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photo Alice Kozmino

  • Name: Alice Kazmina ( Alice Arshavin )
  • Date of birth: 7 June 1982.
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activities: journalist
  • Marital status: married Andrey Arshavin

    Alice Kazmina: biography

    Alice Kazmina today primarily known to the public as a love of the famous Russian football player Andrey Arshavin. She was born June 7, 1982 in St. Petersburg, where she spent her childhood and youth.

    Alice Kozmino
    Alice Kazmina | woman’s day

    After high school, she received higher education at the Higher school of journalism at St. Petersburg state University, where he studied at the correspondence Department. What was she doing before her first marriage, Alice with the public is not divided, but classmate girls say that as a student she was bright, ambitious and very ambitious.

    Personal life

    Her first husband, Alice was Aleksey Kazmin, a businessman and entrepreneur who headed such companies as «Sevtransstroy», «Vyborgskaya cellulose», «SIBUR-Portenergo» and «Stroytransgaz-M».

    In this family Kuzminyh born two children, a daughter and a son that is now left to live with her mother. By the way, ex-husband of Alice also created a new Alliance with Alla Usova, a cousin to Xenia Sobchak.

    Oleksiy Kazmin and Alice Kozmino
    Alexey Kazmin and Alice Kazmina

    After a while Alice Kazmina in the UK met with the football team of Russia Andrei Arshavin, who at that time played in London «the Arsenal». They are about 4 years met, was going to get married in 2015, but due to the complexity of the rupture of Andrew with his previous wife Yulia Baranovskaya, who bore him three children, the wedding was postponed.

    Only on 1 September 2016 young people who treat each other exceptionally affectionate words, such as «my Love», officially registered their relationship. The celebration took place at the St. Petersburg wedding Palace on English embankment, and Alice took the surname of her second husband.

    The wedding of Alice and Catimini Andrey Arshavin
    The wedding of Alice and Catimini Andrey Arshavin | VK

    All the guests and journalists present at the wedding, a figure-hugging bridesmaid dress, it became clear that the young woman is back in position. For her, it will be already the third delivery, but Alice is a very responsible approach to this issue and at least twice a week to consult with doctors.

    Live of couple of Arshaving going to his native St. Petersburg, in a luxurious three-story mansion of Andrew. The design of the housing, partially occupied herself Alice, for example, she personally drew a sketch of the fireplace in the living room and the manufacturer commissioned the famous sculptor Vladimir roku. Also Alice Arshavin, along with her husband are designing a new nursery for the future baby.


    Alice Kozmino

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