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  • Name: Alexey Zubkov ( Zubkov Alexey )
  • Date of birth: 27 March 1975
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Height: 193
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Alexey Zubkov: biography

    Alexey Zubkov was born on 27 March 1975 in Ukraine. All his childhood he spent in his native country. In music school she learned the lessons on the trumpet, and later taught himself to play the guitar. Alex grew up in secondary school and in music.

    Due to its ability to study after graduation from an educational institution Zubkov entered the Kyiv national University television, film and theater named after Karpenko-Kary. Training in this University has been an honour to Zubkov, so he struggled trying to show the best results, impress your teachers and delight loved ones.

    Alexey Zubkov: theatre

    In 2001, Alexey graduated the University and received a proposal to become an actor in the troupe of the National academic drama theatre named after Ivan Franko. From the proposal, the future actor did not refuse later often played at the theater.

    He performed many major roles in such productions and plays like «Othello», «the Brothers Karamazov», «a sentimental cruise», «teve-Tevel», «Aesop», «Oedipus the King», etc.

    Alexey Zubkov: movies

    Played by actor roles in the theatre, the popularity did not bring him, then in 2002 he tries to succeed in the movie. Zubkov is debuting on television with a small role in the popular sci-Fi television series of the Ukrainian production «Critical condition» of the patients that turn into mutants. Due to this role of Alex notice not only of the Ukrainian Directors, but also Russian, inviting in such films as «Banker», «the Myth of the perfect man» and «Collection». The first role in the project of Russian television he played in an episode of «Unofficial assignment 2: Explosion at dawn».

    But time actor Alexei fame came after the release of the film «Mine», where he was assigned the main role of the seafarer Gennady Tomilin, who did not wait for the bride. All artistic images of heroes, performed by Alex, was very similar to each other, and it was not much diversity between characters. Everywhere Zubkov played the happy family man, a person, sensitive and sympathetic towards all people. Examples can become such characters as officer Sergey Gushchin in the adventure film «Black snow», which defended the residents of the Siberian town during the lawlessness of the bandits, bodyguard movie, «I am the bodyguard» and Dmitry Khokhlov in the Ukrainian film «the Genius of empty space».

    Through several projects, the actor manages to get new and interesting images of businessmen and attractive men. Since then, Alexey Zubkov and became known to the people, people recognize him on the streets and ask for autographs.

    Alexey Zubkov: personal life

    Alexey Zubkov believes that the personal life and personal to this information was available only to the closest people and family circle. But the fact that in 2002 the actor was born beloved daughter, from the press to hide failed.

    Alexey Zubkov filmography

    • When we were happy
    • The sofa for single men
    • One you love
    • Dreaming is not bad
    • Once there was love
    • Poor relatives
    • Neuter, singular
    • To leave, to return
    • Visiting fellow
    • When daylight comes

    Alexey Zubkov: photo

    Alexey Zubkov with Segueway

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