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  • Name: Alisa Grebenshchikova ( Alisa Grebenschikova )
  • Date of birth: 12 June 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: actress, TV presenter
  • Marital status: not married

    Alice grebenshikova: biography

    Alice Grebenshikov – Russian actress and TV presenter, gained recognition after participating in a number of domestic projects.

    Alice was born in Leningrad. Her father Boris Grebenshchikov – a famous rock musician, the founder of the group «Aquarium». Mother Natalya Kozlovskaya worked as an economist in the state structure. When the girl was 4 years old, my father had a serious conflict with the Soviet authorities because of a scandal at a rock festival in Tbilisi, with the result that the activities of the «Aquarium» was banned. Professional trouble Grebenshchikov impact on family relationships, so Natalia took her daughter and left her husband. The next time Alice sees his father only when she turns 14 years old, but since they will be quite friendly.

    Natalia Kozlovskaya remarried and the stepfather of her daughter became a psychotherapist Dmitry Ovechkin. Alice Grebenshchikova studied at the Leningrad humanitarian school, was interested in journalism in high school attended classes in a small Department of journalism of St. Petersburg University. Also, in high school, she worked in the youth newspaper «Lenin sparks», which before her appearance, was renamed the «Five Corners». However, after high school, she decides not to get a journalism education. Instead, she arrives at the drama faculty of the Academy of theatre arts in the city. However, it took not the first attempt. First, Grebenshikov suggested examination Committee to listen to the tragic excerpt from «Eugene Onegin», but the teachers advised her to replace the monologue to something humorous, so Alice prepared the way red-haired girl from the fairy tale «Pippi Longstocking» and was enrolled in the Academy.

    He received the diploma stage actress in 1999, Alice Grebenshchikova moved to Moscow and takes a job at the theater, at the special invitation of artistic Director Tatyana Doronina, where he made his debut in the play «All your Antosha Chekhonte». The most significant theatrical work in the Theater can be considered a production of «My unborn sons» play by Yuri Vinogradov «Bride 42-year», to which the actress was preparing for several months and, according to her, during these months, every night had dreams about the war. Later, Grebenshikov has collaborated with such theatres as the Meyerhold Center, «Art Partner» and the Russian academic youth theatre.


    In the movie Alice Grebenshchikova first appeared when I was a student. Despite the prohibition of teachers for the shooting, the girl agreed to take part in the film «the American», where she played the role of dinky Cucumbers. Most of the young actors worked in this drama about the Soviet period of stagnation is almost free. The main thing that has got the actress – a great experience.

    Then a few years Alice starred in the television series, which at the moment there are already over 50. From the first soap operas is to provide the youth Comedy «FM and children» in which she starred for over 2 years, and also romance «Ondine».

    In 2004, the actress takes on the role of Ginger in the joint Russian-Ukrainian project of Paul chuhraja «the Driver for Vera». First scenario Grebenschikova role was a cameo, but she managed to invest so much creativity that the Director himself has decided to increase the amount of time and said it was one of the best scenes of the second plan, which he took.

    Then Grebenschikova was the period of the author’s non-commercial cinema. Director Elina Suni saw the actress in the role of Red, especially under her adapted script art-house Comedy «Man in a case, a Man in an overcoat and a Man in a frock coat», where Alisa plays a strange, lonely girl named Larissa, who met with an Opera singer who changes the worldview hidden in a young woman.

    For this work, Grebenshchikov was awarded the «Best actress» at the film festival «smile, Russia!» in 2005. With Elina Suni Alice continued cooperation in the drama «Veronica will not come», which shows the viewer the importance of the senses, regardless of age.


    Alisa Grebenshchikova, as a creative person and interested in new experiences, in 2007 agreed to take part in the first season of entertainment show «Ice age» in which the stars of show business paired with professional skaters every week showed the audience their dancing on skates. She has performed with world champion Alexey Tikhonov and took an honorable 3rd place. After 2 years, the actress returned to the show in the 3rd season, and danced with the world champion Maxim Stavisky. This time the Duo finished in 6th place.

    As a TV presenter Alice Grebenshchikova in 2012 led the program «City for children», which was published on the channel «Mother and child» and was intended for the youngest viewers. Alice traveled to Moscow and Moscow suburbs, and told the children about the most interesting places in which they would like to visit, from museums and zoos to schools, early development and various workshops. Moreover, the emphasis was on the practical side of the question.

    In 2014 and 2015 Grebenshchikov several times was a member of the theatrical online readings, including the «Karenina. Live edition» based on the novel by Leo Tolstoy and Chekhov alive composed by different stories by Anton Chekhov. She also acted in the literary-educational project «Be a poet!», where he read the poems of Marina Tsvetaeva, and Vera Polozkova.

    Personal life

    A few years Alisa Grebenshchikova lived in a civil marriage with photographer and cameraman Sergei Dandurana, which in 2008 gave birth to a son. But after we had the baby the relationship between Sergey and Alisa soured, and they parted. Donduran son does not participate.

    The actress is very much of his time to education and cultural development of young Alyosha. She also participates in charitable projects, for example, helped Fund Galchonok in the distribution evening «a Fabulous read» for children with Central nervous system.


    • 2000-2002 — FM and the guys
    • 2003 — Ondine
    • 2004 — a Driver for Vera
    • 2005 — Thai voyage stepanich
    • 2005 — the Man in a case man in a coat and dinner
    • 2006 — Beware of the blonde!
    • 2006 — Spanish trip stepanich
    • 2010 — Faith, Hope, Love
    • 2012 — the Mexican trip stepanych
    • 2013 — Sherlock Holmes


    Alice Grebenshchikova

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