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  • Name: Alexey Pivovarov ( Alexey Pivovarov )
  • Date of birth: 12 June 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: journalist, TV host
  • Marital status: married to Anna Schneider

    Alexei Pivovarov: biography

    Alexey Pivovarov is with those journalists who are always in the spotlight, reacting instantly to any event. During his career, this talented and bright people have done enough that his services have been marked not only television, but also the state awards such as the medal of the order «For merits before Fatherland» the second degree. In addition to journalistic activities, the Brewers are also actively engaged in shooting high quality documentaries.

    About childhood Alexei Pivovarov, little is known. The future great journalist was born on 12 June 1974 in an ordinary Moscow family. As a teenager the boy was interested in journalism, and fourteen had worked the lead correspondent for the program «pioneer dawn» — however, freelance and so far only in the children’s Department of the all-Union radio.

    After school the young man entered the Moscow state University on journalism faculty. Alexey Pivovarov studied at the evening Department of the University in the daytime he worked as a leading information radio station «Maximum» lighting happening in the crumbling of the Soviet Union changes.

    Alexei Pivovarov: TV

    While still a student, in 1993, Alex began cooperation with the NTV channel, becoming a correspondent in the new program «the other day. Non-political news» project by Leonid Parfyonov. Alex has worked in the Namedni program until its end in 2003 and the project was closed. Cooperation with journalists of NTV will last a total of about twenty years, and is not limited to this one TV show.

    Since 1996, the journalist, the Brewers were also used in the NTV information service, working on stories for the programs «Segodnya» and «Itogi». Then he became a staff correspondent of the TV channel.

    Until October 2002, the work of Alexey remained largely behind the scenes, and he did not appear in the telephoto lens. But then came the need to assign someone to the position of leading a special edition of the program «Today», and Pivovarov, by the time well get the Studio and in the Russian information space, it was decided to approve.

    Next year the evening broadcast of the program «Today» was canceled, putting instead of them the program «the Country and the world» — it was quite a bold experiment as for the channel, and for Russian television in General. Alexei Pivovarov invited leading, giving him in the partner’s star of NTV

  • Aset Vatsueva, the terrorists of Chechen origin. The pair worked together until the end of 2004, a young journalist was not dismissed for «violating professional ethics»: the Brewers sharply expressed in the address of its leadership, protecting the mentor-Parfenov. Write stories for the TV station Alex, however, continued. And in the same 2004 he won the prize «Orpheus» competition «TEFI-2004». In early 2005, TV guide changed the temper justice with mercy, offering Alexei Pivovarov to be leading in the «Today 22:00». Alex accepted the offer, and from September of that year began to operate again in the evening editions of the program «Today», and in this position remained until 2013. In 2007 Alexei as the co-host was joined by a charming
  • Lilia Gildeeva. Colleagues said that the Brewers personally invited her to take part in the transfer. In 2006, Alexey Pivovarov, receives the order «For merits before Fatherland» the second degree. The journalist, tired of politics and news, also founded another project, where he became the author of plots and leading — newsmagazine «Aviators», designed for a wide audience. There was not a caustic political humor, no parables in simple and engaging way Pivovarov told about those things on which he looked with delight. Maybe that’s why the program was a great success. Magazine as the project lasted five years: the last issue was released in July 2011.

    In parallel with this work, since 2008, the Brewers took office as the head of the evening news programs at NTV.

    In 2009, Alexey Pivovarov tried themselves in new roles, taking part in the creation of the documentary feature film «

  • Rzhev. Unknown battle of Georgy Zhukov». For this project, the journalist has received the award «Nika». Flushed with this success, the Brewers continued to work in this direction, at this point, removing about twenty works. With the movie»
  • Brest. Fortress heroes» Alexey Pivovarov became the winner of the contest «Patriot of Russia-2011».

    In 2013, the event occurred that rocked the world of domestic journalism: after twenty years of close collaboration, the Brewers decided to leave NTV in «STS Media holding». As explained to the journalist, he wanted to try themselves in other roles. The fifth of October, Alex began work Manager and producer at CTC Media, and since February 2014 has assumed leadership of transmedia projects there.

    However, the activity of the presenter Alexey Pivovarov is not abandoned: just a month ago, in early June 2015, the journalist has become one of the leading project «

  • Park» on «the First channel». Alexey Pivovarov has continued to actively documentaries and feature films, regularly delighting fans with new movies that come on NTV.

    Alexei Pivovarov: personal life

    Wife of Alex — also a journalist who worked for a long time on NTV:

  • Anna Schneider, a leading morning news. The couple met in 2003, when a talented young woman was invited to NTV after it had obtained the award «TEFI». And in August 2005 married love. Despite the fact that Brewers from all forces tried to keep their personal life private, it was leaked his colleagues, and was published. Soon the couple had a son named Ivan.

    Alexei Pivovarov: filmography

    • Rzhev. Unknown battle of Georgy Zhukov
    • Moscow. Autumn. 41
    • Brest. Fortress heroes
    • The second shock. Betrayed Vlasov army
    • June 22. Fatal decisions
    • Yeltsin. Three days in August
    • Bread for Stalin. The history of the dispossessed
    • The locomotive». Ready for take off
    • October 17th. Why the Bolsheviks took power
    • Yegor Gaidar: death of the Empire
    • Resort police

    Alexei Pivovarov: photo

    Alexey Pivovarov

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