Alexei Zharkov

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  • Name: Alexey Zharkov ( The Aleksey Naumovich )
  • Date of birth: 27 March 1948
  • Age: 68 years
  • Date of death: 5 June 2016.
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: film and theater actor, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Alexey Zharkov: biography

    Soviet cinema gave the world a huge amount of highly skilled actors. Among the stars of the first magnitude is not lost and people’s artist of Russia Alexei Zharkov, known to film fans for such films as «Ten little Indians», «the Prisoner of Zenda», «the sleeping dog», «Criminal talent» and many others.

    Alexey was born in Moscow 3 years after the end of the Second world war. The family that lived Zharkov, had many children – they were seven of us huddled in one room of a communal apartment. However, parents tried to get children fully developed. For example, Alex went to an art Studio, and when the father noticed that the boy carved from plywood accordion and drew on it the keys, managed to find the funds and buy him a real instrument.

    After school Alexey Zharkov entered the school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, as by this time already had experience filming a movie and saw myself only in the way of the artist. The first job of the novice actor was the Theater named after Maria Yermolova, where he served a total of 33 years. However, with some break – in 90-ies the actor was in Moscow academic theatre named after A. P. Chekhov.


    To debut in movie Alex zarkova had in adolescence. At the age of 14 he played the pioneer Pete in the children’s film «Hello, children!», and a year later starred in the Comedy «Lost summer». This experience helped the young man to choose the profession. After high school Zharkov was expecting a series of roles in movies such as «These naughty children», «break», «the Investigation leading Experts», «Lyosha» and many others.

    First popularity came to an actor after the release of the melodrama «Us crowned not in Church,» the military drama «Torpedo bombers» and followed her drama film «My friend Ivan Lapshin». In subsequent years, Zharkov starred in the biographical film «Ivan Babushkin», the musical «was not was», the historical drama «the Life of Klim Samgin», Comedy, «Lady with parrot».

    But the all-Union fame he brought the film adaptation of Agatha Christie’s «Ten little Indians», action series the film «Prisoner of If castle» and social drama «Criminal talent». In the 90-ies, in contrast to many colleagues who have had to seek work outside the cinema, Alexey Zharkov remained in demand. From paintings of this period it is necessary to highlight the historical film «the Kremlin secrets of the sixteenth century», the Comedy «let sleeping dogs lie», war drama «the General» and the tragicomedy «Stalin’s Testament».

    Interest to the person Zharkova faded almost to the end. In the last decade he has appeared in many projects, for example, in the criminal Comedy «No escape from love,» the detective «destructive power-6», the melodrama «Sunday in a female bath» Thriller-novel «the Group «Zeta». The latest film by people’s artist was the drama «Leviathan», released in 2014.

    Interestingly, playing around 130 roles, Alexei Dmitrievich was not isolated any of them because they put their whole soul in everyone, even the most episodic character, as repeatedly mentioned in numerous interviews.

    Personal life

    With his only wife Alexei Zharkov met in 1972. His wife, the Love of the profession – stewardess, but it was not on the plane, and in the theater. The girl watched the play, where her future husband had played a very significant role, but after the performance she wanted to give flowers to him.

    Just a month Alex and Love already combined legal marriage, and after a while the family got their son Maxim and daughter Anastasia. And if the son decided not to continue his father’s job, becoming an investigator, the daughter followed in his footsteps.


    Recently, the actor Alexey Zharkov has been sick. In 2012 he had his first stroke, after which men, even paralyzed. But moving away from illness, he continued to act in films and come out to the stage.

    From a city apartment, he moved to the suburban cottage where peace and quiet is better fit to his attitude. But in March 2016 was a new heart attack. Zharkov was hospitalized and held in a hospital bed for over a month. Unfortunately, all efforts by doctors proved futile, and on 5 June 2016 Alexey Dmitrievich died.


    • 1983 — Torpedo
    • 1985 — Wine Lieutenant Nekrasov
    • 1987 — Ten little Indians
    • 1988 — Criminal talent
    • 1988 — the Lady with the parrot
    • 1989 — Prisoner of If castle
    • 1991 — Kremlin secrets of the sixteenth century
    • 1991 — let sleeping dogs lie
    • 2003 — No escape from love
    • 2007 — the Group «ZETA»


    Alexei Zharkov

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