most popular. Alice Scheer was so successful in this occupation that soon opened a new radio station which has received the name «Maximum». For this, in 2010 she was awarded the prize of Alexander Popov.

    But not only radio famous this woman. At that time the personal life of Alice cher cracked. Marriage with Nagiyev fell, albeit informally. It was the occasion for a creative ally, allowed her to join the newspaper the St. Petersburg radio another popular writer. The book «I was wife Nagieva» has become a bestseller.

    Alisa Sher, inspired by the success, I wrote another book – «How never to get married.» In it a woman told with his usual sparkling humor about what conflicts and problems faced by girls after marriage.

    Another interesting project Sher becomes the transfer of «Parent meeting» that Alice was led not as a radio and TV presenter. The program was broadcast on St Petersburg VOT TV channel.

    Before all these achievements of the St. Petersburg star has added another: she starred in the series «Time for love». Moreover, as the actress was very convincing.

    Today Alisa Sher continues to work on the radio, write new books and improve. She received the second higher education and the profession of psychologist. Selisheva a Professor at a local University for the Humanities, Department of journalism, opened his school of radiotracking and created together with the students radio «Megabyte».

    Personal life

    After the divorce with Dmitry Nagiyev, which the radio host spent 18 years, she never remarried. Personal life Alice cher is her talented son, Kirill Nagiev, who does a wonderful acting career. His progress is closely monitored, and mom and dad.

    It is noteworthy that Alice and today deals with an ex-husband who, it seems, too there is one. Although on the vicissitudes of her personal life, a lot of rumors, but official marriage is no information. Alice Sher in the life of Dmitry remains the only official wife, although in the former.


    Alice Sher with Dmitry Nagiyev

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