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  • Name: Alexey Shcherbakov ( Alexey Shcherbakov )
  • Date of birth: 15 December 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Zelenograd, Russia
  • Activity: comedian, humorist, member of the show «Stand Up»
  • Marital status: married

    Alexey Shcherbakov: biography

    Alexey Scherbakov today known and loved by many fans of the popular TV show «Stand Up», a permanent resident which is.

    The comedian was born in Zelenograd near Moscow in December 1989. Already in early childhood, the relatives of Alexei noticed that the boy had a great sense of humor. In any company thanks to its witty jokes guy became the «nail program».

    Alexey Shcherbakov
    Alexey Shcherbakov | VK

    But in school Alexey Shcherbakov not only well meant it. He was fond of music and sports. After mastering the guitar and drums, he played in a local rock band. When this guy had time to attend classes in martial arts. Soon they added a passion for acrobatics and parkour.

    After receiving a high school diploma Alexey Shcherbakov decided to pursue higher education. He went to the capital Institute of management, where he chose a serious school of «Finance and credit». But the desire to joke and speak in public the guy had passed. He attended the Moscow Theatre-Studio «Art-Master».

    After graduation Alexey Shcherbakov gave the duty to the Motherland. He served in Tambov, in the 16 th brigade of special purpose GRU. After service Shcherbakov began to work in Moscow metro installer.

    «Stand Up»

    Despite the time – the installer is not the easiest Alexey Scherbakov manages to joke, and not only in the narrow circle of the family. On television he debuted in July 2012: acted in several editions of the 1st season of the comic project «Comedy battle». There are brightly lit star Zelenograd showman.

    Jokes of a humorist like many fans of the show. Humor Alexei similar in the pictures, but taken from a certain angle, the comic. In it, everyone will hear what he personally met and experienced in my life, but didn’t pay much attention.

    Alexey Shcherbakov colleagues Stand Up Show
    Alexey Shcherbakov colleagues Stand Up Show | Geometria

    Soon after appearing on the TNT show «Stand Up» biography of Alexei Shcherbakov was enriched by another bright head: the comedian became a permanent resident of this project. He’s got an army of fans that set the humor of zelenograda among all the other jokes.

    It seems that Shcherbakov loves to perform in «Stand Up», it’s a great way of self-realization. But the work in the metro Alex hasn’t thought to throw.

    In mid-September of 2016 kicked off the new season of the project. And Alexey Shcherbakov again it appeared.

    Personal life

    In my spare time, which is not so much a humorist involved in sports. He leads a healthy lifestyle, not Smoking and not abusing alcohol. And it is quite understandable and justified, because the artist is exemplary.

    Alexey Scherbakov with his wife Helen
    Alexey Scherbakov with his wife Helen | VK

    Personal life Alexei Shcherbakov has developed well. In 2011 he married a beautiful girl, Elena. Soon they had a son, whom he brings in to the same extent as before raised him.

    Family experience and, in particular, the experience of raising 4-year-old son is a new source that Alexei Shcherbakov draws its fresh jokes. Anyone who has a family and a child, with a laugh finds out in the comic passages of the comic itself.


    Alexey Shcherbakov

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