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  • Name: Alfred Koch ( Alfred Koch )
  • Date of birth: 28 February 1961
  • Age: 55 years
  • Place of birth: Zyryanovsk, Kazakhstan
  • Height: 187
  • Activities: statesman, writer
  • Marital status: married

    Alfred Koch: biography

    Alfred reingoldovich Kokh is a businessman, writer, and a few years ago and yet the statesman and the General Director «Gazprom-Media». He is best known as a co-author of the privatization program, the liberal and active opposition of the current government. During the reign of Boris Yeltsin Alfred Koch held the position of Deputy Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation. Assessment of its activities extremely clear. One part of the Russians, including Anatoly Chubais, think Koch is a patriot and a freedom fighter, while others, conversely, accused the former official of Russophobia and perceive the accusations against the policy of Vladimir Putin as an insult to Russia.

    Alfred Koch
    Photo of Alfred Koch | rush hour

    Born Alfred Koch in February 1961 in the Republic of Kazakhstan, more precisely in the town of Zyryanovsk. Back before the war he was exiled by his father Reinhold Davidovich, a German by nationality, has lived all his life before in the Krasnodar region. Mama Nina Georgievna was a full-blooded Russian, so the nationality of Alfred Koch combined – he’s half German, half Russian. When the country announced the construction of a new automobile plant, the Koch family moved to Tolyatti, where he spent his childhood and youth of the future statesman.

    Alfred Koch
    Alfred Reingoldovich Kokh | Facebook

    Father took head of the related industries of the Volga automobile plant and worked there almost until his death. Alfred himself after the end of the Tolyatti school went to the Northern capital, and he entered the Leningrad financial-economic Institute, from which he graduated in 1983 with specialty «Economic Cybernetics». The distribution of young people were in Scientific research Institute of structural materials «Prometey». Later, Koch defended his thesis on «Methods of complex assessment of the territorial conditions of industrial facilities» and began teaching at the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute in the Department of Economics and management electronic production.

    Alfred Reingoldovich Kokh
    Businessman, statesman, and writer | diary of a forensic artist

    After the collapse of the Soviet Union biography of Alfred Koch was closely associated with the policy until the beginning of the XXI century. Then he focused on journalism and writing books. In 2015, Alfred reingoldovich left on a constant residence to Germany, to their historical homeland for a native of his father. This happened after against it criminal case under article «Contraband». The fact that Koch tried to take from Russia the painting of the artist Isaak Brodsky, which is declared as copy and forgery. Customs officers questioned, re-examination has proved the authenticity of works of art, although the lawyer Alfred Reingoldovich preserved the report of another examination, which recognized the picture quality copy. In the end, after much litigation, in February of 2016, Koch was charged in absentia under article «contraband of cultural values».


    In 1990, Alfred reingoldovich was elected Chairman of the Executive Committee of Sestroretsk regional Council of people’s deputies of Leningrad. He showed himself in this position as a promising leader and was on secondment in Chile, «Institute of freedom and development.» When Koch returned from overseas study, his career went up sharply. In Saint-Petersburg state activity Alfred Koch was associated with the Committee on property management and when he was summoned to Moscow, he entrusted the post of Deputy Chairman of the State Committee of Russian Federation for state property management.

    Alfred Koch
    Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation | Rain Channel

    During the first Russian presidential elections, Alfred reingoldovich the team of Boris Yeltsin has not officially entered, but informally participated actively in the election campaign. So few people were surprised by the appointment of Koch to the position of Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, that is, to the place of Deputy speaker. However, there the official was only about six months, as it brought criminal case in connection with the abuse of power. Later the case was closed due to Amnesty.

    Alfred Koch
    Koch: from politics to big business | Third Ukrainian Republic

    Moving away a little from politics, Alfred Koch went to big business. It had to do with such large enterprises as the leading operator in the securities market «Montes Auri», NTV and holding «Gazprom-Media». At the end of February 2006 he was elected member of the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad region in the Federation Council. But soon, at the initiative of the regional Prosecutor of the court came that the election results were fabricated. Therefore, only two months after the appointment of Alfred reingoldovich voluntarily resigns and leaves the state and political activity of Russia.


    Koch was one of the main initiators and staunch supporters of large-scale privatization of state property. According to current estimates of its persistence in carrying out radical reforms and sales of public value into private hands caused enormous damage to the national economy. The problem was not in the fact of the sale of state assets, and in incredibly reduced price tags.

    Plant «Norilsk Nickel» sold at least 12 times cheaper than the real cost | Kommersant

    For example, a profitable enterprise «Norilsk Nickel», which at a conservative estimate has been estimated at several billion dollars, sold a total of over 170 million. And such examples, the experts found a lot. And besides the financial losses, the damage to Russia caused and leakage to the West of the advanced domestic scientific development and, most importantly, controlling strategically important enterprises, in particular, the defense complex.


    In the late 90-ies he published the first printed edition, which including standing and Alfred Koch. It was the book «Privatization in Russian», in which the authors of the idea of privatization is explained to the people, why was it necessary, what errors occurred, and so on. That is the essence of the presented situation from their own point of view. A few years later, Koch co-authored with journalist Igor Svinarenko has released a shocking four-volume edition of «Box of vodka». Many readers have interpreted written as an insult to the country, the Russian nation and history, but, nevertheless, the work was nominated for the award «the Big book», however, did not win.

    Books Alfred Koch
    Books Alfred Koch

    Later from the pen of a real writer-official released the album «negation of the negation, or the Battle of Auschwitz. Debates about the demography and geopolitics of the Holocaust.» This book is again written in collaboration, this time with the demographer Paul Polynom. The collection contains a large number of factual and statistical materials about the destruction of the Jewish nation and have that decrease the significance of this tragedy is not simply the falsification of history, but is implemented specially dangerous geopolitical project.

    Books Alfred Koch
    Books Alfred Koch

    In 2013, Alfred reingoldovich published a candid and informal collection of interviews with political figures of Russia «Revolution Gaidar: the Story of the reforms of the 1990s first hand», and his last book was the publication of the «History of one village» about the fate of German colonists from the first settlement of Peter I and Catherine II to the terrible situation in the middle of the XX century when the Soviet Germans were caught between two fires, between Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler.

    Personal life

    About the personal life of Alfred Koch is little known. He’s married. His wife Marina is older than the husband by three years, his speciality is an economist, but in recent years engaged in housekeeping. Together they raised two daughters. The eldest daughter Helen who was born in 1980, graduated from the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation and working in Eastern Europe’s biggest firm related to the advertising and media business. The second daughter of Alfred Koch, Olga’s younger sister by 12 years.

    Alfred Koch with his wife
    Spouses Alfredo and Marina Koch | Facebook

    Despite the fact that Alfred Koch and his wife live amicably enough, periodically appear in the press reports about the romantic adventures of ex-official with other women. The last in the company of Alfred Reingoldovich on vacation on the island of Cyprus was seen actress Daria Ekamasova. And Alfred, and Darius, and Marina Koch this information preferred not to comment.


    • 1999 — Privatisation in Russian
    • 2005 — a Crate of vodka
    • 2008 — the denial of denial, or the Battle of Auschwitz
    • 2009 — the Comedown after a box of vodka
    • 2013 — Revolution Gaidar: the Story of the reforms of the 1990s first hand
    • 2014 — the Story of one village


    Alfred Koch

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