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  • Name: Alexey Yanin ( Yanin Y. )
  • Date of birth: 14 March 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Alexey Yanin biography

    Alexey Yanin was born 14 March 1983 in Moscow. The family of the future actor was not associated with a professional art — the boy’s father by profession a historian, and my mother is economist. Since childhood the boy showed artistic abilities. His cheerful nature and boundless vitality are celebrated by educators, and school teachers. Was attended by the future actor first, in the 415-th Moscow school, then, at the urging of the grandmother, transferred to the Pushkin school, and after the ninth class has decided to return to his former school.

    By the time it ended, the question of the choice of the future path was not the problem — school was at state technological University named after Tsiolkovsky, and admission to this prestigious University had already, in fact, provided. But Alex make the responsible decision to go the way of the acting profession always attracted its creative, full of artistic nature. One of the major factors that influenced the fate of the actor was a visit to the different age group «Hope».

    This organization, in the recent past the former pioneer squad that had as its main aim to develop in children such qualities as mutual support, activity, love of the history of his land; organized trips and sporting events. Each graduate group «Hope» fondly recalls the years spent there had a special place in my life. It is the teacher of this group, Efim Steinberg, was prepared by Alexei Ioannina to enroll in drama school, where he himself failed at the time to do it.

    Submitting documents to all College theater of the capital, Alexei Yanin is not only the Moscow art theatre, but other universities are taking it on yourself. Faced with a choice among many prestigious institutions, such as cinematography, GITIS Institute. Shchukin, Alex stops at the last. There he goes to the course teacher Victor Korshunov, who recommended that Efim Steinberg. Thus began four years of intensive College life. Lectures, preparation of sketches of theatrical life of the capital capture Alexei. He recalls that at first did not understand the difference between theatrical universities. I want to go to the Moscow art theatre, but later when the opportunity came, Alexey Yanin was already a loyal student is his «Alma mater».


    After finishing the Schepkin school with honors in 2004, Alex was invited to several theaters. Of all the options he chooses Ramtha, as the final stage of training was already attracted to work in the theater as a performer starring in the play «Lord of the flies» directed by Alexander Ogaryov. Premiered in 2005-m to year, and the play entered the repertoire of the theatre. At the same time, the young actor delivers his candidacy for another main role in the play «Yin and Yang», getting the approval of the artistic Director of the theatre.

    In the future Alexey Yanin played the role of Prince in «Cinderella», and as a tribute to his mathematical past, the role of the scientist in the play «the Shadow.» The actor himself claims not to divide the roles into «good» and «bad». Sees his task in conducting a character from the beginning to the end of the show, receiving the image by the maximum occurrences in the story a number of works.


    The real fame he brought the work to a movie. He participated in the series «Students» in the role of Anton Gray. According to the memoirs of Alexei, this project is for all participants was the first serious, so the actors tried hard, spending a lot of time for discussion and study of the smallest of scenes and their characters, their goals and motives.

    Answering a question of journalists, whether he likes to act in serials, Alexey Yanin says he is primarily interested in the quality of the material and the possibility for disclosure of image of your character. You can get into a very good series, and you can get in a bad movie rightly notes the actor.

    Further work is also memorable for the viewer. Among them, the TV series «mothers and Daughters», «Club», «Ostrog. Theodore case Sechenov», multi-project «Stronger destiny», where Alex played a positive role of the local police officer Nicholas Portnov.


    In the spring of 2015, the artist was very busy production schedule. A lot of work and constant stress led to the fact that on may 6, the actor felt bad. Wife Daria says that in that day, took husband to hospital where doctors diagnosed Alexei Janina stroke. Due to holidays it was decided to move the necessary procedures and operations for the week ahead.

    May 13, on the page of the singer Nyusha, a friend of the family, it was reported that Alexey Yanin went into a coma. In this state he remained for quite a long time. The actor needed surgery to seal skull, but found inflammation on the old joints are not allowed. Janine passes rehabilitation courses in one of German clinics.

    Personal life

    He was married to stage actress Olga Khokhlova, with which played a small episode in the TV series «emergency: Emergency situation.»

    In 2012, the year Alexey Yanin married to singer Dasha Klyushnikova is known for his performance of the hit «the Heart won’t hurt». The couple has a son named Andrew.


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    Alexey Yanin

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