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  • Name: Alexey Zimin ( Zimin Aleksey )
  • Date of birth: 31 July 1995
  • Age: 21 years
  • Place of birth: Ulyanovsk, Russia
  • Activity: artist, photographer
  • Marital status: not married

    Alexey Zimin: biography

    Alexei Zimin, a young talented artist, successfully combines the creation of paintings with photographic art. All his work is filled with deep meaning and unparalleled play of colors… largely due to his talent, he became famous not only among his «colleagues», but also among the General public.

    Alex was born into a fairly rational and practical family: his parents were lawyers. But the father of the future artist was once interested in photography, and mother in his youth, he attended art school. It pushed parents to develop the child’s creativity, although later they decided to develop it comprehensively.

    Alexey Zimin
    Alexey Zimin

    Alexey remembers that in his childhood he was an ordinary boy, skipped school, played football, were teasing girls. He had a craving for mystery and adventure, so a favorite subject in school is history. Meanwhile, young Alex could watch the world, marveling at the greatness of his paints. He surprisingly noticed the colors of nature: Golden leaves at the West or the incredible number of shades of green in the tree crown.

    Picture Of Alexey Zimin
    Picture Of Alexey Zimin «Nebula»

    Asked about memorable moments from his childhood, Alex recalls his trip to summer camp, especially orienteering. During the competition the team of Alexey Zimin made the mistake of going down the slope to the Creek, and long after I got there. But it taught a little boy of helping people: team spirit helped the boys get back and even win.

    Alexey Zimin
    Alexey Zimin

    Perhaps we should also mention the passion of Alex swimming. Like all boys, he quickly switches from one hobby to another, but in ten years it started to conquer the water spaces. By the way, he has achieved considerable success, participating in city competitions.

    With 6 on 11 class, he was involved in modeling activities: he designed a sailboat «SV. Helena» model aircraft «CESSNA», which later took part in Regional competitions. The life of a young artist was full and rich: he found himself in new Hobbies and have reached certain heights, but never changed his artistic nature.


    Since early childhood Alex could be interested in the past what his peers would have passed without hesitation. Studying the colors of nature, he thought about art. As he recalls, his life was not art school. Alex himself studied painting, exploring light painting techniques through books, in a sense, re-creating the art.

    Alexey Zimin
    Alexey Zimin

    Early work of the artist immediately found approval among the critics. Even though they pointed out minor flaws of the young master, but mention a good sense of color and ability to clearly convey on the canvas not only the details but also the image that became the basis of the work.

    The first exhibition of Alexey Zimin took place in the 10th grade when he was 33 in the gymnasium of the city of Ulyanovsk. The exhibition «Spring colors», organized by the artist alone, was held in the library named after Aksakov in 2013. Later he created several works have also organized their presentation to the wider public.

    Alexey Zimin
    Alexey Zimin

    Despite his desire for creativity, Alex has chosen very far from his profession, enrolling in Moscow Russian state social University, specialty «Information technologies», and later decided to follow in the footsteps of their parents and began a correspondence course in the specialty of the lawyer.

    All this time he did not leave its development in the creative sector. He studied the art of gradually investing in every picture the soul and hidden meaning. Alexei tried himself in different directions and eventually stopped on one, a completely new field.

    Alexei Zimin today

    Now Alexei Zimin constantly holds exhibitions with a frequency of about 1 time per 3 months, which is visited by both critics and people, who want to enjoy creativity. Among his ever-growing track record of participation in the exhibition «Health of the nation.» Especially noteworthy is organized by Alexey creative competition «Russia on the canvas».

    Alexey Zimin
    Alexei Zimin and his painting «the Rocket»

    A peculiar crown of the artist’s work was the exhibition devoted to Day of Astronautics. He showed to the wide audience your business, one way or another connected with the cosmos and transmit the breathtaking vastness of the universe.

    The last time Alex tried his hand at abstraction, and the picture of the «Triangle, circle and square» becomes a reflection of the vision of this style by the artist. The product «Vladimir Putin after a rest in the Crimea» (also one of the last works of the author deserve the attention of connoisseurs of art.

    Own direction in painting

    Alexei Zimin are constantly looking for himself, putting the soul in new directions of art. Today, he does not leave aside art photography and working in a completely new style of art natura. This genre is an author’s direction of Alexei.

    Picture Of Alexey Zimin
    Picture Of Alexey Zimin «Autumn»

    In this drawing the artist uses only natural materials. Paint on canvas applied with the help of twigs, leaves, moss and other items donated to the author of the surrounding world. Natural materials create a real «live» pictures, if transmit smells, a light breeze, the sounds of nature. This technique gives the artist the opportunity to show a living world, a real beauty of colors.

    Picture Of Alexey Zimin
    Picture of Alexey Zimin «Triangle, circle and square»

    Alexei Zimin continues to delight audiences with new works, and at the same time to develop in other directions. His artistic skills are growing stronger with each passing month. The exhibition comes more and more people, the paintings become better figurative, brighter. Today we see the emergence of the artist in all its splendor.

    Personal life

    Alex school years were a success with women. Now he’s Dating former model Vlasova Anastasia, now she decided to change field of activity and began to study medical Sciences. The plans of the couple to be married and have children.


    Alexey Zimin

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