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  • Name: Alfred Hitchcock ( Alfred Joseph Hitchcock )
  • Date of birth: 13 Aug 1899
  • Age: 80 years
  • Date of death: 29 April 1980
  • Place of birth: Leytonstone
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: British and American film Director, producer, writer
  • Marital status: was married to Alma Reville

    Alfred Hitchcock : biography

    The future king of horror Alfred Hitchcock was born in the London suburb of Leytonstone in August 1899. Alfred is the third child in a Catholic family of William Hitchcock and Emma Jane Whelan. His father worked as a grocer, my mom took care of the house and raising children.

    The family was very religious, and attended the Jesuit College. Alfred Hitchcock not only learned the basic disciplines, but excelled in the study of French, music and good manners.

    In 1914, the year Hitchcock became a student of the London Engineering and navigation school, where he studied nautical science and mechanics. But at the same time he studied art history at the University of London. Training was interrupted at the age of 15 when his father died. The teenager took courses in drawing and lathe business and started to work. He was unsociable and withdrawn. Friends do not start. The only person he trusted was his mother. Every night Alfred before bed told her all the details of the day.

    In 1915, Hitchcock went to the volunteers, but the extra weight did not allow him to participate in combat operations. Alfred left in reserve, where he learned demolition case.

    In 1920, the guy found a position as an electrician in a film Studio, but after a few months moved into the advertising Department where he worked as an artist. Soon able man, began to write scripts, assisting Directors.

    Hitchcock Movies

    In 1922 Alfred Hitchcock debuted in the film industry as a Director. He and a colleague Hugh Kroisos made two films. One of them – «Always tell your wife» — was released, a second «Room 13» was never finished.

    Director’s biography Alfred Hitchcock began in 1925. His first painting «the Garden of delights» was filmed in Munich. But his first movie in Thriller genre appeared in 1926. He was named «Resident». Hitchcock belongs and the first sound film in Britain. This painting «Blackmail» that appeared on the screen in 1929.

    This popularity brought the film «the Man who knew too much» that was released in 1934.

    The Second world war did not allow the Director to do the directing in Britain then, and he went to Hollywood. Got a master in Beverly hills and went to work for the famous producer David Selznick. Their cooperation can not be called cloudless, as the Film though and provided funding to the film-making process and positive press coverage, but interfered in the work of Hitchcock. However, the first Hollywood movie Alfred Hitchcock’s «Rebecca» was named the best film that year and won the «Oscar».

    40 years has been very fruitful for the UK filmmaker. He shot 1-2 picture per year. And since the late 40’s himself and produced their films.

    In 1948, Hitchcock’s first film in color. He went under the name «Rope». Viewers and critics have noted the predilection of the Director for bringing in your paintings «cold» blondes, among which was the legendary Marlene Dietrich, grace Kelly, Kim Novak and Vera miles.

    The peak of film career recognized masters of the 50-ies. Directed in the Zenith of popularity. In April 1955 he receives US citizenship. During this period he published his picture of the «rear Window» and «Vertigo» entered the Golden Fund of world cinema classics. In the early 1960s introduced the acclaimed Hitchcock Thriller «Psycho» and «Birds». These two paintings can be defined as a horror movie.

    Starting with the picture «Marnie» the Hollywood movie the wizard of thrillers and horror films are perceived cool enough as viewers and critics of America. But in France, Hitchcock is a hero and legend. It is adored by French critics, the audience standing in long lines to see the paintings. Some French Directors like Truffaut, Chabrol and De Palma, imitate him.

    In 1976 came the last film Alfred Hitchcock’s «Family plot». After 3 years, the American film Institute, the Director awarded the prize «For achievements of all life». For the six months to the end of the Hitchcock the Queen of England was granted the title of nobleman. On the Hollywood walk of stars is a solo star. The total life of Alfred Hitchcock’s 55 paintings, many of which are classics of world cinema.

    Alfred Hitchcock died in April 1980 at his home. The cause of death of 80-year-old filmmaker – renal failure. Bequest of Alfred Hitchcock, his body was cremated and the ashes scattered over the Pacific ocean.

    Mental disorders

    Hitchcock’s parents raised children in a very harsh manner. Once Alfred for a small prank was closed by his father in a police cell. The child didn’t know that it’ll be out in 10 minutes and was sure it was forever. The consequence of such punishment, according to psychologists and researchers of the biography of the great Director, was his lifelong fear of the police. In the future, Hitchcock never drove a car, afraid to get to the police station.

    Subconscious fear of prosecution and unjust punishment is very often present in the films genius Director. The contemporaries told, that at first glance he seemed like a nice person, but this impression disappeared completely in a lengthy conversation.

    In his early youth, enthusiasm Alfred was a visit to the London courts, where he is, fascinated, sat for hours in meetings listening to the process with the most horrible crimes. I’d love to visit the Museum of criminology, scrutinizing the instruments of torture. Already in old age Hitchcock told his friends that he had invented a way to strangle the woman with one hand. And read a familiar short course of necrophilia.

    In addition the Director has been and other mental disorders: rare omofobia – fear of objects in the shape of eggs and comes to folly love of purity.


    Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock was a specific sense of humor. He could give the actress, not vinosense smell of fish, hundreds of smoked herring. When actress Melanie Griffith was 5-year-old girl, Hitchcock gave her a doll in a toy coffin, and toys was the face of his mother Melanie, with whom he made a scene on the set. And Sir Alfred liked to make fun of your guests, placing them on chairs pillows, emitting obscene sounds.

    In 1953 the guests coming to a dinner party Hitchcock saw dishes called «Yes, coal», «freshly severed lady fingers»and «stuffed corpses in a spicy sauce».

    Most got it from a brilliant madman beauties-Actresses, which he easily drove to a nervous breakdown. About Ingrid Bergman, who starred in the film «notorious», he lied to everyone that the actress is madly in love with him. And Vera miles, who appeared in his film «the wrong man», he spent several months sending bouquets and insane letters she burned without reading. And this is when the actress was going to marry. For actress Tippi Hedren Hitchcock organized surveillance. Moreover, due to the failure of reciprocity on her showered with threats to destroy and let the world his family.

    Hitchcock’s biographers argue that the only person who was able to put in place presumptuous profanity and cobrasnake was grace Kelly. To obscenity from the mouth of the Director, she said she already heard these words, she also studied at a religious school.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Alfred Hitchcock is associated with the only woman Alma Reville, with whom he lived for 55 years. It was not a Union of people in love, rather – two filmmakers who loved to shoot thrillers. Alma nondescript blonde which worked together with Alfred, perfectly understood your genius husband in every way and protected him.

    Many biographers believed Hitchcock a misogynist, and his cinematic legacy — convincing proof. How many beauties with cruelty and sophistication «killed» Director – are not considered.

    Married to Alma Reville had a daughter Patricia. They say love and understanding between father and daughter was not. In dealing with it, as with all others, he did not limit himself in the profanity. Sometimes it seemed that he just does not know how to Express their feelings differently.

    Patricia married and had two children.

    Alfred Hitchcock: filmography

    • Resident
    • Blackmail
    • The man who knew too much
    • Rebecca
    • Rope
    • The window into the yard
    • Dizziness
    • Psycho
    • Birds
    • Family plot

    Alfred Hitchcock: photo

    Alfred Hitchcock

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