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  • Name: Alexis Tsipras ( Alexis Tsipras )
  • Date of birth: 28 July 1974.
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Athens, Greece
  • Activity: Greek statesman and politician, leader of the Coalition of the radical left Prime Minister of Greece
  • Marital status: Married Peristera Basiani

    Alexis Tsipras: a biography

    Alexis Tsipras – the leader of the Coalition of radical forces, who is considered the modern master of Realpolitik, has managed to create a tactical masterpiece in Greek politics, combining into one party all the main «components» of the party leadership. The politician is the youngest Chairman of the parliamentary party of Greece in the history of the state, active in the head which allowed him to become Prime Minister of Greece. World politics Tsipras called «Sprinter», as it is for a short period has achieved great results over which most politicians work their entire lives.

    Born Alexis Tsipras on 28 July 1974 in the Greek capital in a normal family. The future Prime Minister of Greece was the youngest child of his parents, he has a older brother and sister, who loved the boy and petted him for any reason. The childhood of young Alexis was held in the Athens district of ambelokipi station, where he graduated from an ordinary school. It is known that already in the childhood the boy showed little interest in politics, learning to read, he in one breath read political Newspapers and magazines brought into the house of his father.

    Probably this factor was a key in choosing the direction in life, so a biography of Alexis Tsipras from school completely filled with politics. As a schoolboy, the boy led an active social life – he joined the party of Communist youth of Greece, in whose ranks participated in the movement protesting students against the proposed Minister of education

  • Vasilisa Kontogiannopoulos controversial laws in the classroom. Even then, Tsipras began to gain popularity and acceptance among the population, as against the background of the youth movement has repeatedly invited on TV where he performed with loud slogans of advocate of youth of Greece. After graduating from high school, the future politician entered the national technical University of Athens, who in 2000 successfully graduated and received the diploma of civil engineer. Alexis then continued her postgraduate studies at the faculty of planning and land use, as well as worked in the construction industry, during which he created several projects and articles on the subject of the improvement of Athens.

    While training at the University Tsipras did not stop his public activities in the Communist youth movement, taking part in all the major rallies that made him a prominent person in the country. Due to this, in 1995, he became a member of the Central Committee of the National student Union of Greece. In the late 90-ies of the future Prime Minister of Greece was elected Secretary of the youth party «

  • Synaspismos», acting in this role a bright representative of the radical left.

    Alexis Tsipras: politics

    The hour of Tsipras in the world of big-time politics came in 2006, when during the Greek municipal elections, he was nominated for the position of mayor of the capital and took the third place among the political sharks of the country. In 2007, Alexis was elected to the position of head of SYRIZA, which has strengthened his chances to reach high achievements in the political direction, but after a year has passed in the Greek Parliament, taking the post of leader of the factional party.

    Under the leadership of Tsipras party

  • SYRIZA was able to fly swiftly to the pinnacle of political success, gaining in parliamentary elections in 2012, a majority of the votes in comparison with the Communists (
  • The KPD) and socialists (
  • PASOK), becoming the main opposition force in Greece, headed by Alexis Tsipras.

    In 2013, a successful young politician becomes a Prime candidate for the post of European Commission President from the Party of the European left. Thanks to the elaborate program that has been deployed not only in Greece but also in Europe, such as Italy, Germany, France, Slovenia, directed against the neo-liberal course of the European Union, suggesting a mode of rigid economy in the country, Tsipras was able to win the trust and love of the population. Then future Prime Minister of Greece made a vivid defender of the rights of the unemployed and crisis-affected vulnerable people, his «admission ticket» to the heights of power in the country.

    Alexis Tsipras Prime Minister of Greece

    In January 2015, in Greece held early parliamentary elections, which were won by Tsipras-led coalition of the radical left SYRIZA forces». The next day after the election, on January 26 Alexis Tsipras, was sworn Prime Minister of the country and received the presidential mandate to form a new government.

    To lead the Cabinet of Greece the young politician managed due to his successful election campaign, during which he promised the people to abolish the European austerity measures and to restore people’s average salary in the amount of 781 euros. Alexis Tsipras assured the public that will create a special Bank for farmers and small businesses, eliminate a single tax on any property and will save the country all social programs.

    However, the crisis in Greece has crossed out all plans of the new Prime Minister, as the country was on the brink of the abyss before the default due to the lack of the ability to repay the debt to international creditors in the amount of 28 billion euros. On the background of acute economic crisis, the head of the Cabinet began to find a balance between his campaign promises and the situation.

    As a result, the head of the government took the difficult decision and agreed to comply with the terms of the EU to bring the country out of the crisis through radical reform. Under the agreement signed with the European Commission, Tsipras agreed to the establishment of the state guarantee Fund, thanks to which Greece will receive financial assistance in the amount of 86 billion euros, which will protect it from imminent default.

    Alexis Tsipras: personal life

    Private life of Alexis Tsipras is open and transparent to the public, as well as his politics. He is married to

  • The peristera Bazaine, who was in love at school. Wife Tsipras shares the political views of her husband – she was a member of the Communist youth movement in Greece, and currently supports Tsipras is in such a difficult time of crisis. Together with his wife Alexis Tsipras has two sons, with whom Athenian lives in a rented apartment building. After climbing the young politician on a pedestal of power in the Greek media started to say that the new Prime Minister, together with Peristeri, which gently calls beta, moving into more luxury housing. However, Cipressi refuted this statement, stating that at the previous place they have a good life.

    Family to head the Greek government has a huge value – he’s trying to pay more attention to the upbringing of children, respect his wife, with whom in their free time often rests on the Greek Islands. The first lady of Greece does not like publicity, preferring to run the household instead of attending social events. Bethie lives an ordinary life of an ordinary citizen, simply dressed and very rarely «light».

    Friends from the environment of Alexis Tsipras speak of him as a restrained and calm man who knows how to listen and keep the conversation going. The main positive as the Prime Minister of Greece I think his ability to focus on goals and the ability to correctly select a team in which everyone performs the task in accordance with their talents.

    It is known that non-political passion Tsipras – large bikes, but entering the world of big politics, he was forced to abandon his «close friend», changing it to the car. Despite the enthusiasm for the school volleyball, Alexis couldn’t identify in his life for sport. It supports physical shape for a home gym, also enjoys music and Latin American culture.

    Alexis Tsipras: photo

    Alexis Tsipras

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