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  • Name: Alexey Voevoda ( Alexey Voevoda )
  • Date of birth: 9 may 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Kalynovytsia, Chernihiv oblast,
  • Height: 194
  • Activity: bobsledder and armrestlinga, double Olympic champion, world champion
  • Marital status: Not married

    Alexey Voevoda: biography

    Alexey Voevoda – Russian athlete, three-time world champion and three-time winner of the world Cup among professionals in armwrestling, two-time Olympic champion in bobsleigh in twos and fours.

    Alexey was born in the village Kalynovytsia Chernihiv region and lived there until 5 years, then moved with his parents to Sochi, where the work was transferred to his father, a party worker, to the post of first Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee. Sports Alex was in love with since childhood. In the 6 years he was in the section of martial arts, was involved in several types of karate and judo, which became a candidate master of sports. Later, the boy was surprised by the strength of his grandfather, who fingers bent coins, and began to develop its power. In 14 years the Governor could single-handedly turn the car and jump over a school Desk.

    After school, Alex plans to attend the high school of police, but for some reason failed to pass the standards for physical training, so he became a student of economic faculty in the Sochi branch RUDN. But soon he transferred to the Sochi University of tourism and resort business and graduating from the faculty of tourism, service and sports. As a student, future athlete moonlighting as a security guard for different companies.

    Arm wrestling

    The first sporting glory Alexey Voevoda acquired as a professional armwrestler. In this sport he started in high school, practicing with his father, a fan of this kind of competitions. But in professional sports was not planned, happened to hear that the bar «zodiac» will soon be «Iron hand Sochi», for participation in which required entry fee. Need money Alexei was not, but have helped friends, so it was impossible to refuse.

    During the competition, the Governor made a splash, easily defeated all opponents, including European champion Kote Razmadze, who was considered invincible. Kote so impressed by the talent of the young man who took him under his wing and became the first professional coach in the life of Alex.

    During the year, Alexey Voevoda became the world champion in arm wrestling, then twice repeated this achievement three more times and raised over the head of the world Cup, organized by the holding company «Nemiroff». Due to the fact that the athlete has completed all the necessary requirements for receiving the title of honored master of sports in arm wrestling a little more than a year, there was a specific incident. The fact that this title is awarded only after 5 years of training. An interesting precedent which, to the credit of the sport Federation, it was decided in favor of Alexey Voevoda.


    Almost by accident the athlete was in a bobsled. After the conquest of another title of the champion in armwrestling, he noticed that in the sports press, his victory was dedicated to just one small note, while the team took 8th place at the Olympics in salt lake city had a newspaper spread. Alexey Voevoda decided to find out what it’s for sport, went to the national team and on the test runs with 100-pound sled ahead of all team members. Coach Valery leichenko immediately turned on the Governor of the composition and made it dispersing in pairs and fours.

    In 2003, the athlete have any difficulties because of the injury. For two years he retires from bobsleigh and dedicated it to arm wrestling, where he continues to win all sorts of prizes. After surgery and full recovery, the Governor returns to the sleigh and at the 2006 Olympic games in Turin, becoming the silver medalist and in 2010-m year, won the bronze medal. In the same year, Alexei was awarded the order «For merits before Fatherland» for his great achievements in the field of physical culture and sports, as well as awarded the title of honorary citizen of Sochi.

    In 2013, the athlete joined the team of ambassadors «Sochi-2014» and has done a lot to promote the upcoming Olympics. Himself the Governor to participate in the competition had not planned, but a month before the start all he accepted the invitation of coaches and proved that he is in fine form: on the home Olympics Alex won two gold medals in the crew-four crew-two. For this victory he received another order «For merits before Fatherland», after which announced the end of his professional career as a sportsman.

    Alexey Voevoda has accepted the invitation of the First channel and became one of the members of the new entertainment program «Without insurance,» which TV started to broadcast in late January 2016. This is an extreme sports show, where celebrities paired with professional gymnasts belongs weekly to show the audience equilibristics complex numbers.

    Personal life

    Alexei Governor during the years of violent youth gained the reputation of a womanizer that was impossible to resist any girl. However, he claims he is always very respectful to the ladies. But in the last time in his life, a woman that takes all the thoughts of the athlete, and which he calls the greatest love of his life.

    Alex deliberately gave up meat and became a vegetarian diet, as this diet helps him to improve not only health but also sports performance.

    When the Governor was engaged in arm wrestling, he had certain beliefs that he religiously kept in his pocket was always a little icon of St. George, and before the fight he certainly was baptized three times.


    Alexey Voevoda

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