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photo Alexei Serebryakov

  • Name: Alexey Serebryakov ( Aaleksey Serebryakov )
  • Date of birth: 3 July 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 184
  • Activities: actor, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Alexey Serebryakov biography

    Alexei Serebryakov – Russian-canadian actor. From childhood he plays in the films and was especially popular in 90-e years. Later starred in beautiful but not always successful films of different genres. The second wave of global popularity came to Alex after the release of the acclaimed film «Leviathan», which became infamous in Russia and warmly received abroad.

    Alexey Serebryakov
    Photos of the actor

    Alexey’s father was an engineer and his mother worked as an attending physician at the Studio of Gorky. Alex was an excellent student in addition to General education and attended a music school, which played a huge role in the fate of Serebryakov. In the world of cinema, the future actor first came through the Directors of «Mosfilm», as a 13-year old boys. In the hands of the assistants got photo Serebryakova, for which he played the accordion, and which, as it later turned out, was a turning point in the biography of Alexei. At pictures of Alex appeared by chance, the journalists did a story about his teacher in music school and decided to make an atmospheric shot of a distinguished teacher explaining something to a young talent. During the filming of the film «Father and son» was looking for an actor to play the son of the main character. The similarity at that time, Vadim Spiridonov played a decisive role, and the young actor got his role in multiserial film «Eternal call», which gained popularity with the Soviet audience.

    Alexey Serebryakov in childhood
    In «Alye pogony»

    Before graduation Alexey Serebryakov has had six main roles. Desire to enter the theatrical University not crowned with success: the entrance exam was failed. Persistent guy tried to continue his studies at the Moscow energy Institute, but on the receipt it did not move. Talented Serebryakov decided not to spend years in the radio-television Department, when he received an offer to work in Syzran theatre. In the result, Alex began working in the drama theatre, though the boy at the time was only 17 years old.

    The actor later recalled this as an act of adventure. It attracted not even the salary of a professional actor or public recognition, he went to the province to with all the youthful ardor «to sow reasonable, kind, eternal». But in the theater of Alexey worked only one season and returned to Moscow, where he decided to continue his education.

    Alexey Serebryakov in the theater
    On the stage

    In 1982 already held the artist decided to tempt fate and to pass entrance examinations in the Metropolitan College. M. S. Shchepkin. Two years later Alexey Serebryakov moved to GITIS. Two years later he graduated and joined the troupe of the Studio under the direction of Oleg Tabakov. In 1991, Serebryakov left the Studio and began a new phase in my life. Following the performances with his participation took place on the stage of the Taganka.


    Movie career of Alex is also updated with new roles. In 1989 he played the karate kid in the film «the Fan,» which brought him success and popularity. In 1991, the year Serebryakov played another combat role, almost Russian equivalent of Rambo, in the movie «Afghan breakdown». The success of this picture was deafening. The main key to its popularity was starring Italian Michele Placido, who was incredibly loved and known in Russia. However, Alex, the picture has brought its share of popularity and love of fans.

    Alexey Serebryakov in the movie
    In the movie «Afghan breakdown»

    The popularity of young talented individuals grew rapidly. Numerous invitations on the film brought Serebryakov another success and a new experience. Movies with Aleksey Serebryakov wore a military-criminal in nature, but also enriched the genre of fighters. The film «the Highest measure» responded to a wide audience. In 1998, there was another leap in my career – Serebryakov received the title of Honored artist. But by the end of the Millennium, the actor began to appear less and not in such cash and well-known projects. In zero, the actor began to appear a lot in the series.

    In 2000, the year she starred in the famous crime serial film «Gangster Petersburg». His character became involved in the main love triangle of pilot season. Alex wanted to give up the role, but the Director called the actor in person. But the decisive factor for Serebriakova was that his partners in the shooting was to become his longtime friends: Olga Drozdova and Dmitry Pevtsov. Alex agreed to play the role of a lawyer and made the right decision – the show became a cult.

    Alexey Serebryakov in the series
    In the TV series «Gangster Petersburg»

    In 2003, the year Serebryakov played a devoted patriot in the film adaptation of «BAJAZET» by Valentin Pikul. The series talked about the episode distant Russo-Turkish war of a painful defense of Bayazet fortress, but raised the relevant themes of heroism and love of country. Later the actor took part in filming many famous paintings, including the films «the 9th company», «penal battalion», «Children vanyuhina», «there was one woman» and others.

    In 2009, the actor was invited to play a role in the film rare at that time for Rossi genre – sci-Fi action movie «Inhabited island». The film, though not paid off, but was a box office and had a lot of good reviews. The actor admitted that working in difficult action scenes was an interesting experience. The crew applied many techniques that are already widely used in the West, but it is not present in Russian cinema.

    Alexey Serebryakov
    During the interview

    But at the same time, Alex was unhappy with the semantic component of the film. Despite the declared anti-utopian motives, the film did not reveal his idea and vision of society, from the perspective of Serebryakov. The actor himself even before the shooting wrote forty pages of edits and questions to the script that would close the logical inconsistencies and create a more believable world in terms of the desires and aspirations of the characters. Only a small number of amendments were adopted, many of irrationality was abandoned in favor of a beautiful moment.

    Serebryakova upset this approach. He believes that fiction can expose the acute problems without risking negative reactions and accusations of insult, but the modern film distributors don’t like movies, they need entertainment, and technological innovations.

    Alexey Serebryakov in Canada
    In Canada

    After a series of successful projects («the Apocalypse Code», «9 Rota», «stopping power») there was another increase. Alexey Serebryakov was awarded the title of people’s artist of Russia, which contributed to further growth in career.

    In 2012, the year Alexey with family moved to Canada. It turned out to be a temporary solution, and the actor still lives in the country of a maple syrup. It was not shocking or a sign of immature perfectionism, the actor took the decision consciously, and in a serious age. It did not stop any legal delays or the need to answer not only for himself but for his family, no surprise, and even condemnation from fans and the press.

    Serebryakov continues to appear in Russian cinema. The fact that the actor lives in Canada, does not prevent him to take part in various film productions.

    Alexey Serebryakov in the film
    Elena Lyadova in Leviathan

    In 2014, the year Serebryakov played a major role in the social drama «Leviathan» that struck Western and domestic audience.

    The actor became the representative of Russia at Cannes, which undoubtedly, is proud of. The film «Leviathan» Zvyagintsev was nominated for the Cannes film festival received the award. Alexei Serebryakov for his starring role in this film was nominated for the award European film Academy. The actor believes the «Leviathan» as its main picture.

    The film’s plot is based on the spirituality of the biblical character, but interpreted under modernity. The material is presented in an accessible vernacular format.

    Alexey Serebryakov at the premiere of
    At the premiere of «Leviathan»

    The essence of Nicholas and his father live in the North, they erected a house and opened a workshop. Closing his eyes to the hard work and spirituality, fate plays a cruel joke with them – it all falls down. Trouble and injustice spilling from everywhere: the earth I want to take, and the wife becomes the source of trouble. The root of all evil emphasizes the title of the painting. Leviathan – a mythological beast, however, became a metaphor of the state apparatus.

    «Leviathan» has made ambiguous impression of Orthodox activists and some politicians of the Soviet school. A review of the film a wider audience was called into question. Poured a Barrage of criticism by the Bishop in the person of Valery Grishko. He was accused of a false attitude to Russian Orthodox Church. Representatives of political forces wonder how the Director and actors allowed themselves to denigrate the Church and all levels of government. Such a statement the crew was viewed as a significant insult to the filing of the lawsuit.

    On the other hand, many critics have named «Leviathan» the most steamy and sincere picture of Russian life, though, and predicted that dark and violent the film will be difficult accepted by authorities and the mass audience, most of them got used to the light «popkornom» films.

    It should be noted that the protection of the whole picture became deacon Andrei Kuraev. The Confessor described «Leviathan» as an anti-clerical film, which means the interference of the clergy in political Affairs. Scandal and disapproval did not stop the specified picture to be worthy of awards at international film festivals, «Leviathan» nominated for «Oscar».

    Now the actor has mastered the profession of film editing practiced in the analysis of screenplays and seriously prepares for directorial debut. But now it’s only a dream, Serebryakov is very critical of himself and his creativity, his first directorial work he wants to do something really worthwhile and meaningful.

    Alexey Serebryakov on the set
    On the set

    The actor continues to act, though he be choosy in matter of roles, but not looking for cash pictures and even agrees to star in interested the student projects. Serebryakov acknowledges that doing this also in order to attract the youth audience, to become known among peers of their children.

    In 2014 Alexey Serebryakov decided to change citizenship – such rumors have acquired the press. As it turned out, he decided to settle in Canada, and there continue their activities. The actor refused Russian citizenship, he plans to come to Russia just for the sake of shooting on the invitation of the Directors, so the problem with the visa regime will not be particularly difficult for him.

    At the time of the open information war between Ukraine and Russia, the first side took advantage of the situation and timed business trip stars to political squabbles.

    Alexey Serebryakov in the film
    In the movie «Code of Cain»

    Official statement Serebryakov has denied such information, citing an interview with Ukrainian journalists three years ago. Then the cause of departure was socio-economic situation in the country, but not political protest. On the question of why he left Russia, the actor freely responds and explains that the country has developed a very unpleasant social situation of the actor is not satisfied with the high level of aggression and intolerance in his native country. So he made a hard decision and took the family in a relaxed and friendly Canada.

    Alexey Serebryakov in a role of Dr. house
    In the role of Dr. house

    The actor continues to appear as before the departure, mostly in the gloomy social and dramatic projects. 2015 brought the actor a role in the Ukrainian-American project «Code of Cain,» which reinvents the famous biblical story in a modern way, in a surreal drama «Clinch» in the acclaimed detective series «Method». Critics believe the latest breakthrough for Russian cinema. The «method» became the first Russian TV series, which made its way to first place in the world rankings. Serebryakov played a serial killer in one episode.

    In 2016, the year Alexei Serebryakov was offered a role in medical show, it was announced that the actor will become a Russian doctor House.

    Personal life

    Love artist passed through the years. In 1980, having become acquainted at a party with a girl named Maria, Serebryakov was not captivated by the love, Masha has married in Canada. First 90 a second meeting took place in his native capital, which grew into a long novel. Future wife Serebriakova terminated the first marriage, and she and Alex moved in together.

    Alexey Serebryakov with his wife
    With his wife Maria

    A large and happy family until 2012 he lived in the suburbs. Alexei wife and three children: an adopted daughter and two sons. In addition, in the close-knit family and four-legged companions. Serebryakov from five dogs. Alex and his dogs always attract the attention of journalists, as an example of true friendship with the animals – all of their Pets, the actor picked up on the street or in a shelter, despite the price and not chasing pedigree. One of the dogs, Push, disabled. The previous owners of the animal so tied the dog to a tree so she wouldn’t run after leaving her people bent his paw had to be amputated. However, now Pusha is living a happy and satisfying life, and even starred in social advertising.

    Alexey Serebryakov family

    Now the whole family lives in Canada. Basically, moving the actor started because of personal life. Before, it did not suit the atmosphere at Home, but after Serebryakova had children, he realized that he wants them to grow up in a country that values politeness and smiles. Alex honestly admits that it’s nicer to look at, let insincere and fake Western smiles than completely sincere and alive Russian anger and pessimism. Serebryakov told reporters that he wants his children used to other values, which are important education, career growth and personal freedom, not connections, cronyism and the desire to break through the jostling elbows.


    Bright scored Serebryakov in the films of the 90s:

    • «Fan»
    • «Sea wolf»
    • «Gangster Petersburg»
    • «Naked in the hat»
    • «The Patriotic Comedy»

    Dozens of stories of military and forensic subjects, including the famous:

    • «The landing»
    • «Shtrafbat»
    • «Escape»

    Television has long disappeared:

    • «Vice»
    • «The Apocalypse code»
    • «Gloss»

    In 2012 Aleksey Serebryakov starred in the family fantasy film «the Tale. Is». In continuation of the male subjects went to the movies «Agent» and «Ladoga», which received wide recognition of the male audience.

    Not successful and not off the film with the actor Inhabited island: had good reviews and box office, but the two parts of the film did not meet the budget.


    Alexey Serebryakov

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