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  • Name: Alexey Shevchenko ( Aleksey Schevchenkov )
  • Date of birth: 2 November 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Birth place: Chernyakhovsk, Kaliningrad oblast
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor, Honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Alexey Shevchenko: biography

    Known for the many excellent domestic films and TV series actor Aleksey Shevchenkov had all the chances to become a footballer and never appear on the screen.

    Shevchenko was born in November 1974 in the provincial town of Chernyakhovsk of the Kaliningrad region, in a simple family, where actors or people of a different art form was not. Yes, and Alex, neither of the stage nor the set of not wanted. He was good at football and 13 years arrived in the capital, where he became engaged in school sports. But love at first sight with a noisy Moscow Shevchenko did not happen. The boy returned home. Here he continued to engage in their favorite sport.

    About that Alexei had some success in football can be judged by the fact that promising defender Shevchenkovo one of the Polish sports clubs offered a contract. And then rudely interfered with the hand of fate in the face of a new coach, prevented the player’s transfer. On this Alex, so long sought career growth, set bold and irreversible point in the sport. He went to Leningrad and in 1992 became a student of the famous LGITMiK.

    Alexey Shevchenko studied in the course of Dmitry Astrakhan. But upon graduation he decided to leave Saint Petersburg for the second time and went to conquer the rebellious Moscow.


    To appear on stage and play their first role in a movie Shevchenko began in Leningrad, the first courses of universities. He made his brilliant debut in performances of «the taming of the shrew» and «planet of love», which was put on the stage of the Theatre of Comedy named N. Akimova.

    On the screen, Aleksey Shevchenkov first appeared in 1993, playing a student in the great melodrama «You are my only love» by Dmitry Astrakhan. Then the young actor starred in the films «Passion» and «Three stories» by Kira Muratova.

    In 1996, having graduated LGITMiK, Shevchenko went to Moscow. There he was invited by mark Rozovsky. Rather, the mark G. invited any promising actor in the theatre. But Shevchenko was stopped on the theatre headed by Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. He allowed his actors to star in a movie, and that Alexei was very important.

    In the capital, a cinematic biography of Alexei Shevchenko developed, although not fast, but quite successfully. He was offered a job in their projects Kira Muratova, who he met in Leningrad stay, and Stanislav Govorukhin. However, the proposed role was reduced to one role: thieves and villains. The actor admitted that he is not particularly liked, and he even tried to give their negative characters humanity.

    In 2009, Alexey Shevchenko left the theater Dzhigarkhanyan, slamming the door. Parting with the former head cannot be called peaceful. According to the artist, there were the directing zeal manifested by Armen Borisovich played after «it» artist on the «stranger» stage role. In the same year Shevchenko was accepted into the Moscow art theatre name. Chekhov, where he was cordially invited Oleg Tabakov.

    For today filmography Shevchenko moves steadily to one hundred roles. Artist often plays the key characters, but his images are well memorized. Whether the gun dealer in «Voroshilov arrow», chemist «Kamenskaya. Playing in a foreign field», Makhnach «the Citizen the chief» or Tarasov-Rodionov in «Yesenin». The audience could see Alexei Shevchenko in such popular projects as «Turkish March», «Stiletto», «Storm the gates», «Yesterday ended the war» and «Sherlock Holmes».

    But perhaps the star can be called the role of Judas that got Alexei Shevchenko in the project of Leonid Andreeva with the same name. For this work, the actor in 2013 he won prestigious awards – the prize «Silver George».

    Personal life

    Meeting his wife, actress Olga Shevchenko Alexey described as: «Woke up one day at the theatre on the cot after yet another drunken rehearsal. Watching: the girl is beautiful. Well, I think, such a monster like me, just do not Shine».

    As it turned out, Alex made a mistake. Another «luminary». The pair has created a strong family who grows two wonderful children – daughters Barbara and Victoria. Olga has left to serve in the troupe of theatre of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan.

    The actor has a hobby: he composes and sings songs. Friends and all who were fortunate enough to hear a performance of Shevchenko’s claim that he is a talented singer and author.


    • «Voroshilov sharpshooter»
    • «Kamenskaya. Playing in a foreign field»
    • «Team»
    • «Yesenin»
    • «Magical love»
    • «Zhurov»
    • «Yesterday the war ended»
    • «Judas»
    • «Sherlock Holmes»
    • «Goryunov»


    Alexey Shevchenko

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